Photo Op


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Our annual family photo session was today.  The weather was lovely, the location was beautiful, and Lauren, as always, was amazing.  I believe that Kelly did a wonderful job of capturing our love for each other as well as LP’s playfulness and grace which radiate from the inside out.  Check out more of our photos, click here.

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Defining Perfection

She’s kind and compassionate, opinionated and adventurous, trusting and naive. She’s just as quick to comfort you as she is to correct you. She’s an endless source of both hugs and questions. She hates to be wrong, loves to love, always wants to win and never hesitates to share. She’s full of energy but will not admit to ever being tired. She’s sensitive but strong, smart but goofy and far too practical for her age. She can be so dramatic however laughs as readily as she cries…and expects you to laugh and cry right along with her. She’s not perfect but when she completed our family 6 years ago she was the absolute perfect addition. We love you. We adore you. We cherish you, Lauren Paige!  See more photos from this month’s shoot, click here.

DSC_3601-001    DSC_3628-001

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A Party to Dye For

We had shirts for everyone, swirly painted toes, tons of ballons, colorful food, a magnificent cake, fun crafts, lots of thoughtful gifts, and a bouncy house!  What more could a 6 year old want from a tie dye party?!  She had a blast.  Her friends had fun, too.  I was delighted by the huge smile on her face and the time we spent together planning this day.  Check out pictures from today where all things were brightly colored, click here.

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The Three Amigos!

Seems like just yesterday, not 6 years ago, that we brought Lauren home from the hospital.

September ’06 – One of our very first family portraits


September ’12 – One of our most recent family portraitsDSC_3207-001

From that first moment we meet you, it was true love and our love for you has grown right along with you.  You provide inspiration and laughter, create challenges and admiration, and you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.  Today – and everyday – we are honored to call you our baby girl!  To see pictures of the birthday girl, click here.

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Our Baby Girl is Six!

                                         One Week Old                                                                                       6 Years Old

IMG_1661-001    DSC_3201-001

Same chair, same bunny, same little girl.  However, she’s not so little any more.  Our once weekly bunny shot has been reduced to only yearly now but it’s still fun to look back at and reminisce!  To see how much her bunny has shrunk over the past 6 years, click here. 


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Party Prep

While Lauren is doing her best to feel better for her birthday, Maggie is determined to keep her company.

201277_4505889854271_286374652_o (Large)

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