Still missing Hailey terribly, but how can the look on these two faces not put a smile on mine?!  Welcome to our family Maggie Mae.  She and Lauren are becoming fast best friends!!  To see more pictures from Maggie’s first day with us, click here.


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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

As Lauren and I sat on two ottomans, pretending we were on a wild raft ride, we started singing – holding hands, smiling, and laughing as we bumped, jumped, and jostled ourselves merrily.  In that brief moment, I was completely overcome with joy.  I continued to pretend as I sat almost disbelieving – as if I was looking in on our play as an outsider, floating above the action.  How can this be my life?  I am so undeniably blessed to be here with my five year old daughter, who is so beautiful on the outside and even more so on the inside.  I have a completely devoted husband who works hard to provide for his family while still dedicating time to be with us.  In that very moment, a moment of just random play on a random day, I was reminded that life doesn’t have to be prefect to be absolutely right!!

A few examples of our perfect imperfections from this month:

“Mom, I don’t really play with Christian much (at school) because he’s a boy boy.  He just can’t seem to sit still.”  1/24/12  (Absolutely no complains from me that she’s not interested in boy boys.)

While Ryan was telling LP about shooting and eating squirrels when he was little, I scrunched up face in disguise.  Lauren declared, “Yuck!  Squirrel with all that fur!  I only eat special animals: chicken, fish, and cow.”  Seems feathers, scales, and hair are just fine but she draws the line at fur.  2/14/12

A favorite saying right now is, “Seriously, Dad!” and instead of saying at least, she says “Ick least”.


To see photos from this month’s shoot, which was indeed a glance at perfection, click here.

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Midnight Confessions

In the wee hours of the morning, Lauren called down this morning informing us that she knew there was something that she wanted for Valentine’s Day but just couldn’t remember what it was.  She was quite desperate and hoped that we could remember.  She also declared that while she would love a present and a card, a card only was just fine, too.  Oh to be a child with your biggest concerns being whether you’d receive a gift plus card or just a card.