Still Having Fun!

Our time in this house is almost over.  With our move just around the corner and a ton of things still to do, I’m most concerned about spending time doing the things that we love to do in this home before we say goodbye to it.  We’ve been enjoying the backyard…reading on the hammock, picking mulberries, catching bugs, blowing bubbles, digging for treasures and collecting all kinds of goodies.  Check out a few pictures of us doing just that, click here.

Lauren’s To Do List

With all that’s going on in our lives, I am relying heavily on my to do lists.  Today, Lauren wanted me to make one for her to ensure we didn’t forget anything.  Here’s her list:

  • Read The Littlest Christmas Tree
  • Sing Songs
  • Dance
  • Do Puzzles
  • Play Hide & Seek
  • Read More Books
  • Play Cooties
  • Play with the Dominos
  • Create a Pallet of Pillows and Jump into them
  • Hide Easter Eggs
  • Play the Games in the Upstairs Closet

Wow!  Sounds like a action-packed day…we better get started!!

Hailey turns 13!

WOW!  Hailey has been a part of our family for 13 years!  We’ve celebrated so many holidays and birthdays together, it’s hard to remember a time without her.  Well, of our married life, that would only be 6 months.  She’s been with us through it all.  Each birthday is a little bitter sweet for me.  I love to be able to mark another year in which we’ve been blessed to have her in our family.  However, I’m also a little sad wondering will this be her last birthday?  I try not to linger on it because I do want to cherish the time we have together instead of dwelling on the day when she will no longer be with us.  She is a joy.  She is a gift.  She will always remain my first baby girl.

Lauren loved shopping for Hailey and it was hard to get out of Petsmart with only two toys.  However, after much deliberation and mind-changing, we finally managed.  LP also wanted to be the one to wrap and give them to her.  I don’t think Hailey truly appreciated all the effort Lauren put into preparing for her birthday, but I do.  I love that LP loves Hailey, too.  Check out some pictures, click here.

One Last Shot

Our last photo shoot at this home…and a few days late. Life continues to be hectic around our house as we pack up, however, I can always count on Lauren to bring fun, excitement, and perspective to any task. I am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and husband. I can only hope that they feel the same way about me as I continue to juggle this move.

p1140193-1-large.JPGHow on earth to sum up this whirlwind of a month? Lauren has a couple of new names. The first is “The One Upper”. It doesn’t matter what the subject, LP will top whatever you just said. If you see three birds, she sees four! If you’re hungry enough to eat a horse, she can eat an elephant. If you had a dream about sledding in the snow, she had one about sledding and making snowmen. It’s amusing to see what she comes up with next and always quite entertaining. The other name that Ryan coined her with is “The Bug Whisper”. She is super fascinated with bugs – I mean LOVES them. And I’m just so astonished at the fact that she’s not intimidated by any creature. Recently, we discovered a frog in the backyard. While we were inspecting it, it jumped onto my foot. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran away. I was horrified that it touched me! Lauren immediately ran to it, picked it up, and made sure it was okay. She only hesitates briefly to ask if the particular insect she’s been staking bites before picking it up. If the answer is no, there’s no stopping her. I cringe every time, but I am also extremely happy she is so interested in the world around her. After spending some time in the backyard LP informed me that “bugs don’t get dizzy.” I knew from how she had been twirling around in the grass she had already tested this theory. That same day Lauren said to me, “Look Mom! I found part of a roly poly. It’s just the poly part, not the roly part since its not rolling anymore.” (5/12/10) I could list a million things that LP said over the past month that brought a smile to my face. However, I’ll just share a few more:

“Mommy, how do you find a daddy to marry?” (4/26/10)

“Did you never see such a sight?!”
(4/30/10, talking about a house that we passed while driving)

“Mom, when is my operation?”
With quite a dialog back and forth, I finally figured out she was talking about her P.A.T. GRADUATION. (5/13/10)

Lauren’s imagination is so active. This excerpt from one of our conversations is a prime example.
LP: “There use to be a kind of monkey that ate hey. They had a button that when you pushed it, they spit out the hey and talked. But they lived a long, long time ago when the elephants with red hair lived. Do you know what those elephants are called?”
Me: “Mammoths?”
LP: “Yeah – Mammoths!”
(5/17/10; Perhaps she’s onto something…could she be talking about evolution?)

So, a few words to describe this past month? Entertaining, exhausting, exciting, and extraordinary! Four words that also perfectly portray the bundle of joy that we fondly call Lauren – aka The One Upper – aka The Bug Whisper. I’ll wrap up with a couple of LP originals. We had been talking about sayings and what they meant while Lauren took her bath. Ryan gave her several examples: an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and if life gives you lemons, make lemonade were a few. LP took this concept and created some of her own:

“When an apple falls close to your home, pick it up and eat it for breakfast.”
“If you don’t like water, make lemonade. If you don’t like milk, make a cake.”

In case you were wondering, I’m smiling now. Our photo shoot was not only late this month, but abbreviated. I just got a few shots, but was determined to have one last shoot at this home. Check them out, click here.

The Storm

Tonight the tornado sirens went off and we spent the evening in or really close to our safe place.  Lauren took the exercise pretty serious,  gathering up a few of the remaining toys she still has unpacked and tucking them under the cabinet were she thought they would be safe.  If Hailey would have cooperated, she would of had her under there too.  She also put on her shoes and hat in case we had to go outside in the rain.  The evening wasn’t a total bust…she learned how to play Bejeweled on Ryan’s phone.  I, of course, couldn’t resist taking pictures.  Check her out, click here.

PAT Graduation

Just a little ceremony signifying Lauren’s completion in the Parents as Teachers program.  We’ve had tons of fun and learned a lot from Ms. Carol…and I simply couldn’t resist this photo op.  Too cute for words!  Check her out, click here.

Mother’s Day 2010

It seems that these days I associate every celebration or occasion in terms to it being the last one in this home…Mother’s Day was no exception.  This was the home that I celebrated my first Mother’s Day.  This was the house that I brought Lauren home to for the first time.  The place that I got to experience her first smile, her first laugh, her first kiss, her first steps, her first birthday…the list is endless of all the wonderful firsts that our family has shared here.  Lauren discovered the world in this home.  It’s so fitting that today, on my very last Mother’s Day in this house, that Lauren had another first.  We moved LP into her big girl bed today.  And while everything didn’t quite go as planned with converting her first bed into her current bed, the fact will always remain that this house is the place that Lauren slept in her big girl bed for the very first time.  I will cherish this day however.  I will look back on it with fondness and a little sadness.  Time simply won’t stand still.  People change.  Places change.  However, I look forward to the excitement that’s ahead of us.  Our new home will be a place to create even more firsts for our family!  I feel super blessed to be the mommy of the most amazing little girl, to be sharing this day with her and Ryan and Hailey, too.  And my sentimental tears are wiped away and replaced by a smile…I will be celebrating my very first Mother’s Day in our new home next year.  Life is wonderful!!

Check out a few pictures from today, click here.

Lauren’s First Poem

Inspired by her new book Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire!, LP wrote her first poem.  While not all the words are actually words, it does rhyme and sounds pretty rhythmic to me.

Fancy Nancy goes to school.
First day, next day,
Is the rule.
First day, next day,
That’s the dule.
Fancy Nancy goes to school.

Mother’s Tea

Lauren’s school has a little celebration at the end of the school year where each class gets to perform a couple of songs. Unfortunately, Ryan couldn’t join me today, so I came equipped with two cameras in hand – one for photos and one to record the entire performance – and shamelessly positioned myself in the very front during LP’s performance. I wanted to be able to share the experience with him…and in turn you. Lauren is still the same sweet, reserved little girl that was on stage during her Christmas program; however, she smiled and sang so big this time. Perhaps it was Mommy in the front row cheering her on! I was beaming with pride!! Check out the video of our precious girl singing, click here.