Dressing Room Etiquette

Today while trying on a few clothes in a store’s dressing room, Lauren said in a not so quiet voice,

“Mom, look at my boobies! They are getting so big…Oh, these pants fit so good. Look at how my cheeks stick out in them.”

Where did she learn this?!  I’m glad she has such a positive self imagine but at what age does this go from being so stinking cute to concerning?  I’ve got my hands full!

Dinosaur Tales

Lauren woke up this morning requesting that we be a family of dinosaurs.  As with all her make believe play, it has to stem from truth and facts so like any other dinosaur, she had to start as an egg, hatch and grow.  As a baby dinosaur, she had to rely on me to protect her from all the other dinosaurs that were trying to eat her.  There was the “pair of glowing eyes” in the closet that prevented her from putting on her shoes and the “huge dinosaur upstairs” that kept her from leaving my bedroom.  However, she grew fast and soon she was FIVE…old enough to defend herself.  She had “really hard bones in her elbows and knees” that she used to protect herself.  As I finished getting ready, I heard quite a commotion in the bedroom.  I saw Lauren leaping and rolling and wrestling on the ground.  I couldn’t resist.

Me:  What are you doing?
LP:  I just killed that mean dinosaur.  I put him in a big microwave so we can eat him for dinner.
Me:  Oh, you’re eating it?
LP:  Yeah, he was big and mean.  I don’t eat the little ones.  They are my friends.  I keep them in jars so they can stay safe.
Me:  What size are you?
LP:  Medium sized.  So are my friends.  Oh! (as she batted something in the air).  That was my mean friend so I ate her.
Me:  You just ate your friend?
LP:  Yeah, but she was mean.  I help protect my brother and sister with the bones in my elbows and knees, too.  I don’t cook and eat them either.

Insight…don’t be mean to Lauren, she might eat you even if you are her friend.  But, apparently family is sacred.  If you’re related to her, you don’t have to worry about her popping you in the microwave.  Little minds!!!

Dream Catcher

Lauren’s imagination runs 24/7.  Lately she’s been waking up with such excitement, wanting to share her dreams with me before she forgets them.  Some make sense.  Some are funny.  And some are just bizarre.  Here is the one she shared with me this morning:

LP: Mom!
Me: Hey babe! Are you waking up?
LP: Yeah.
Me: Why don’t you potty and come down stairs then.
LP: Are you sure you want to wait that long? I have an exciting, beautiful dream coming.
Me: Oh well come on down now and tell me and daddy all about it.
LP:  (jumping in bed)  Well it was me and you, Mommy and I got a new toy. Well it was something that bends up and down and all around. You made a mommy turtle out of it. And then I made a little turtle out of it. And then we swam across the swimming pool holding into the legs of our turtles. They stretch real far across the pool. We just held onto them and they brought us across the pool. It’s a magic toy…it does that.

A New Month in a New Place

Time to look back on another month.  Another month, but just not any other month.  In the past month, Lauren learned new things, said new things, witnessed new things…but by far the biggest new was moving into a new home.  We have been preparing Lauren for this for several months.  Talking about how she would have a new room with all of her old toys in it.  We’d have a new house but with all of the same familiar furniture.  We’d live in a new place, but be the same family.  In addition, I’ve been preparing as well…ready for a bumpy transition but praying for a smooth one.  Everyday I am amazed at what a special little girl we have. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t strive to be a better person because of her. She continues to astonish me, however, I didn’t want to expect too much. Moving is such a drastic change.  I could have never predicted the outcome.  Lauren has adjusted so well.  She seems to really like the new flat yard, the neighborhood park and trails, and her new bedroom (she’s had absolutely no issues sleeping).  We are so blessed.  On occasion, Lauren has asked when we are going back to our other house and has made comments that she can’t remember what it looks like.  I haven’t driven her by there yet because it might just be too soon.  Next time she asks, I’ll show her some pictures.  I’m still so sentimental about our other house and honestly I don’t see that changing.  We have so many wonderful memories from there; it shouldn’t be any other way.  And I do want Lauren to remember our lives there to, but I know sometimes you just can’t look back.   So, I’m focusing her straight ahead while secretly I reflect on the past every now and then.  I know I said we were the same family, but it’s not just our house that has changed…


Lauren is older…and wiser now.  Here are a few words of wisdom or comic relief from the past month:

Ryan was singing a song that he didn’t know all the words to so just started humming the tune.  Lauren said, “Why don’t we ask the Internet (the words). It knows a lot of stuff.”  7/5/10

“Mom, we can’t go to the pool today since it’s raining. We would get all wet.”  7/8/10

Some of Lauren’s favorite words this month:  “well” starts off just about every other sentence and she’s now saying “nuts” when something goes wrong.

“I had the most amazing dream last night! It was about Boots and Dora. Well I didn’t see Dora but I think she was there. Boots was at the beach trying to make a sand castle but a crab kept trying to pinch him…and the crab was really me!! And I built him a huge sandcastle with two flags on top.”  7/10/10

LP woke me this morning saying, “Good morning mommy cat.”  And she spent the next hour catching mice, rats, bugs, and lizards…and coughing up hair balls. Yes, so should have got that on video.  It was quite amusing…and disturbing at the same time.  At breakfast her attention quickly shifted to dinosaurs as we talked about all the things she was going to do with them when she meets them in heaven. “I will love them and hug them and ride them and climb on them. I will play chase and hide and seek with them. I can’t wait!!”  She continued, “I really want the dinosaurs to visit here. Since there is a pond one can catch fish. Then I’ll take walks with them and see if they fit on the swing and not break it. I bet some of the little ones can fit and I can swing them really high. And tell him to grab some leaves from the tree to eat while he’s way up there. They could sleep here with us. The big ones could stay in the closet and the babies can sleep in the pantry.”  7/12/10

7/15; After a successful evening of toad hunting:
Lauren:  “I just can’t believe that I actually caught a frog! He didn’t even pee on me!  His belly was all squishy and he wasn’t slimy at all. I decided not to kiss him, Mom, because he was dirty.”
Ryan: “How will he turn into a prince then?”
Lauren: “That’s just a book daddy.”

No fairy-tales needed here.   We are truly blessed.  Check out our monthly photo shoot in our new neighborhood, click here.


Lauren loves to help.  Lauren loves to unpack even more than she loves to help.  I know she thinks she’s being helpful, and I can’t bare to tell her that taking everything out of a box and throwing it on the floor is not that helpful.  But oh my, she gets so excited to see what toys are in the next box.  Unfortunately, we are running out of boxes with toys in them.  What next?  Well, anything that was wrapped in comics, of course!

4th of July…Modified

Celebrating the 4th of July this year was definitely different. We got to enjoy some pretty fireworks, but didn’t shoot any off ourselves except for some old snappers we had left over from last year (can’t believe we actually found them amidst all the boxes!). We got to eat some yummy food, but didn’t cook any of it ourselves (our frig remains empty). We spent the day together as a family; however, half was while we were hauling stuff from storage and unpacking. We took our first walk through the neighborhood (well, LP ran most of the way until she just couldn’t go anymore on her own).  Lauren even got to take a swim (in the tub, no pool keys yet).  The situation might not have been ideal; however, the day was still perfect! This was our first holiday in this home. We got to watch some neighborhood fireworks from the comfort of our living room while eating popcorn. We spent some time outside on the back porch enjoying more and even could see a few of the city’s display from the front yard. We ended our night up stairs in front of LP’s window, eating pudding while taking in a few more before calling it a night. With each one Lauren would exclaim with unwavering excitement “Wow! Did you see that one?!” or “Look at that one!” Soon, thought, the exhaustion set and we sat in silence for a bit. Then Lauren finally asked, “Is it time to go to bed?” Life is good!! To see a few photos, click here.

Moving Day!

Today was the day that we finally got to move into our new home. A day filled with excitement, exhaustion, and lots and lots and lots of rain!! When I was dreading moving in July, it wasn’t because I thought we were going to be cold and wet. Let me rephrase, we were cold and drenched. There came a point that we didn’t notice the rain any more because it was impossible to be any wetter.

p1150370-1-large.JPGBefore the down pouring and unloading began, we had a few minutes to spend in our finished house, just the four of us. We all ran to each room as if we hadn’t seen it all come together (well, this was Hailey’s first time to see it). Or maybe we ran because we did witness it all come together…finally! Over the past several months, there were times that we were terrified of our decisions, doubtful that this day would ever come. Excited by the progress only to question was it happening too fast. And then finally stressed and concerned that it wasn’t going to get done in time. At that moment, as we walked through our empty house, there was peace. The chaos was about to ensue, however, we relished in that moment. This house was our home. We embraced, laughed, and then got to work. With the help of Ryan’s parents and brother, all the big stuff is here! There’s lots of little stuff still to come. And then there’s a ton of unpacking to do. It’s been a long day and we have a long road ahead of us, but I’m happy to say, we are home sweet home!!

To see the photos that I did manage to take today, click here.