I Believe I Can Fly!

There’s really never a dull moment in this house and it’s not because of all the creative and fun toys.  Lauren’s unbridled energy and imagination are to blame.  For the past few days, we revisited an old favorite activity that we haven’t done since we moved to this house 7 months ago – pillow plunging.  With so many months for Lauren to development more coordination and boldness, the days of just falling into the pillows are over.  LP ran, jumping into the air as she exclaimed, “I can fly!”  I wasn’t really able to capture any great pictures that were in focus as she sailed through the air, but I had to share them anyway because they were just too amusing to keep to myself.  Enjoy!
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I Spy a Turtle

dsc_2778-1-large.JPGLauren wanted to pretend to be a turtle this afternoon…and what turtle is complete without a shell?  LP came up with an awesome idea of strapping her Pillow Pet to her back and to my amazement it actually fit around her tiny waist!  Check out some more photos of our turtle, click here.

Ride ‘em Cowboys!

I am positive that this isn’t quite what they had in mind when they announced that the theme for this year’s Daddy’s Sack Supper was cowboys. I think our interpretation was fresh and fun! Not only did Lauren do a wonderful job of decorating her bag, but she also performed amazingly. I feel so left out and Ryan didn’t think about capturing a video of her on his phone until it was too late, however, he said that she sang louder than everyone else in her class! I simply can’t even imagine! Ryan admitted that he even had a hard time believing what he was witnessing. I guess she was inspired by the presence of her favorite boy, her daddy!

Welcome to the Family

Lauren has been asking for some new fish – and not just one fish this time but “lots of fish!” So we ventured to the pet store, purchased a bigger tank, set it up and now have four new fish with the promise of getting even more, baring something happens to these first four this week.  She’s named them – Lemon, Clementine, Spot and Shine. She’s introduced herself to them and to each other, however, has faced some setbacks. “I call out their names but they don’t seem to hear me.” That hasn’t stopped her from trying. She’s also introduced her dragons Puff & Clarice to them. She’s told them all she knows about snakes, using her new stretchy snakes that she got for Valentine’s Day as examples. LP has shown them how her bottle cap necklaces and bracelets work and told them all about magnets. She enjoys watching them swim and talking to them. She blows each one of them kisses and sends them hugs before she goes to sleep.  She is just so excited to have a tank full of fish – let’s hope we can keep it that way!

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Part Two

dsc_2595-1-large.JPGI was looking through some photos I took of Lauren this afternoon while we were drawing on the back patio.  Some of the pictures were so cute…too cute not to create an album for them of their very own.  While I already posted photos from this month’s shoot, I think these pictures help tell the story of this sweet yet spunky, beautiful yet silly little girl.  Dare I call it 53 months, part two?  Check them out, click here.

Skip, Skip, Skip to My Lou

While playing dress-up the other day, Lauren insisted I take a few pictures of each of the ensembles she put together.  Each time she came downstairs, she was overjoyed and filled with pride.  She’d dance all around the living room, modeling her clothes and then scurry back upstairs for another wardrobe change.  After her last change, I noticed her dance moves went from leaps and twirls to a more coordinated and graceful glide around the floor.  At second glance, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Out of the blue,without any prior tutoring and demonstration, she was skipping!!  My little girl now knows how to skip!

This month has been filled with other moments of disbelief.  I’ve been stunned by Lauren’s compassion and innocence, floored by her honesty, jolted by her humor, and overwhelmed by her love and sweetness.  It seems that there are so many instances that define who she is and perhaps foreshadowing who she will become.  She has us laughing, crying, and sometimes ready to pull out our hair.  I’d love to forever keep each experience locked up tight in my memory but know even now, looking back on this past month, there are moments already forgotten.  However, for the few I did jot down, I’d like to share.

“SUTV” – The kind of car I drive.  (1/20)

From her bed:
6:00 AM
LP:  “Mom, I love you.”

Me: I love you too.
6:01 AM
LP:  “Mom, I love you.”
Me: “I love you.”
LP:  “Mom, I love you.”

Me: “I love you too.” (1/23)

“I don’t like boys…little boys. They are rough, not like girls who are soft.”  (1/27)

While we were teaching LP some Spanish words, she got a very concerned look on her face and said, “Mom, tell me if I say a bad word when I’m trying to speak another language.”  (1/27)

Referring to eating a chicken leg, which she’s never done – we eat breasts only.
LP:  “I think a leg would be too feathery.”
Me: “Well the feathers are gone and it’s cooked. The meat is just dark instead of white like we eat.”
Ryan: “And juicier, too.”
LP: “I don’t think I’ll do that because I might accidentally lick the bone.”
Ryan: “It’s ok to lick the bone.”
LP:  “Yuck! I don’t think I like chicken legs.”

It’s hard for me to argue with her. Meat on a bone, yuck! (2/2)

“When I get older I’m going to go to a casino and win some money for you, Daddy!”  (2/2)

Recently when visiting a toy store, Lauren was having a difficult time leaving.  It wasn’t because she was upset with the fact we weren’t buying anything, she just didn’t want any of the toys to feel unwanted.  Before heading out the door, she turned and blew a bunch of kisses and said, “All the toys need love.”  (2/8)

“Mom, I’m done with all this winter… I’m ready for spring so I can go swimming.”   (2/8)

Another wonderful month…same wonderful girl.  We didn’t manage to get in an official “photo shoot” this month, but I did snap some shots of her while out riding her bike.  Check them out, click here.

Dear Valentine

Lauren wanted to make homemade cards for her grandparents this year.  After careful consideration of which color of paper to use for each, she narrated sweet nothings for me to write inside each one.  This is what she wrote:

For Valentines, Grannie,
I thought I’d give you
A candy basket
And love to go with it!

(The paper was orange, Grannie’s favorite color, and she drew a picture of a basket filled with candy and hearts representing her love.)

Papaw, I love you
Bigger than the world
And the stars and moon above.

(LP picked out green paper for Papaw because he likes trees and she drew a picture of Earth with stars and the moon circling it.)

Grandpa, I love you
Because I really do.
Oh, I love you
And your insides, too!

(LP chose blue paper because Ryan’s favorite color is blue so she thought Grandpa would like blue too.  She drew pictures of yummy chocolates.)

I love you Grandma
So very much
More than your car tracks
That carry big trucks.

(The paper was peach because Grandma wears a lot of peach colored clothes and LP drew two bouquets of flowers.)