Birthday Wishes

Of course I thought of you today, Hailey.  Missing you on your birthday and wishing I could give you a big hug.


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Swimming Already?

And I said we wouldn’t be at the pool on the day it opens.  I’m such a sucker. Luckily LP is a good enough swimmer I only have to dangle my feet in – super cold water!

photo-001 5

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Last Day of Pre-K

Sunshine and sunblock; shining smiling faces and serious races; savory refreshments and special friends all make for a wonderful and memorable last day of Pre-K!


I am feeling emotionally overwhelmed right now.  I truly can’t believe that Lauren will never attend another day of preschool.  How is that possible?  Honestly, I want to squeeze her tight and not let go.  She is so excited about summer break officially starting and it’s impossible not to feel her joy when seeing her beautiful face smiling.  However, I’m smiling through the tears.  It’s a significant day.  A day marking a new stage in her life.  I constantly remind myself that I am excited to see her grow and learn and become more independent.  She’s kind and confident and absolutely remarkable in my eyes.  But my heart hurts a little too today.  Going to cherish every single moment with her this summer!  Bring on summer break!

Check out some photos from Lauren’s Track Day on her VERY last day of preschool, click here.

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J – O – Y

Her smile:  somethings it’s mischievous, sometimes inquisitive, sometimes it’s big, bright and beautiful, difficult to ignore and sometimes it’s just a small hint accompanied with a special sparkle in her eye – but it is always radiating joy.  Its a beauty that’s within her that shines through in her smile.  My love for her swells and my heart skips when I see it…EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I found it completely impossible to glance through these pictures from this month’s photo shoot, which was filled with so many laughs, and not smile right along with her.  She’s our silly-willy girlie girl; our adventurous, sensational go-getter; our insightful, compassionate, and loving bundle of JOY!  Check out her pics from this month, click here.


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Pre-K Graduation

DSC_0166-001There was sensational singing, girly giggles, huge hugs, cute cupcakes, fabulous photos, and smiles for miles!  And NOT a single tear from me today.  Surprised?  I think it had a lot to do with the silly graduation gowns they had to wear.  Not a fan but nevertheless, all the kids were cute! Check out some more pictures, click here.

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Life as I know it…

What an amazing life!  Honestly, that’s the best way I know how to state my feelings for the profound graditude that I have for being where I am now and with the incrediable people who surround me.  Lauren and I started off this weekend celebration early by spending Friday morning at her “favorite park” and the afternoon at the zoo!  The only thing missing was Ryan.  On today, Mother’s Day, I am so grateful for such a devoted and remarkable man.  Ryan works hard so I can enjoy these moments with LP as a stay at home mom.  My heart is overflowing with love for him that is completely impossible to put into words.   To add to perfection, the remainder of the weekend was filled with lots of time with all three of us together!  To check out some pictures, click here.

As to not forget to voice my admiration to the other moms in my life, I’m also so thankful for my mom who provided such a wonderful example to me, and to my mother-in-law who raised the love of my life to be more than any one woman deserves.  Feeling so very blessed today!

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