Animal Appreciation

Lauren loves animals – all animals large or small, furry or slimy, noisy or stealthy.  This month we capitalized on the warm weather and headed to one of our favorite spots, the zoo!  Click here for photos.  And then when the weather turned a little cooler, we took our excursion inside to the aquarium.  To see pics, click here Two spectatular days, one amazing girl, and a lifetime of memories!
DSC_6039-001 DSC_6381-001

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What a Bright, Sunshiny Day!

Today was an absolutely amazing January day!  Lauren and I couldn’t resist the temptation to be outside enjoying the weather and each other.  When looking over the photos I captured of LP, I was again reminded of her complete silliness, her endearing spirit, and that inner beauty that literally shines through her.  While we basked in the sunshine, I savored her contagious joy and sense of adventure!


The past month has been filled with similar moments of admiration for Ryan and me as we watch our baby girl grow into the most loving and lovely child.  Here are a few snippets of our life with her:

“I’m better at being good than I am at being bad.”  12/27/11

“Yummmm, vanilla wipers!” 1/4/12

“We need to skydive.  But we need to do it at a special time because I don’t want to get too heavy for it.”  1/10/12

Talking about flying in a plane for vacation, ” I’d love to fly!  I try to get a plastic bag and run fast and catch air in it to fly…but it never works.”  1/12/12

As Ryan is teasing Lauren:
        LP:  “Dad, I don’t talk fish.  This is the only fish I know.” (Making fish lips with little lip smacking sounds)
        Ryan:  “That sounds pretty good.”
        LP:  “The problem is I don’t know what I’m saying!”  1/14/12

Check out our beautiful girl on this beautiful day, click here!

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Let it Snow!


We got just a dusting of snow today.  It was hardly enough to make a snowball but just enough for Lauren to create a beautiful snow angle.

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