As we prepare to move out of Lauren’s first home, I do feel a bit sad.  There are so many memories that we have created in this home.  Memories that I will always hold dear but know that Lauren will not remember.  Wonderful times that I will look back on and laugh out loud at that LP will only be able to enjoy through pictures and stories.  While I’m super busy packing, and planning, and making arrangements to move out of this house and into our new one, I am also making sure that Lauren is able to experience some of the many things about this house that we will have to leave behind.  This weekend we accomplished some of them; fishing in the back yard and digging in the dirt under one of the pecan trees with a neighbor.   To see some pictures, click here.

Never Too Much Stuff

Here are a few of the things Lauren has collected over the past three days.  These are items that I found in her pockets and backpack.  Some are things that she stashed in the car and others she put in my pockets for safe keeping.  There are the random leaves that caught her eye and the stick in the shape of a “L”.  She picked up rocks, flowers, bark, tree seeds, grass and petrified wood.  And when visiting the house that’s being built, you can always count on some pretty cool stuff there like styrofoam and spray foam.  She’s a little obsessive…I guess I can relate!



What do you do when the weather is beautiful?  Head to the zoo!  We spent the morning trying to feed an elephant a piece of grass and playing peek-a-boo with monkeys.  We peeked in on p1130398-1-large.JPGan ostrich as it awkwardly sat down and two rhinos who were eating lunch.  We saw lions sleeping and a tiger chewing on a tree like Hailey does sticks.  We tired to make friends with the prairie dogs and turtles and of course ended our visit with a ride on the carousel.  With such an action packed day, we still managed to find enough time to collect a few leaves, check in on some tiny ants, stop and smell the flowers and blow dandelions.  Pretty much a perfect day!  Check out some pics, click here.

Where’s my Baby?

I’m so behind in getting pictures uploaded.  When trying to get caught up on them, I stumbled upon this picture.  It was taken in our back yard on March 7, 2010.  No special day…just a snap shot.  However, when I look at this picture of Lauren, I don’t see my baby girl.  I see a beautiful little girl.  So beautiful on the outside but so much more beautiful on the inside.  I am an insanely proud mommy for the little lady that she is and look forward in witnessing the young lady that she will become.  Sad?  Yes, a little.  She looks so grown up.  Where has my baby gone??

One More Month…Now She’s at 43!

This past month has been busy.  As the weather has warmed up, we found ourselves having tons of fun outside.  We hosted a tea party and went on a road trip where LP got to experience her first wedding.  It’s been a little stressful too as I’ve been so determined to have a great time with Lauren while still keeping up the house in hopes to sell it soon.  Unfortunately with all the action, there’s been little time to reflect on the past month.  A normal month speeds by…this one I can’t even seem to remember!!!  I did, however, manage to jot down a game of “Like and Don’t Like” that I thought represented Lauren pretty accurately right now. The rules of the game:  list three things you like and three things you don’t like.  We were playing while eating breakfast this morning.  Here are a couple of LP’s turns.  First Turn:  “I like to help other people – I love everyone.  I like school.  And most of all I love you.  I don’t like when thunder storms come and hit our house.  I don’t like when people get hurt.  I don’t like when people break their arms.”  Second Turn:  “I like cottage cheese (as she ate it).  I like snow and Easter and Christmas.  I like a warm feeling…like hot chocolate.  I don’t like people that knock over trees and steal money.  I don’t like bad people.  And I don’t like hearing loud thunder when I was a little baby.”  Third Turn:  “I like when carrots fly into your sleeve and tickle you (yes, she was eating carrots also and yes this just happened).  I like tickles.  And I like band-aids.  I don’t like bad things like time outs and spankings.  I don’t like Daddy not liking tickles.  I don’t like boo-boos.”
I always love this game because it provides so much insight into that little mind of hers.  She really is so compassionate and caring. It is this time together that makes the to-do list irrelevant and helps to put life in perspective.

I also managed to capture a couple other things that LP said over the past month that made me smile and laugh and marvel at her.  Check them out:

4/6/10:  While watching Buzz Aldrin on Dancing with the Stars, Lauren said, “He looks like God.”  Little minds are so fun!  Now I know exactly what she’s thinking when we talk about Him.

4/14/10:  Ryan kissed LP good-bye as he left for work and this was their conversation:
Daddy:  “Have fun today!”
Lauren:  “Have fun!  Work hard!  Make money to buy some food!”
Ok – I’m to blame for this…but when she asks why Daddy has to go to work, I do my best to explain it accurately.

4/15/10: As we were making each other laugh during lunch, LP says, “How did we start all of this funniness?!”

4/10/10; Per LP this is how skim milk is made (not for a weak stomach): “You take some skin from the animal.  Mix it with sour cream and milk.  You mix it and mix it and mix it.  And if it’s bear skin, you get chocolate milk.  If it’s a zebra or penguin, it makes white milk.”

4/2/10:  Lauren accurately spelled the following words during lunch the other day:  rat, bat, sad, sat, cup, got, mop, lips, box and up.

Now it’s my turn.  I like LP’s sweetness & innocence. I like spending time with Lauren and enjoying all the wonderful laughs. I like that she’s adventurous and daring but still so tender, loving, and gentle. I don’t like that my baby is getting so big…and much too fast.  (I often forget to measure LP these days, but did today.  She weighed 28.8 pounds and was 38 1/2 inches tall).

Check out some pictures from this month’s photo shoot in our back yard, click here.

Definitely a Lover

Lauren proclaims her love for everything from me and Ryan to Hailey and the birds outside.  She loves her dolls, food, animals, flowers…the list goes on and on.  In passing at school, one of her teachers pulled me aside to tell me that today she proclaimed her love to one of her friends.  As she sat next to her friend, LP said, “I love you.  We should have a play-date.”  Yes, I will be calling to arrange a play-date – how could I not after that declaration of affection.

The Proper Perspective

As LP and I discussed the possibility of moving, I told her I would miss this house.  That I’d be a little sad because this was her first house and we had made so many wonderful memories here.  Lauren thought for a second and responded, “I will be a little sad too, but not so much.  We will be bring all the fun stuff with us!”  Leave it to a three year old to remind me that it’s not the house that makes a home but the people living in it.   Of course, then she followed up this too wise revolution with, “Oh, oh, oh, I know!!!  When I grow up, I can move back to this house and it can be my very own home!”  It sure didn’t take her long to go from, “When I grow up and get married, we are going to live with you and Daddy” to now being ready to live on her own.  She’s growing up too fast!!

A Big Bad Dream

Early this morning, I heard Lauren wrestling around in her bed, crying a little in her sleep.  Slowly the crying became louder until I finally heard, “Mommy!  Mommy!”  As LP continued to cry, I ran up to see what was wrong.  She was sitting up in her bed sobbing and said, “Mommy, in my dream…”  As I heard the words, I picked her up to cradle her in the chair as my mind began to race for the right words to comfort her from her bad dream.  I started to pray that I could provide her with the security that she needed because up until now there has been no monsters under the bed or in the closet.  As I searched for the right way to begin my, “It was just a dream” talk, she said, “…in my dream I wanted to wash my hands but I didn’t get to.”

Of course, my child would be concerned about not getting to wash her hands.  Why should she be scared of monsters – they aren’t real – but germs.  I take complete responsibility for this nightmare of Lauren’s and promise to do a better job at trying not to give her my phobia of germs.

It does seem as if the crisis was diverted however.  Once awake this morning, no mention of any bad dreams. Instead, LP exclaimed, “Mom, I had the most amazing dream ever! E had a different home – it was still pink but bigger – and he had lots of baby fish! They had a strawberry shortcake house with trains and cars. And there were tubes for them to swim through and stairs that they could go down.” Still, I promise to do my best in not creating a germ-a-phobe.