Tea for Three

Lauren has been asking for awhile to have a tea party with her friends.  With all of the challenges we’ve been facing lately with trying to sell our house, I thought what better time than now to do it…so we started to plan.  She wanted to have it all – fancy food, frilly toothpicks, a decorated table, and everything pink!  (Note to self:  while my favorite color is pink, not everything is better pink.  It’s amazing how a little food coloring can do tricks with you mind.  That vanilla pudding just didn’t taste right when pink.)  LP helped shop.  She helped chop.  Lauren was excited about making a pretty centerpiece for their table and she was such an awesome helper in the kitchen.  And LP couldn’t resist dressing a little extra fancy for the big day with her pink tutu, purple necklace and of course big pink bow.  I’m sure that we had more fun preparing for the tea party than our guests had attending it.  But it was a wonderful memory and I’m certain one that we will have to recreate for Grandma & Grannie.  To see some pictures of our attempt at fancy toothpicks for our butterfly shaped sandwiches, our eatable ladybugs made out of grapes & strawberries, and pictures of the girls enjoying them, click here. 

Four Seasons

According to Lauren, the four seasons are:

  1. Christmas Season (winter)
  2. Snow Season (well, it did snow on the first day of spring this year)
  3. Pool Season (summer)
  4. Candy Season (fall…Halloween candy!)

Not too bad of an observation!

Face Plant

While sledding with Daddy, Lauren fell off of the sled right on her face.  She was motionless for a few seconds.  I yell, “Are you okay, Lauren?”  She lifts her head, smiles and says, “Peek-a-boo!  Let’s go again!!”  And she did…again and again and again!  Check out some pictures of us enjoying the snow, click here.

Our Speller

Lauren is super interested in how you spell things.  Generally she asks us how to spell, but lately she’s been giving it more of a try.  Today she spelled pizza using the phonics that she’s learned from her Leap Frog Letter Factory Video.  She sounded it out and said,
“P  –  E  –  Z  –  U”  We couldn’t have been more proud!

Three…and a Half!

p1110846-3-large.JPGWe’ve been so blessed with three and a half wonderful years with Lauren.  And as she continues to push her boundaries for independence, she is a super remarkable little girl.  I am truly honored to be her Mommy and because of her strive to become a better person.  When I hear her repeat things that Ryan or I have said, it is so cute and a constant reminder to be your best…for her sake.  This little compassionate and loving individual ceases to amaze me.  I was so proud of her when she was counting and playing with some of her pennies with Daddy and she said, “I want to give some of my pennies to other kids that don’t have any pennies.”  What a big concept for a little girl.  And I know that money has no value to her right now, but her willingness to give something that was hers to others is a priceless lesson to learn.  When she corrected Ryan for disapproving of a person wearing shorts on a not so warm day by saying, “Everyone is different…different people wear different things,” I swelled up with pride.  And when she pointed out that “We don’t call people fat,” to Ryan’s comment of Hailey being fat & happy after eating was precious and admiring.

And now for a few more fun things that Lauren has said this month:

LP defined “USV” for me, which is different from a SUV.  It seems to be “a semi car that is a kind of a vehicle, similar to an ambulance.”

She loves, loves, LOVES family hugs and kisses!  She will exclaim “family hugs” while one of us is holding her as she grabs both of us around the neck and squeezes tight.  “Family kisses” is a three-way kiss and it probably sounds bizarre, but Ryan and I really don’t mind.

She explained to us that before there were computers to use, people used something called a “Divadie” (2/27/10).  Another of her many made-up words.

“Look at that house!  It’s gorgeous!  Gorgeous is another word for pretty.” (2/28/10)

“Mommy, I need my calculator.  I’m going to buy a new house so I need it, please.”  (2/28/10)

LP explained to me that there are 3 different rights:  “Right like turn right.  Right like you are right.  And write…like write something on a piece of paper.”  Really?!?  I know I’m bias, but well, all I could think was  AMAZING!!!  (3/4/10)

She seemed to have somewhat of an identity crises one morning as LP stated she was a “mouse dressed up like a ladybug that was pretending to be a frog and hop.”  (3/5/10)

Ryan and I overheard Lauren say, “Got to reboot” as she played with a toy computer from her Happy Meal.  (3/6/10)

As I put LP down for her nap, going through her “things” (her routine of items we do and say before she goes to sleep) and out of the blue Lauren sang this commercial jingle perfectly, “Rrrrrreeeeeed Rob-in”.  So random, especially for someone who really doesn’t watch TV.  (3/9/10)

“I’m super duper thirsty!”  (3/8/10).  Really, super duper everything for that matter…definitely one of her new favorite sayings for the month.

“You’re a super sweet, loving mommy.”  (3/11/10)  Melted my heart.

It’s often difficult for me to express my amazement and excitement for the time and experiences I’ve shared with Lauren.  This month, it might be summed up best by sharing this final thought.  On an unusually warm evening, we rolled down the car windows for the first time this year.  Lauren, of course, could not resist sticking her hand out the window.  The vision of her huge smile, with the wind blowing her hair is unforgettable and heart warming as it brought back memories of me doing the same thing.  The look on her face was utter bliss as she exclaimed, “This is positively fun!  It’s like a monster wind!  I love this!!”  Just like that wind blowing LP’s hand and hair, I’m blown away by her everyday.  The best way to wrap up what this past month has meant to me?  This is positively fun!  I love this!!

To see some pictures from this month’s photo shoot, click here.

U is for Umbrella

Lauren really does say the cutest things!  There are so many times that I marvel at what she says, astonished by her vocabulary and entertained by the large concepts that come from such a small girl.  However, I don’t really have that story that I can tell over and over again when she grows up of how she used to mispronounce things or call things by the wrong name.  Come one, it seems like everyone has been tormented by their parents in this way.  All I have to say is doesn’t it make more sense to have pillow sheets instead of pillow cases…think about it.  Anyway, I digress.  Lauren just really hasn’t done that…until now.  I finally have my story!

As spring is nearing, the skies remain cloudy but we are faced with impending rain showers instead of snow storms.  Being the little planner that she has become (with parents like Ryan and me, how could she not be), Lauren is always so helpful in making sure we are prepared when going out for the day:

Coats and/or Sweaters – check
Snacks and Water – check
Cuddly Friend and/or Blankie – check
Rainbow – check

What would a day be without a pretty rainbow?!  However, while LP’s rainbow is colorful and bow-shaped, it also folds up to fit under your seat and has flowers on it.  Which brings me back to my use of pillow sheets…doesn’t rainbow make more sense?  Where does the word umbrella come from anyway – it just sounds weird.

I Scream! You Scream! We all Scream…

Last night Lauren called, “Mom!”  “Mom!” in the middle of the night.  When I went to see what was distressing her, she responded, “We forgot to eat popcorn!”

That evening we had promised a night of movie, pizza, and popcorn…however, it took LP so long to eat the pizza (in fact she was still eating grapes while in the bathtub) we never made it to the popcorn.  I knew she would remember the popcorn, I just wasn’t sure when.  Now I know – 3:47 am.

A Keeper

When fixing Lauren’s hair this morning, I heard her say, “I’m going to put this is my pocket.”  It seems she wanted to keep the sleep from her eye…strange indeed.