What a Transformation

We’ve taken quite a few shots of the house being built over the past several months.  And I must brag that Ryan was the photographer of most of them!  I simply can’t believe how far it’s come and that we will be moving into it soon!!

It seemed like such a daunting task to narrow down all of the pictures, but I did manage to gather a few from the living room, kitchen, and the master shower (which we are super excited about…all three of us can fit into it very comfortable).  To see the progression of these areas, click here.

Father’s Day at the Movies

Father’s Day:  a day to celebrate all those Daddy’s in our lives.  Every random day of the year, I am truly grateful for the wonderful father Ryan is, for the terrific example he was provided by his father growing up, and for the amazing Daddy that I have.  On Father’s Day, these feelings are just magnified.  Our family is so very blessed.

This year was a little different.  We were able to spend the day with both Ryan and Grandpa.  But what made this year even more memorable was that today we took LP to see her very first movie in a theater. She loved the whole experience.  She eagerly watched the extra long previews, exclaiming more than once, “That movie looks cool!! We need to see it!!”.  She intently watched the movie while holding my hand and chomping on popcorn.  And she didn’t budge from her seat until the credits were completely over (which Ryan and I weren’t surprised about since she always insists we watch them on her DVDs).  We enjoyed it as much as she did and I believe we have several more movie outings in our future. I did have to fight back the tears…which I did very poorly.  I couldn’t help but to fast forward about 15 years.  How will I ever prepare to send my baby off to college??  Hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!!!

I see a few pictures from Father’s Day Weekend, click here.

Temporary Location

A lot has happened over the past month. We moved out of the only house that Lauren has ever called home so that we could move into a new house that we are building. The key words here: “ARE BUILDING.” It’s not quite done yet and it has been nothing less than chaotic. Luckily, Ryan’s parents have so graciously let us invade their lives and home while we wait for our new house to be completed. What better place to stay than with them where both Lauren and Hailey feel comfortable. It’s really been such a blessing. That is one less thing for me to worry over. And while Ryan and I feel terribly imposing, we are so excited for Lauren to have this special time with her grandparents. However, it does have its challenges. It’s an hour away from where LP is taking her swim lessons twice a week. It’s also an hour away from the new house were we are in the middle of all the last minute final decisions. Literally, there is a decision that needs to be made almost everyday…and most of those decisions have to be made onsite. So, we’ve been living with Ryan’s parents but spending most of our time in the car!

As uprooted and abnormal as our current lives are, there are always constants to hold dear. I love to her Lauren giggle. No matter how stressed I might be, the second I hear her beautiful laugh, all is right. LP’s inquisitiveness and creativity remains unharmed by all the changes. She has become very interested in dinosaurs. All the different types and names…but mostly why they are no longer here. At breakfast this morning, Lauren provided her top three theories as to why dinosaurs are now extent: 1) They stepped on thorns and couldn’t get them out, so they died. 2) They went to Florida and got in the sea where the whales ate them. 3) It snowed a lot and they couldn’t stay warm enough, so they died. Not too bad. As always, she remains insightful, delightful, and some times a hand full!

The transition to sleeping at grandma and grandpa’s has been tricky. I know it is our days spent in the car watching movies with no naps and later than usual bedtimes that’s creating some drawn out struggles with one overly-tired little girl and not her surroundings. However, things are starting to settle down some and getting much better. LP has created a new bedtime routine and one of her new requests is that I sit next to her in the dark of her makeshift room for one minute after the lights are out. Honestly, I really don’t mind…it’s only one minute and I get to see her so quiet and still. She’s not asleep but it’s so peaceful. Like her contagious laugh, it’s therapeutic. It is absolutely the perfect ending to an always busy day.


Another constant? Pictures, of course! We didn’t get too many shots, however, we did enjoy grandma accompanying us on this month’s photo shoot.  Check them out, click here.

Being a Kid at the Kiddie Park

One of the promises that we made Lauren that we’d do while staying at grandma and grandpa’s was go to the Kiddie Park.  And today, on a random Thursday evening while the weather wasn’t sweltering hot, we headed that way.  Ryan and I had a great time but Lauren had a fantastic time!  Check her out, click here.

Roly Poly Day

It was the very last day in this house and it started early…much too early. There were a few things still to move out, but it was so important to me to have a few minutes as a family, after all the work was done, to enjoy this moment. To take in the beauty of this place, to allow me to take mental pictures, to let Lauren enjoy the pond and yard and all of the wonderful surrounding one last time, to say our final goodbye. Of course, I wept. And, as always, LP made the moment that much more memorable. June 4, 2010, would have always represented the day we moved out of Lauren’s first home, however, thanks to her it will now be a day of celebrate. I was busy with all the final cleaning and packing so I gave LP a camera and asked her to snap pictures of all the things she wanted to remember about the house. Excited about the task, she took off! A little bit later, I walk into our bathroom to see Lauren focusing the camera on some small black things on the counter…roly polies. She had brought them into the house to get a good picture of them. I must say, she does love roly polies! I believe she had close to 10 in there! After a few pictures, we safely returned them to the grass outside. Lauren then asked if today could be called Roly Poly Day. I love this idea! What a wonderful way to remember the day! Next year on June 4th, we will do our best to capture a few fine roly polies at our new house!

To see LP’s pictures, click here.
To see the very last pictures I took of us in this home, click here.

Our Last Night

It’s been a slow and tiring process to pack up all of our belonging over the past few weeks. With all of the big stuff out since the weekend, this week has been a combination of us: frantically racing to get everything moved to storage, calmly reassuring Lauren that this next stage of our lives will be fun and exciting, and quietly reflecting on the wonderful times we’ve shared in this home. There’s never been a doubt that I would be emotional when we have to say our final goodbye. However, last night, as I read Lauren’s bedtime story to her – the next to last time I will ever do that in this house – it became so real. My words echoed in her near empty room. It was eerie. I thought back at the evenings I would spend in this very room while pregnant with LP thinking about how our lives were about to change. So excited and nervous. I thought about the early mornings I cuddled Lauren, rocking her back to sleep, with her baby soft skin and her peaceful rhythmic breathing. My mind was bombarded with memories; tiny moments of laughter, crying, playing, learning…all which happened in this very room. Moments I will never forget and that Lauren will never remember. I thought about all the effort we put into making her room a perfect place for her and now we are leaving it all behind. I cried.

Tonight we are spending our very last night in this house. We are all snuggled together on the floor in the living room. We will be saying goodbye to it tomorrow. Right now I’m too exhausted to think about it. Tomorrow will be exhilarating and heartbreaking as we close one chapter of our lives and begin another.

Hello Summer…Goodbye House

We started off the summer right with lots of fun and sun…and tons of work, too!  With us needing to use the long weekend to move, we weren’t sure if we’d have the time to fit in any fun, but luckily it all worked out.  We were able to spend some time at the family reunion and move all of our furniture to storage.  This past week has been action packed, but I’m never too busy for pictures.  Check out some, click here.

Star Light, Star Bright!

Tonight Lauren made a wish on the first star.  As we spent a few more minutes enjoying the evening, I couldn’t resist asking about her wish.  Beaming up at the sky that was now filled with stars, she responded, “I wished I could stay up all night so I could watch the night sky glow.”