Outdoor Life

Countless times, when describing Lauren accurately to others, I use the words:  She’s a girly girl but there’s nothing prissy about her.  She loves being outside, chasing bugs, toads, squirrels, balls and Frisbees or picking flowers and painting or being adventurous on her bike and at the park.  And she does it all without missing a beat decked out in her cute dresses, frilly bows and loaded with jewelry.  Check out some photos of the girly girl at her best  while she delights in the outdoors, click here.

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Goodies were bought, friends arrived, balloons were twisted, ice cream was covered with all kinds of yummy toppings, presents were unwrapped, and most importantly lots and smiles and laughs were shared!  It seems that turning 5 means we have to say good-bye to toddlerhood for good.  Lauren will always be my sweet, sweet baby but she’s growing up so fast!  Check out some shots from her birthday celebration with friends, click here.

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Love So…Yummy??

After biting into a grilled cheese, Lauren exclaimed, “Ummmmm…that was as good as how much I love you.  And I love you sooooooo much!”

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Leave it to the Professionals

There is no question I love pictures.  I enjoy taking them as much as seeing them.  I hope to someday soon take a few photography classes because I know that there is so many wonderful things for me to learn about the art of taking an amazing picture!  However, as much as I like to be behind the camera, I also like to bring in an expert and am so grateful that Ryan tolerates my instants in not only doing it annually but also participating in it.  I want to do my best to capture every stage of Lauren’s life and our life as a family.  What better way than through beautiful images?  Check out our photos from this years shoot, click here.

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Five Years in the Making

Heart Warming
Tear Inducing

These are a few of the words that instantly came to mind when I think back on our day, celebrating Lauren’s fifth birthday.  It’s simply unbeleivable that Lauren is already five.  It’s such a marvelous feeling when I witness the little girl that LP is becoming.  I can’t wait to see more!  It’s completely frightening to know time is moving so fast – today she turned five, tomorrow twenty-five.  It’s such a grand experience to celebrate with her, so open in her excitement and free when expressing it.  It’s joy at it’s purest and absolutely contagious!  It’s heart warming that in our eyes we are truely blessed with the most amazing daughter.  We are so very proud of her.  And what monumental occasion would be complete without a few tears shed on my part?  Seeing her enthausium to unwrap a gift or her innocence when making a wish and blowing out her candles is tear inducingwithout a doubt. 

Tonight Lauren giggled in her sleep and all the emotions I felt throughout the day came back.  When she woke up at 3:30 am talking endlessly about her new toys, I felt them again and couldn’t sleep until I wrote about them.  I’m sure tomorrow morning while we are sharing breakfast, I’ll relive them all again…and will continue to do so throughout my life.  I love this precious girl more than any words could describe.  I cherish her in our lives and look forward to celebrating so many more birthdays with her, all sure to be just as unbelievably marvelous, frightfully grand, heart warming to the point that tears will flow freely and always – ALWAYS UNFORGETABLE!  

Click here to see pictures of the unforgettable day when Lauren turned five.

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Always Time for the Zoo

Yes, school has started for Lauren but because she’s only going two days a week, we still have plenty of time to enjoy other activities.  I intend to take full advantage of this year with LP.  Today we had a lovely day at the zoo!  And as always, I took far more pictures of Lauren then the animals but honestly, whose surprised?  Check out some photos, click here.

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And She’s Off!

While eating breakfast this morning before heading to her first day back to school, Lauren said, “Mom!  I’m so excited for my first day of school!!  And I’m excited for you too…you get to stay home and enjoy your day.”   Then she paused, contemplating her next statement carefully and finally said, “I’m excited…but not as excited as I would be opening presents Christmas morning, but still excited.”

Sounds like she’s got her priorities pretty straight and while I enjoy everyday with LP I also appreciate her insight in knowing a little time off for me too is nice after almost 5 years.  What a wonderful start to her last year of preschool.  To see more photos from her first day, click here

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The Pool is Cool!


This summer it seems that we have found ourselves at the pool almost everyday.  Some days we invite friends.  Some days we make friends there.  And some days it is just Lauren and me.  Whatever the circumstances of that particular visit, one thing was a constant…LP loves to swim and she’s getting pretty good.  She loves to jump off the side, drive down to the 5 foot end to retrieve things, and can swim on her back as well as the length of the pool all by herself.  She has indeed became  quite a fish over the past 3 months!   Soon summertime will be coming to a close and with it so will the pool.  We are trying to soak up every possible minute we can in it while we can!  Check out some shots I took of Lauren today enjoying the pool, click here.

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