Happy Halloween!

It’s hard to say what part of Halloween Lauren liked best.  Of course, she loved dressing up and heading out into the neighborhood to collect candy, however, she also loved seeing all the decorations, assisting me in turning Hailey into a cat, taking pictures of the occasion, sorting her wad of candy and toys and passing out treats of her own.  To see more photos from the day, click here.

Lauren Takes Aim

Lauren was so excited about Halloween this year.  With anticipation for the big night that is all about people giving you candy, LP was also thrilled to help document the occasion.  For the past two days she has eagerly snapped shots of Hailey, Ryan, Me, our jack-o-lantern, and well, herself.  Take a look at some of her fabulous photos, click here.

Black Cat Duet

Lauren loves cats.  She regularly wishes for a cat on the first star that she sees at night.  So, it was no surprise that she chose to be one for Halloween this year.  Hailey, on the other hand, was not quite as excited about dressing up.  But, just as she has endured for the past 13 years, she got into costume…and spent the whole time working to get it off.  I believe that they were the two cutest black cats that I have ever seen!  Check them out, click here.

Is it Christmas Yet?

“Mom, there’s frost on the grass.  It must be getting close to Christmas!

Since it snowed on Christmas Day last year, Lauren thinks every Christmas will be white.  After misbehaving the other day, Ryan warned LP that Santa wouldn’t come if she wasn’t good.  She thought for a second and responded, “That’s okay if I don’t get presents because there will be snow!”

All Done

After battling some congestion and coughing, it turned into an ear infection.  With a trip to the doctor, a visit to the pharmacy, a nice warm bath, and a 1/2 teaspoon of cough syrup with codeine, Lauren was snuggled into bed early.  She said, “Mom, tell Dad I’m already asleep…I’m torn out.”  Torn out or worn out…she was done for the night.

Is Nap Time Over?

Have you ever wondered how to tell when nap time is over?  I found out today from Lauren.

LP:  “Mom, is my nap over with yet?”
Me:  (It was indeed about time to get her up) “Are you rested?”
LP:  “Well, let me check if I’m dizzy.”  (She stands up in her bed and walks across it.) ” Nope, I can walk straight.  It must be time to get up!”

So, now we know…

In Pursuit of Water

In the first ten years of our marriage, Ryan and I spent a lot of time around water on our vacations. We loved lying in the warm sand, listening to the relaxing tempo of the waves hitting the beach, while we did nothing but enjoy each other’s company. As we approach celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary in a few months, there is no luxurious tropical retreat vacation planned. Instead, we decided to head north.

Here is an excerpt from our conversation as we drove to our destination:

Lauren:  “I’m so excited to be going on a trip!”
Ryan:  “Are you paying for it?”
Lauren:  “No, but if you let me I’ll buy some toys.”
Me: (laughing)
Lauren: “Why are you laughing?”
Me: “Because you are cute.”
Lauren: “Thank you.”

All summer Lauren has been begging to go to the local water park. However, summer came and went and we never made it. So, we decided to plan a mini vacation this year just for her that involved something she loves – staying at a hotel with a swimming pool. She just never expected there would be slides and rides, story time and miniature golf, and dinosaurs to eat, build and adore! It was the farthest thing from relaxing but we had an absolutely wonderful time, despite all three of us fighting a cold. Lauren enjoyed splashing in the kiddy pool and sliding down those smaller slides over and over again, however, she was not going to miss out on anything. She went on all but one of the rides (only because she was too small) and loved every minute. She was definitely the youngest kid I saw on the bigger rides and the only hesitation came from me – not her! To see some pictures of the most uninhabited, thrill-seeking four year old at the whole water park, click here.


1, 2, 3, 4…What More is in Store?





Another month has past. Another round of pictures has been taken. I can’t believe how much she’s grown! And as with each passing month, not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at Lauren. Her generosity, her passion, her joy are all inspiring. I can’t help but to wonder how it could ever get better…and then some how it always does! She’s definitely a talker. She loves to sing and dance. Her imagination is unyielding and her pursuit to play is well, exhausting. She’s a constant source of laughter in our house and definitely a motivation for me to be and do my best.

What would another mouth be without a few quotes from our baby girl that I think help define who she is. Check them out and enjoy!

“It was super awesome that I didn’t land on my head when I got out of bed this morning.” 10/18/10 (What a positive attitude to start off the day!)

“Mom, I want to be you…you color so good.”
10/15 (How sweet and enduring.)

While reading Curious George, LP said, “Mom, it’s strange that the man with the yellow hat has a monkey instead of a kid.” 10/9 (Agreed! Just strange. She’s so insightful.)

After I sang her lullabies before bed, we go down stairs to hear her singing, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”10/9 (How ambitious and just down right funny!)

In an attempt to not fall asleep:
LP: “Some day we need plan a trip to space.”
Ryan: “How are you planning on getting there?”
LP: “A rocket.”
Ryan: “Only astronauts go to space.”
LP: “Well we need to be astronauts them.”

9/21 (She’s so candid and fearless. I love that she believes anything is possible!)

To see more pictures from this month’s photo shoot, click here.