When traveling back to my hometown, I’m often taken aback by how different it now appears to me when in reality little has changed in the past 20 years.  Sometimes a hint of sadness follows this revaluation.  However, I’m so grateful my childhood was viewed through rose-colored glasses and I’m left with so many fond memories of family, friends, and fun!  My hope, as a parent now, is that when Lauren reflects on her childhood she will be filled with the same feelings of warmth and wonder.

I’m not sure at what point in my life home stopped being a place and started being a person, however, this concept is so comforting to me. To know that when growing up I always had a home in the arms of my parents and now in Ryan’s….and for LP to know, without a doubt, that she will always have one in us.

Lauren and I spent the past few days with my parents, enjoying our time with them.  Check out some of our fun, click here.

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24 Days! Tick, Tick, Tick…

IMG_1018-001That’s how many days there are until my baby girl starts kindergarten! Only 24 days!! This concept is completely incomprehensible to me. Freaking out a bit. So much to do in those 24 days which has nothing to do with preparing for school or shopping for supplies and everything to do with lots and lots of fun! Embracing this time with Lauren, as Ryan always so patiently reminds me to to do, because in 24 days it’s kindergarten.  Next it will be middle school, high school, college.  I’m trying so hard to focus on the present but can’t you hear it?  (Tick, Tick, Tick…)


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Beautiful and Bright

The essence of Lauren, 2 months shy of turning 6 years old, might best be subbed up in a few sentences that she’s uttered over the past month.

“I wish unicorns and dragons weren’t imaginary.”

“This is so yummy!!” as she dips a slice of avocado into her broccoli cheese soup.

It might seem strange that I picked these particular sentences to help depict who LP is right now, but to me they are so fitting.  She’s so full of wonder and her imagination is astonishing.  For a girl who is so practical and wants to know the facts about anything and everything, I’m always amazed at her creativity.  Also, I’m quite often stunned at some of her chosen food combinations.  While some might make me cringe, I’d like to focus on her unyielding eagerness to try new things, whether it be culinary in nature, a physical demand or a mental task she never seems to falter when presented with the challenge of attempting something new.  I simply couldn’t be more proud of this bright  and beautiful little girl!  Check out her photos from this month, click here.


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Tie Dye Fun with Friends


What a fun day of play! While I got to visit with some old friends – and I’m referring to long time friends since I’m the oldest and no where near old –  LP got to enjoy new ones. The product: long overdue catch up, many laughs, and some pretty cute shirts! Thanks dear friends for joining in our adventure and volunteering to be our guinea pigs!  Check us out, click here.

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True Confessions

LP:  “Mom, I just thought of two bad words.”
Me:  “Ok…what are they?”
LP:  “I don’t want to say them.  One starts with a “s” and one starts with a “f”.”
Me:  (I’m fuming thinking she is NEVER going to the gym child care again because those kids are obviously bad influences.)  “Where did you hear these words?”
LP:  “You told me they were bad.”

Now I’m confused.  I’ve never said either of those words to her.  It seems she was thinking of the words “stupid” and “fat”.  I ended our conversation explaining the difference between a bad word and a mean word.  For two days now she’s told me every time the word stupid crossed her mind – never in reference to anyone or anything.  The word  just pops up in her mind and she feels guilty.  Man, I’m going to have to let her be really bad occasionally.

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Reminiscing in Stillwater

While the place Ryan and I met no longer exists, nor the place he proposed to me, the memories we created here together live on in our hearts.  And the true love we found in each other is evident each time I look into our daughter’s beautiful eyes.  What a wonderful love story!  Click here is see some pics from our visit to Stillwater.

DSC_2048-001 2

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