Go Pokes!

While watching football on TV today, Lauren exclaimed, “Woe!  I thought he was trying to play ring around the rosy!” as an OSU player rustled down an A&M player.

When tucking LP into bed at half time, she was a little concerned that Ryan would miss out on any touchdown celebrations for the remainder of the game.  To make up for her absence, Lauren said, “Dad, when they make a touch down, you can throw mommy up in the air.”

We are doing our best to raise her right. Go Pokes!

Another First!

Up until today, Lauren’s biggest fear on her bike was riding it through the park by the Sweetgum trees. “Mom, I don’t want to ride here. There might be gumballs that will poke my tires.” I am grateful for LP’s uninhibited courage and adventurous attitude, but I can’t help but to wonder how she will respond after her first wreck.  I’ve been dreading the day…and today was that day.  I remember doing this same thing on my bike as a child.  Not watching where she was going, she realized she was veering off course and then over-corrected.  I was within steps of her but just couldn’t get there in time to prevent it.  As unbelievable as it might seem, this was not only her first wreck, but also her first big boo-boo with blood.  I think the sight of that was more traumatizing for her than the pain.  However, I did end up carrying her and the bike all the way home.  And terrible me, I couldn’t help but to take a picture of her in agony before I cleaned her up…she was just too pitiful not to document the occasion.
And how did she cope?  After settling down, she said to me, “It’s a good thing that I had my helmet on” and she got right back on her bike for another ride around the neighborhood.  That’s my brave little girl!

One Brave Little Girl

Today marked Lauren’s annual well check visit with the doctor. Life has been crazy and my usual quick check on the doctor’s website to see if she’d get any shots today was one of the things that didn’t happen before we took off on our way. So, I prepared LP with the fact that she was going to get a flu shot, but not sure if there were any other shots for her. Oh, how I wished I would have looked at that website…at the very least to prepare myself! Including her flu shot, LP had to have 5 shots today. She chose to have the flu shot over the mist because she so didn’t like it last year and remembered…I think it traumatized her a little but I’m not sure as much as today did. At first, she was fine and seemed prepared.  We had already talked about a prick that would hurt for a bit and then go away. However, when you talk about things like that you never envision having to get 5 in a row in your sweet little legs that have no more fat on them than a chicken leg. As I secured her arms and looked into her eyes, we smiled at each other, completely unaware how brutal the next few seconds would be for us both. The first shot went in. Her little body tensed up. Tears welled up in her eyes as the realization set in that that was the first shot and that there were still four more. The look she gave me was the most heartbreaking. No words had to be spoken, I knew that look. “Why are you doing this to me?” The second shot went in. Her body tensed up again. Still no crying but I know she wanted to so badly. I was fighting back the tears myself. What could I say to make it better? I said the only words that I could think of, “I love you.” She responded, “I love you, too.” As the nurse fiddled with the third shot, I tried to continue to comfort her. On the brink of crying myself, I told her that it was just fine to cry. I told her if it hurt, cry. Cry, baby. Cry, baby. Please cry because honestly that would make me feel better than her trying with all her might not to. Shots 3, 4, and 5 went in. With each prick, Lauren’s body tightened. With each prick, the tears got bigger in her eyes about to overflow onto her face, but still she remained silent. The only sound in the room was me repeating over and over again, “I love you. It’s okay to cry, baby.” Finally the Band-Aids went on and I was able to pick her up. As I embraced her she finally let out a cry…and I finally was able to breath again. I am often amazed by this little girl. Today was no exception. She was so very brave.

Sneak Peak

With the new school year, there have been a few changes. To name a few, the school is at a brand new church building, with brand new playground equipment that is in the very front on the building…right next to the parking lot. Secondly, Lauren’s recess time is the 30 minutes before I am to pick her up. Why are these two of importance? It allows me to get to the school early, hang out in the car, and watch LP play whiles she’s completely unaware. I love seeing this little snap shot of her day! Some times she’s pulled from slide to slide. Some times she’s chasing and running as fast as she can. Sometimes it seems to me she’s trying to voice her opinion as to what to do next only to find herself usually following her friends again. As I watch her, I’m in complete disbelief. I simply can not believe that that little girl who is rocking so high on the teeter-tooter is my baby. The freedom and joy she’s experiencing brings a spontaneous smile to me face and tugs at my heart. WOW! She’s so innocent…so beautiful…so amazing. And mine!

More from Dream Land

It seems that Lauren’s dreams are becoming even more bizarre.  This was the dream she told me about this morning…in her words:

You were a penguin and I was a penguin.  Daddy was a bunny.  (I ask, A bunny?)  Yeah, a bunny but still our daddy.  I still had a night water but it was HUGE!  And I was a small penguin.  I carried it up the tall wooden stairs and then I spilled it.  It wasn’t big then, it was just small.  Then daddy said something but I don’t know what…he wasn’t getting on to me though – I know that.  And then I was holding hands with a lot of penguins.  And I was helping them go up the stairs because they were having a hard time climbing.  So I had them walk up sideways and I pulled them all up by myself.  You got pulled up too.  I was super strong.  And there was this one guy…the last guy.  I pulled him up and he was eating fish.  Then I saw myself and I was a little baby penguin.  Then daddy started talking about bunny college and showed me a statue of him when he was a bunny in college.  And it was a statue of a penguin, not a  bunny at all!

Strange…and fascinating.

Birthday Bash

Lauren’s birthday request this year was pretty simple.  She wanted to have a butterfly party with cake, cupcakes, ice cream, a pinata, and all her friends.  At first I thought, no problem…but then I started to think more.  This was the first year that Lauren was requesting to invite friends.  Up until now I never had to worry about entertainment for the party because LP was the entertainment.  However, everything fell into place.  Grannie had the perfect idea for a craft, we found the cutest butterfly wings and antenna, and all her friends were able to join us.  I’m still mastering hosting a party and having time to take pictures, however, Ryan did a wonderful job for me.  Check out the fun we all had, click here.

Chuck E Cheese Please!

Lauren has never been inside a Chuck E Cheese, however, every time we pass by it, she gets so excited.  I always assumed it had something to do with the big picture of the mouse on the sign because we’ve never talked about what kind of restaurant it is or what goes on inside.  Today after LP exclaimed, “Look Mom…Chuck E Cheese!”  I decided to investigate.

Me:  Do you know what kind of food they have there?
LP:  Well…cheese.
It’s actually pizza.
LP:  That’s crazy! You’d just assume that they had cheese there not pizza. Chuck E Pizza doesn’t sound good though.

Mystery solved!  And by the way, I completely understand her excitement about a restaurant that she assumed served nothing but cheese.

Look Who’s Four!

p1170414-1-large.JPGAnother month, but not just any other month. My baby turned four this month! My baby who’s not at all a baby anymore. It’s strange how often I find myself looking at Lauren from afar and I’m always astonished at the little girl she’s become. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It seems that most of my interaction with LP is so up close and personal. When you’re a mom dealing with your child, there are really no personal boundaries…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to snuggle and be super close to Lauren and honestly can’t get enough of it. However, when I do get the opportunity to see her from a distance, I always relish those moments. She seems so grown; so tall and lanky. She seems so mature; less awkwardness and more graceful and coordinated. The whole experience almost seems surreal to me. Before our eyes and seemingly overnight, our baby has transformed into the most beautiful, fun-loving, and compassionate four year old. And while Lauren definitely has her super suborn moments, she’s also the sweet little girl that came up with a new saying this month that warms my soul every time I hear it. In an unsuccessful attempt to try to stretch her arms farther apart than mine to show me she loved me more than I loved her, she finally responded with, “I love you bigger than the universe!” It’s been a part of her nightly bedtime ritual ever since. I smile thinking about how clever and passionate Lauren is…and then smile even more knowing that I love her bigger than the universe, plus 50 – no 100 times more!

Check out some photos from this month’s shoot, click here. I blinked and now she’s four! I’m going to have to figure out a way to simply stop closing my eyes all together!!

A Birthday Wish

Today Lauren turned four years old!  My baby girl really isn’t a baby any more, but I must confess that won’t stop me from calling her “baby girl” or attempting to hold her like a baby every once in a while.  We had a wonderful day filled with cards and presents, toys and games, yummy food and sweets, and plenty of family time.  It was a perfect day, celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another.  And what better way to celebrate than making a wish and blowing out a candle!  Check out LP’s birthday wish, click here.

And of course, I went a little crazy with the camera!  To see far too many pictures from our day, click here.