On the Go!


This was my view most of the time yesterday while we were at Woodward Park.  Lauren was going and I was running to keep up!  On occasion when I did caught her, we’d hold hands and a felt such a sense of rightness and also longing.  This time next year, she’ll be in school full time.  I simply yearn for the impossible…for time to stand still!

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I Wish…



…that time could stand still.  Look at the innocence reflected in this one fleeting moment.  A child believing that wishes can come true with one swift blow.  It’s magical, inspiring, and adoring.  It amazes me how there are instances that I am able to capture that evoke so much emotion in me.  When I see this picture one word surpasses them all:  LOVE.

This whole month has been full of  love:  LP’s love for all things – bugs, trees, worms, weeds and our love for Lauren and her humorous outlook on life!  Check these out!

I like all bugs.  Ladybugs are my favorite and then butterflies are next.  And why I like mean bugs is because they can’t help it if they are poisonous and  can kill you if they bite you.  They have to live too you know.”   2/22/12

While on a nature walk, “All small trees need a good hug once in a while”  3/1/12

“These three tall weeds caught my eye.” (Picking all three, then pausing and finally picking another one).  “I couldn’t help it, it was lonely.”  3/1/12

“Oh my gosh!!  Why do they still have their Christmas lights up?  It’s super late…I don’t even want to play with my Christmas toys anymore.  Oh my gosh!” 3/3/12

Astonished at seeing a child standing on top of a SUV in a parking lot,  “Are my eyes right?!”  3/7/12

Lauren put Maggie into her crate and said, “Nap, nap.  Sweat dreams.  I love you.”  She blew kisses and smiled super big.  I was overflowing with pride to see how much she enjoyed taking good care of Maggie when LP responded, “It feels so good that she has to nap and I don’t.”  3/11/12

Maggie likes to eat worms.  After a morning rain, I found LP out on the back patio in her pjs “rescuing worms” by picking them off the patio and throwing them back into the grass. 3/13/12

“Mom, I’m having a big day!  My butterfly catching turned to frog catching and then my frog catching turned to snail catching!”  3/16/12

See more love reflected in this month’s pictures, click here.

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Delightful Daffodils

Springtime wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Woodward Park to bask in the sunshine and daffodils.  A gorgeous day spent with a gorgeous girl!  Check out some pictures, click here.


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Sweetness Personified

She looks like an angle, acts like an angle, sounds like an angle, smells like an…well maybe not smells, but I think I made my point.  Seriously, there are days that Lauren embodies all things that are swwet and today was one of those days.  Here are a few pictures I took of our sweet little angle, click here.
DSC_7219-001 DSC_7297-001

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