Growing, Growing, Growing…

                             One Year:  11/5/07                                                            Two Years:  10/29/08
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                           Three Years:  9/16/09                                                           Four Years:  10/18/10
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                              Five Years:  11/11/11                                                            Six Years:  11/6/12

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November Bliss — ******monthly shoot….needs more wording******

The weather was perfect, the fall foliage was stunning and Lauren and I were delighted to be enjoying the afternoon at the park. 


With LP being a full-time kindergartener this year, we haven’t had the oppurtunity to make frequent visits to the park.  However, this afternoon was amazing and it was pure joy to spend it with Lauren at the park exploring and playing.  Check out a few more pictures, click here.

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Fall Fairy Debacle

What mom sends her fall fairy out trick or treating without her wings?! After confessing my oversight, Lauren crawled into bed exhausted and traumatized on Halloween night,  sobbing, “It will be another 12 months before Halloween again!” No worries! There’s no need for this fall fairy to wait for Halloween as this beautiful autumn afternoon was the perfect day to get out and spread her wings!

There are no words to describe the joy I feel when witnessing the beauty INSIDE this amazing little girl. She’s truly God’s sweetest gift of love!  See for yourself, click here.


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