Treats Please

“Mom, I need something little for dinner so I have room for a bunch of candy.” 

 To see some more pictures of this year’s jolly and well treated unicorn, click here.

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Late but Great!

I almost let the month pass without capturing shots of Lauren in our celebrated “monthly fun photo shoot” but managed to slip one in by grabbing the camera as we headed to the tire swing.  LP never gets tired of it and I never get tired of preserving through pictures all the sweet and innocent joy that radiates from her during this time.

A few funnies from this month to go along with the photos:

Ryan and I were discussing a new restaurant that was coming to the nearby shopping center – both agreeing that it was probably a burrito place.  Lauren disagreed, stating, “I hope it’s a watermelon store.”  (10/22/11)

Preparing for school, LP informed me she could “multitask” by finishing her homework, eating breakfast, and discussing her share & show.  Typical woman…we start that training young.   (10/18/11)

Lauren and I were talking about a recent bible verse after she was attempting to be a little defiant (Children obey your parents in everything. Col 3:20).  LP thought for a moment then said, “Well mom, we have a song we sing at school that says to do everything without complaining or arguing and that’s just never going to happen.”  (10/11/11)

We were talking about maybe flying to our next vacation and Lauren is so excited about the possibility.  She asked all kinds of questions about places that we’ve flown to and after we confirmed that neither Ryan nor I had experienced a “crash landing”, we fell into the discussion of really long flights.  I told her how I had flown all the way over an ocean to London once and talked alittle about it.  LP listened eagerly and then exclaimed, ” I know what land you’re talking about!  On the movie Pocahontas, they were in London!  Oh my gosh!  That was the first time I almost cried because I was happy!”  Two areas of concern:  LP was actually disappointed that we haven’t crash landed yet and she obviously inherited my emotional reputation of easy to laugh, easy to cry.  I think we might be in trouble.  (10/3/11)

To see Lauren on the tire swing today, click here.

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Beer, Brats, and Booty Shakes!

Ryan is in charge downing the beer and brats and Lauren is all over shaking her booty to which ever type of music is playing at Octoberfest.  Wondering about my claimed responsibility to this annual event?  That’s easy…pictures!  Click here!

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Happy Mini-Vacay!

Our family takes great pride declaring ourselves beach bums.  All three of us love the water, the sun, the sand, and the laid back, relaxing atmosphere (ok, two out of three on that last one because with a five year old, it’s go, go, go!).  Unfortunately, we are land bound with the pretty ocean a hefty drive away.  We’ve already enjoyed our beach destination getaway for the year so where to now?  There’s no sand, no sun, and it’s definitely not laid back or relaxing but there’s plenty of water, laughs, and fun times!  There was only one ride that Lauren wasn’t tall enough to ride, so that means with our daredevil, only one ride she didn’t go on.  All the others we experienced again and again and again!

Check out a few pictures that I was able to capture during the few times I wasn’t lugging a raft up all those steps for one very special little girl, click here.

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Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

That would be easy.  Lauren is determined to pick the perfect pumpkin, or two, of each kind of pumpkin they offer.  Personally, I like to decorate the yard with them so I beleive in the end, we brought home 2 tons of perfect pumpkins and had a wonderful time doing it!

Check out some more pics, click here.   

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Exuding Excitement

You’d never know it was Ryan’s present to unwrap from the look on her face.  She was super excited about shopping for Daddy this year!
Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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Fantastic Fair Fun

  • She is a thrill seeker.  I don’t believe she’s met a ride that she hasn’t loved.
  • She enjoys petting, touching, feeding, and riding on animals.
  • She relishes in the novelty of eating food on a stick – whether that’s a corndog or chocolate covered marshmallows.
  • She gets excited about being high in the sky.

No doubt, the fair is one of her favorite places to be in the fall.  Check out our excellent day there, click here.

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