Counting all of our Blessings

Today was such a simple day filled with fun and sun!  Lauren and I swung in the breeze, skipped in the grass, held hands and sang silly songs.  In a few weeks LP will start back to preschool and then in a blink she will be starting kindergarten, middle school, high school, college!!!  Unable to slow things down, I do my best to celebrate all the blessing in our lives.  I so appreciate our extended family and friends who enhance our lives more than any of them know.  I am truly grateful for a loving and devoted husband that provides for us so that I can be at home with Lauren.  And I am extremely thankful for a kind and spirited daughter who fills my days with laughter and nights with sweet dreams.   Celebrate with us!  Click here to see more pictures from today’s monthly photo shoot.

An Incredible Time

I know it’s called Incredible Pizza.  While I think the food should probabaly be discribled as okay, the kids did have an incrediable time!  These three girls have known eachother for quite some time now and it’s wonderful to still be able to get them all together once in awhile.  Add in a couple of siblings and there were smiles all around.  Fun times with good friends!  Check out more pics, click here.