Missing Hailey

Sometimes it’s on really big days, like Christmas, when it was so apparent she wasn’t there getting in every picture, smelling all the presents and wrapping paper to ensure she didn’t miss any of hers.  And other times it hits me like when I’m making grilled cheese sandwiches and she’s not there to catch the corner of each piece of cheese I toss her way.  I still miss her so much.  Today marks the 5th month we’ve been without her.


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ET Phone Home

Can you tell which is real and which are stuffed? Maggie’s new favorite place to hang out in Lauren’s room.

photo-001 3



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Loads of Laughs

The other afternoon was one of those moments that all the planets aligned.  It was warm but not sunny, Lauren was in a wonderful mood after a fantastic and fun day at school, and there were ladybugs EVERYWHERE!  This combination not only made for a perfect conditions of capture some wonderful pictures but it provided the perfect backdrop for non-stop laughter!  I couldn’t have planned for a better way to spend the day!


Here are a few laughs courtesy of LP from the past month:

LP:  “Do you know what would be more cool than flying like a bird or swimming like a fish?  Flying with a parachute! “
Me:  “Well, you’re going to have to wait until you’re older to do that.”
LP:  Yeah, like when I’m 10.”
Me:  “No, older than that…”
LP:  With a dejected voice, “Like 100?”
Me:  “No, maybe more like when you’re 18.”
LP:  “UGH!!!  18!!!  That’s forever!”           3/28/12

Picking up Maggie from first haircut, LP was very anxious.  “I hope she doesn’t look wired!  What if she looks like an alien?!”  3/30/12

LP:  “Mom, did you know I like swim lessons more than I like school?”
Me:  “Why?”
LP:  “Well, we don’t play very much at school.”
Me:  “School is a place to learn not just play.”
LP:  “I know, I’d just prefer not to learn so much.”   4/4/12

To see more photos filled with loads of laughs, click here.

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Budding Photographer


Yes, this is a picture of Lauren taking a picture – would you expect any less from me?  Seriously, LP inherited one of my old cameras and over the past two days has taken almost 300 pictures!  I’m really not sure where could have picked up the obsession…

I weeded through them and some were quite impressive:

IMG_1092-001  IMG_1067-001

To see more LP originals (and a couple of her adorable self taking the pics), click here.  Viewing the world, literally, from a five year old’s perspective is enduring.  She’s captured some interesting moments.

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Simply Magical


Easter is quickly becoming one of Lauren’s favorite days of the year.  Egg hunting is actually a year round sport in our house, however, Easter day is indeed special with all the enchantment of Christmas without the fuss of decorating.  And just like Santa, LP has her suspensions about the Easter Bunny, too.

“Mom, I don’t think the Easter bunny is really a bunny.  I mean, bunnies are just not that smart.  When people walk up to bunnies, they just hop away.  So…I think it’s a person dressed up like a bunny.  Besides, last year for Easter I got squinkies in my eggs.  A bunny only has paws.  There’s no way it could of open a package.  Yeah, it’s definitely a person dressed up like a bunny….OR, a really talented bunny.”   4/5/12

I hope we can keep her guessing for a few more years because Ryan and I enjoy the magic of the day as much as she does!  Check out some highlights from our day, click here!

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Road Show


We took Maggie on the road today for the annual pet show at Lauren’s school.  LP was super excited to show off Maggie who was quite the trooper with all the kiddos.

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The Hunt

It’s that time of year again!  We had a wonderful time today sharing our home and park with friends as they frantically searched for hidden Easter eggs.


To see more pics, click here.

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Totally Toad

What is it about toads that make them completely irresistible to LP?  She is in heaven and I’m just fine with it as long as I’m not required to touch them!


To see some more photos of the fun we’re having outside this spring, click here.

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