A Visionary

Lauren seems to have quite an imagination and with this vivid imagination, she has the ability to see objects in anything.  Clouds in the sky are often dolphins, elephants, rams and dragons.  As she ate a potato chip it went from a volcano, to a whale, then a whale with its mouth open. It then turned into a seal, shorts, and a Christmas tree. The next bite left a girl bear with a pony tail and then a mountain.  This was just one chip.  A piece of cinnamon toast can easily go from a fish, to a horse, and then from a camel to a pig in mere bites.  Bites she’s taken from an apple turn into a chubby turtle.  I guess it’s not just her ability to visualize different things, it’s the fact that when she describes what she’s seeing…it’s really there.  Here is one that I got a picture of.  At first glance, it’s just a tiny crumb on her thumb left over from her muffin.  However, to her…

it’s a snowman walking a dog.  What do you see??

The Lauren Dictionary: 40th Month Edition


To most bystanders, Lauren appears to be very shy and reserved.  However, each day it seems like she is letting the rest of the world see more glimpses of the little girl that we know as funny, outgoing, and super imaginative.  When she was younger, my monthly “progress reports” seemed to be packed with all the amazing new things that LP had learned over the month.  Now, I can’t help but to focus on all the amusing things that come out of her mouth!  She keeps me laughing, smiling and really pushes my creative boundaries everyday.

Here are a few of the things that Lauren taught me this month:
“Attackasour”a type of dinosaur that, of course, attacks.  (12/15/09)

“Yaroceros”“Not a rhinoceros, but a yaroceros. They have curly horns and wings on their backs to fly. And it’s a possibility that the directions on them say that they are friends of the Rhino. My babies saw them at the movies.” (12/30/09)
“Flyable” – bugs that are able to fly.  “Those bugs are not flyable so they are riding on bugs that are flyable.” (12/31/09)
“Pritantic Monkeys”
“Monkeys that can do anything…they go outside, stay inside, ANYTHING!”  (1/7/10)

Here is one of LP’s stories:
“I’m a baby penguin and you’re a mommy penguin.  We are from a zoo in Africa.  They are building a new jungle at my zoo – an orangutan jungle.  The other penguins don’t love me anymore – because I change colors…and don’t waddle very good.”  (1/11/10)
I think this is a combination of Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, one of her books titled, Rainbow Rob, and well, the orangutans and Africa…I really don’t know.

And here are a few more of Lauren’s comments this month that made me smile:
12/26/09: “Why does lotion have moisture in it?” Moisture…really?!?
12/28/09: “Hailey’s toot smells like egg.”
12/29*/09: As LP ate a desert, “Umm, umm sugar!”

1/9/10:  “I’m only 3 years old so I’m not too strong. But, I’m really fast. That makes me pretty super. I’m a super!!” (referring to The Incredibles.)

And starting to become a regular part of LP’s lingo are “No, thank you.” and “Oh my!!”  or “Oh my goodness!”

She’s growing up so fast!  Check out Lauren tolerating some cold and damp weather as I took a few pictures for our monthly photo shoot, click here.

What’s that Smell?

In retrospect, it all seems so clear…but at the time not so much.  Monday night started off as usual.  Ryan comes home, dinner, watching a little Wheel of Fortune and then some playtime for Ryan and LP before bath and bed.  After putting Lauren down, she called me up stating that she was swallowing a lot of spit and that she was ready to get up.  I assumed this was a new stall tactic, told her to sleep on her side to keep from swallowing the spit and go to sleep.  I also warned her that I wasn’t going to come up again.  That quieted her for a few minutes while we started watching TV.  Then I heard her make a strange noise and start calling for me again.  To hold my ground, I sent Ryan up to check on her.  First thing that Lauren said was, “Something smells funny.”  Recently LP has wanted to sleep with her door closed and the night light off so it’s pretty dark in there.  Ryan couldn’t see anything at first.  There was a pause and then I heard, “Oh no – Holly!”  The poor baby had gotten sick in bed.  I took her immediately into the bathroom to start cleaning her up – vomit was on her PJs, in her hair, on her face.  As I cleaned, I didn’t hear much commotion coming from the bedroom…Ryan has a weak stomach.  So I took over striping down the bed while he finished cleaning up LP.  That was a very long night.  It finally ended about 7:30 am.  Next time I will definitely make note of any comments about excess spit in hopes that we won’t have to hear any descriptive remarks about strange odors in her bed.

Rockin’ in the New Year

We ate (LP thought it was awesome to pick out snack food and nibble on it all night), we watched a movie that Lauren got for Christmas, and we danced and danced and danced until LP was worn out and decided she needed to rest between songs.  She almost made it to 11:00.  We had a great time!  For more pics, click here.