Glorious Spring!

The past couple of days have just been beautiful filled with blue skies, sunshine, and lovely warm temperatures! We have been basking in this springtime weather and enjoying all the normal outside activities: running, riding bikes, digging, planting, and hunting…for bugs and other small critters. And because it was just too beautiful to be inside at all, we also played board games and read books alfresco! This yard might not be shaded with mature trees or have the ambiance of peering over a 5 acre pond; however, the joy it brings is undeniable! One look at this face (I’m referring to LP’s face, not the frog’s) and there is no doubt we are in the right place!

To see some more pictures, click here.

What a Zoo!


I should know better than to go to the zoo on a Friday so close to the end of school…however we went, we saw, we enjoyed, and we left unharmed by the hordes of people. Knowing that today was probably not going to be the best day for the zoo because of the crowds, Lauren and I discussed the probability of just viewing specific animals and then coming back another day to enjoy the rest. Lauren settled on three animals that she MUST see: a prairie dog, a snow leopard, and the jaguar. I smiled in agreement but was thinking yikes those two cats can be pretty allusive. But with mission at hand, we entered into the madness, walking past group after group of kids wearing matching shirts.  Not only did we successfully see all three animals, we also enjoyed seeing many more as we weaved our way through the swarms of children.  Never before have I been so grateful to just be responsible for one kid, and a very well behaved one at that!  To see some pictures of our zoo visit, click here.

Don’t Let the Poop Get in Your Way

Lately it seems that Lauren and I are in a rat race everyday, scrambling to get where ever we need to go on time. And it seems that no matter how hard I try, we just can’t. It’s just not the way I want to start our day: pushing, threatening, and corralling only to be left feeling so frustrated because it didn’t work anyway. Wednesday morning I was determined to get us to dance not just on time, but early. It was the day that Lauren was to take pictures in her recital costume and I wanted some time before hand to snap a few shots of my own…of course. The morning started off marvelously. LP ate breakfast at a fairly decent pace, she was so patient while I twisted, maneuvered, and pinned her hair up into a bun. And she stood super still as I had to make some last minute alterations to her costume with a safety pin. The only thing left to do was snap a few photos down stairs in the living room and put on her shoes. We headed down hand in hand, both of us feeling pretty good, with 30 minutes before we had to leave for dance. Unfortunately, this feeling of accomplishment quickly faded. As we walked through the dining room to the living room, Lauren suddenly started to bock, giving me a difficult time as I practically started dragging her across the wood floor. She started in with, “Mom, wait!” However, I was so focused on the task at hand, I didn’t even hesitate to listen to her pleads. I didn’t want to know the issue. I was just so determined to take a few pictures, put on her shoes and get to dance early. Her pleads continued as I finally got her into position, almost ready to take the picture, when tears started streaming down her face as she said, “I stepped in Hailey poop.” What?! Are you kidding me?! Granted, we had 30 minutes to spare, however, LP was wearing her only pair of footed dance tights…still with no shoes on. We sat in silence for a moment, in complete disbelief. How was I going to get the dog poop that was now ground into her tights and smeared all across the floor cleaned up and to dance in time? Needless to say, we were late. LP had clean tights but they were still wet. The poop remained smeared on the floor and we arrived without the wings to her dance costume. Definitely not how I wanted this day to go. The rest of the day turned out fine; the poop was cleaned up and Lauren was unaffected by my actions. However, a lingering feeling of guilt and disappointment remained with me. I wasn’t able to shake the fact that I felt like a terrible mom. In trying to meet expectations and obligations – all done for the welfare and betterment of my child – I had become a parent that didn’t stop to listen to her. In that moment, I had become what I despised most. I was so oblivious to what really mattered. If I had only slowed down, focused on her instead of a silly task, I would have not drug her and a pile of poop across the floor. In that brief instant, when I was feeling so triumphant, I was actually failing Lauren the most. Sometimes I guess it just takes a pile of poop on the floor to put your life back into perspective. I woke up today recharged with a better attitude. My priority is my family. My job is to manage the chaos that so often happens in life to the best of my ability with dignity and humor. There are going to be days that poop may get in our way. And there might be more days that it gets smeared across the floor. It’s not important how or when the poop gets cleaned, it’s what you were doing when you stepped in it. Next time, I hope we are laughing and enjoying each other too much to notice the pile of poop! Oops, poop happens!

Eggstatic for Easter


I captured photos of Lauren coloring eggs, discovering her basket full of goodies, hunting eggs, and assessing her finds.  We continued our day with watching a movie, playing pool, and hanging out together inside as we watched the never ending rain outside.  You can see plenty of pictures, click here.  However, because we didn’t get to experience the joy of a true photo shoot this month, I had LP jump on the bed for a few more pictures – literally jump on the bed.  We had a great time!  Check them out, click here.




Lauren and I decided to host an Easter party this year for a few of her friends from school.  With the promise of an egg hunt, how could this party be anything but fun!  To get the party started, we created invitations for each guest.  It was a project that allowed Lauren to trace, cut, punch holes, tie, and of course stick on stickers.  I must admit, I think they turned out pretty cute.  And the great time we had making the invites was just the beginning.  Lauren and I then had a wonderful time creating a “bouquet” for each guest.  LP helped pick out some goodies along with a packet of flower seeds all arranged in a flower pot.  Again, we had such a wonderful time creating together!  However, it was the actual party that Lauren was super excited about.  She woke up this morning saying, “This is going to be one of my favorite days ever…this day, my birthday day, playdates – they are all my best days!”  I know she enjoyed preparing for the festivities with me, but having her friends over and hunting eggs with them was super exciting for her.  Not much beats good friends and fun times!  To see some pictures, click here.