One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

This month Lauren and I were lucky enough to get to spend not just one day at the Aquarium, but two!  And we did get to see blue fish…as well as pokey fish, starfish, stingrays, sharks and many more animals!  Our first trip was just LP, me, and all the fish.  Our second trip I got to see an old friend while Lauren met some new friends of her own!  We were so excited to spend the day with a wonderful and beautiful family!  Check out some pictures from both of our visits, click here

Laurenisms 401

I captured a few quotes from Lauren this month to help define how this 4 year old, but so close to being 5, thinks:

I have really good ear-sight…I have like bats ears, I hear so good.

I’d rather get spanked or a timeout instead of you pointing and looking at me like that.  I don’t like you pointing at me as much as fish don’t like their tank tapped on.

At a wishing well, throwing in a penny, LP said
     I wish for a cat!”
Handing her another penny Ryan said,  “Wish again.”
Throwing in the second penny,
    “I wish daddy wasn’t allergic to cats.”

The Missing Photo Shoot

What do you know…another month and another neglected photo shoot.  I knew it would be impossible to maintain our monthly schedule of capturing Lauren with my camera, however, I thought I’d at least last until she started kindergarten.  This month completely flew by way too fast and it seems that we simply just never got to it.  We did make a few trips to the local aquarium and on one occasion I managed to get a few shots on LP being LP.  She’s full of love – love for adventure, love for learning, and most of all love for animals and other people.  Like all moms, I find myself so very proud of my child.  I’m truely amazed by all the attributes that combine to make up our special girl, however, I think I’m most proud of her compassion.  I’m overwhelmed by the beauty I see inside of her.  Her smiling face warms my soul.  Lauren at 58 months:  my joy, my inspiration, my heart.

Check out our nontraditional photo shoot this month, click here

Rides, Glides, and Wide Eyes!

Our annual trip to the Kiddie Park included all the usual rides but this year Lauren actually rode the roller coaster (alone as none of the adults wanted to risk whiplash or a necessary trip to the chiropractor) and devouring a yummy snow cone.  It’s always fun with just the right size entertainment for our little girl.  I can’t believe it won’t be much longer before LP has outgrown this place and we will have to move on to bigger rides…which I will be the designated parent to accompany her since Ryan claimed “not it” for all things that go up, down and especially round and round!  Check us out enjoying the Kiddie Park with Grandma and Grandpa, click here.

What a Firecracker!

I don’t believe that she’s a pyromaniac but I do know that Lauren loves fireworks!  With us just moving into our house last year, we weren’t able to shoot off any, however, this year LP so enjoyed shopping for, partaking in, and watching fireworks light the night sky!  And what summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without homemade ice cream, a little gaming, and a toad.  Check out our little firecracker living it up on this July 4th, click here!