Tonight Ryan introduced Lauren to some music that we listened to as teens.  LP was jamming to Vanilla Ice.  As she swayed back and forth to Ice, Ice Baby she said, “Did he say bullseye?!  That’s Cool!!  I know that horse!”  Despite the generation gap we all enjoyed rockin’ to some oldies.  Nothing quite as cute as a 4 year old singing at the top of her lungs “Can’t Touch This” and “Bust a Move” as she’s dancing around the house like a ballerina.

A Sledding We Must Go

It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was enough to call off school.  And we all agreed on what we’d do first – try out our new sledding hill.  It’s not quite as steep as the one at our old house, but there’s no lake to worry about sliding into either.  We all had to great time!

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New Year…Same Unique Little Girl!

It would be absolutely impossible to sum up in one paragraph all the things that make Lauren well, Lauren.   However, I’ve listed a few things from this past month that might help define her a bit:


  • Drama Queen!  When she doesn’t get to do something now, she likes to respond with “Then I’ll never get to do it!”
  • Full of Joy:  “Sometimes before I laugh, I smile.”
  • Loves jumping on one leg
  • Insanely Sensitive:  She sobbed after reading The Giving Tree saying it was “super sad”.  She’s also worried about going to college because she won’t get to see us everyday.
  • Brutally Honest:  After having several people at a restaurant look at me oddly, I asked if I looked strange. LP stared at me closely, frowned, and said “Let me see. Well this one eye opens more than the other one. Maybe that’s it.”
  • Loves Chicken:  With the new Chick-fil-a down the street, she routinely exclaims “Eat More Chicken”  and she so enjoys the coleslaw from “Chucky Fried Chicken” (that’s KFC to must of us)
  • Enjoys Watching “Speckled Old Me” (Despicable Me) and hushes to hear“the news” (commercials)
  • Wonderful Helper:  She’s always ready to lend a helping hand around the house.  Most recently asked if she could assist Ryan with changing the “Light Bobs”
  • So Naive:

    Me: “Is your teacher nice?”
    LP: “Yeah, everyone is nice.”
    Me: “Yeah, everyone at your school is nice.”
    LP: “No, not just at my school. Everyone everywhere is nice. I’ve never met a person who’s not nice.”

  • Super Sweet:  (hugging me tight) “Mom, since you’re sick I’m going to give you a little extra loving.”
  • Tells You Like It Is:

    Grandma: “Do they teach you good things in school?”
    “Yeah, silly…they don’t teach us bad things at school.”

  • Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary!!!  A few examples:  “Your orange juice is potent“; “I would prefer to use the green marker”; “I’m going to make a flower that requires one of these” (a brad);” Sorry I’m making so much commotion, Mom” (as she played and sang loudly).

That’s our little Lauren Paige!  Now check out the pictures from this month’s photo shoot, click here.

Reading and Writing 4.0

Lauren loves to try to read and pronounce words.  She wants to know how to spell everything and wants to know what things say all the time.  Also, she so enjoys typing on my computer or phone.  Today LP sat at my desk, whispering different sounds that letters make as she typed away.   For those of you who are not versed in speaking and reading four year old, I will translate. (I must confess, while I do consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to speaking the language, Lauren had to actually decipher the written words for me. I still have so much to learn from her.)

Four Year Old:  “lauren lp winit cod atsid we dec ht cholit ed mab wochumove ed mab et sun pocon wi we wochumove. lauren lp”

Translated: “Lauren LP.  When it’s cold outside we drink hot chocolate and maybe watch a movie and maybe eat some popcorn while we watch a movie.  Lauren LP”

Footnote:  She just loves to start and end all written correspondence with “Lauren LP”. Many times she will even expand it to “Lauren LPMDH” (LP, Mommy, Daddy, Hailey) and loves using a smiley face. Ryan will routinely get a text message that reads, “Lauren LPMDH I luv u. 🙂 Lauren LP”

How Do You Spell…

Elephant?  This is one of the last questions she asked me tonight as she tried not to fall asleep.  I could hear her sounding it out, “L-E-F-A-N-T”  She was conflicted because she knew it started with an “E” but gosh it sure sounded like it started with a “L”.  I finally convinced her we’d discuss it in the morning.  She is so my daughter, simply can’t turn that mind off even at night!

Meet the Author 1/4

Being inspired by a book that she received for Christmas, Lauren wanted to write a few books of her own.  As she dictated, I wrote down her exact words.  She then illustrated the covers.

Her first book was:

“What should I eat?” the squirrel said.
“Maybe I should dig for grass to eat and nuts!”
So he did.
Then he picked some grass and got some acorns and went back up his tree to eat.

The End


Her second book was a little more elaborate:

Long ago in the dessert there were dinosaurs.  There was long-necked ones and short-necked ones, scary ones and not scary ones, mean ones and not mean ones.  And one dinosaur decided to eat on some leaves.  Then they all decided to eat on some leaves.  One dinosaur stopped and then all of them stopped eating leaves.  So, they dug for bones to chew on instead of eating leaves.  Then one dinosaur stopped digging so they all stopped digging and decided to have some playtime.  Then it was nap time and then play again.  Next it was nighttime and then time to start a new day again.

The End

In addition, she created a few picture books that had no words (I was cooking supper).  The first, “Squeak!  A Mouse’s Life with a Nice Cat”  It has a picture of a mouse on the cover.  Inside is a picture of a very colorful rocket.  Apparently the story line is that the mouse met a nice cat in space.  Lauren drew two picture books both titled, “All About Love”  There are hearts covering the front, inside and back of both…the only difference is one references her love for Daddy with a “D” followed by a drawing of a heart then “LP” and the other is dedicated to me with a “M”, heart, “LP”.  Her last two books follow this same theme.  Both are named, “Basket Full of Candy”  She drew pictures of baskets with candy on all the folds of the book and referenced “M”, “LP” on one and “D”, “LP” on the other.  That is a total of seven books on her first attempt!  No writer’s block for sure!  We might have to invest in a bookcase just to hold her scripted books!


Casting a Mold

This afternoon Lauren and I enjoyed dappling with some Play-Doh.  She had her pile and I had mine.  LP wanted to duplicate everything I made.  Sometimes she wanted to make an exact replica and other times she wanted to put her own spin on them.  There were times that she got frustrated because she said hers didn’t look as pretty as mine, however, I reassured her that when I was her age, there was no way I could have made anything out of Play-Doh nearly as beautiful as her creations.  I couldn’t be more proud of her creativity!  Check them out!



Fish vs. Fish Bowl:

My 1 Flower vs. LP’s 3 Flowers:


To see more pictures from our afternoon, click here.

First Snow

After getting a light dusting of snow overnight, I heard Lauren get out of bed and scamper to her window.  I could hear her lift the blinds and then gasp, “Oh yeah!!  Great!”  and then head down stairs saying, “Mom!  It snowed last night!  I need to go sledding and make a snow man!”  Unfortunately, there was not nearly enough snow to even pick up to make a snow ball…much less a man.  We’ll have to hope for another winter blast of snow this year to frolic around in.