Let it Snow!

We enjoyed a white Christmas this year – full of lots of sledding down the back hill, making snow angles, having snow ball fights, Hailey eating the snow balls, and building snow men.  The highlight of Lauren’s fun in the snow would no doubt be the unplanned ride she took on the “sled” with Hailey.  It was a product of wrong place at the wrong time for Hailey.  Lauren started off the ride facing forward, sitting on her bottom.  In mid-ride, LP collided with an clueless Hailey and Lauren finished the ride on her back, facing the other direction, with Hailey sitting on top of her.  I had the camera setting on at the time so no movie, but I did end up with a picture!  We had a wonderful time in the snow.  And if it were up to LP, we would have never went inside.  As we walked back up the hill for the last time, I’d turn around to see Lauren laying down in the snow saying, “Just one more snow angle.”  That one more snow angle turned into about five more.  Check out some more pictures of us enjoying our winter wonderland, click here.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2009 is going to be tough to beat.  Christmas Eve was a wonderful day packed with family fun.  Lauren picked out of few gifts for Hailey fearing she was on the naughty list this year for always getting into the trashcan.  We had such a fantastic time decorating cookies and witnessing LP’s complete giddiness as we prepared for Santa’s arrival.  Honestly, how many 3 year olds would raid the reindeer’s carrots over the sugar cookies?  And the excitement continued to build as snowflakes started to fall, promising a very rare white Christmas.   Making one last Santa check on Ryan’s phone, we headed upstairs to begin the longest night of a child’s life.

Christmas morning did not disappoint. A blanket of snow covered the ground, wrapping paper was flying everywhere, the sound of laughter and squeals (and squeaks from Hailey’s toys) filled the house as we spent a lazy morning playing with each and every gift and enjoying each other’s company. But, the fun didn’t stop. We then bundled up to play in the beautiful snow that God had blessed us with on this truly magical day. An evening of hot chocolate and dinner in front of the TV as we watched one of LP’s new movies was the perfect ending to a special day.  To check out some pictures from our indoor adventures, click here.

A Star is Born

Well, maybe not a shinning star to some, but she was the absolute apple of our eyes today during her Christmas program at school.  Couldn’t hear her, but I saw her lips moving a couple of times!  Her nervous twitch of rubbing her nose, the way she rang her pretend bells, and the smile on her face when everyone clapped for her class were priceless and moments I will cherish always.  Dare I admit that I had to fight back tears…she’s growing up so fast!! Unfortunately most of Ryan’s view – and the camera’s view – was blocked by some big hair, however, you can get a glimpse of our baby girl singing in her first Christmas Program by clicking here.  To see some pictures that are less obstructed, click here.

When I Grow Up

So often I have to remind myself that this little person I’m talking to is only 3 years old. There is never a day that passes


that I’m not assumed and astonished by something that she says. Just as I called her over to me today, she responded with, “Yes, dear.” Other words that I’ve noticed she routinely uses: leap instead of jump, complicated instead of difficult, search instead of find or look, and beautiful instead of pretty.  What’s been on Lauren’s mind lately? What she’s going to be when she grows up.

“Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a mommy with babies…and a doctor. 11/18

“I want to be a frog and lizard catcher when I grow up.” 11/20

Per LP, the difference between girl lizards and boy lizards…the eyelashes. Girls have long ones.

“I want to be a dancer and maybe a singer when I’m bigger but I don’t know how to sing pretty like birds.” 11/22

Perhaps LP should consider an inventor. In addition to her coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and leg warmers, she also requested a “face warmer”. She thought that “arm warmers” might be a good idea too, but decided sleeves would suffice. 12/1

I’m not sure what sparked all of this talk about occupations, however, it does seem like she’s pretty torn still. I’m glad that she has a wide range of interests and I’m excited to find out which route she decides to pursue. In the mean time, I’ll continue to remind her she can do anything she wants…and write down all the funny things she says.

More glimpses of “laurenness” from the past month:

11/23: Lauren ran up to me so excited and proclaimed, “Mommy! Mommy! I found an eye booger…and they usually only come in the morning!”

11/25: After looking for our nut cracker to make a pecan pie from the nuts that LP & I gathered in the yard, Lauren commented, “Mom, you know my story about the squirrel who couldn’t eat acorns because he lost his tooth? He could have used a nut cracker instead of having to eat berries. I bet his mommy didn’t know that!”

12/7: Lauren started talking about wanting warmer weather again so she could swim and run through the sprinkler. Here is a portion of our conversation:

Lauren: “Why do they call it a kitty pool?
Me: “They call it a kiddie pool with a “d” not a kitty pool with a “t”. One means child and one means cat.”
Lauren: “Grannie and Papaw should get a kitty pool in the summer for their cats. I bet they would like to swim.”

12/13: As Lauren filled us in on the events that took place at school, she said, “Listen to this, it’s something you N-E-V-E-R heard before. It is going to be surprising!” We could hardly contain ourselves…“We have a really long table with chairs all around it.” Well, yes it wasn’t something that she had told us before, but we weren’t surprised by the revelation as we have been to her room before.

12/15. As I was trying to rush Lauren out the door:

Lauren: “It would be nice if Hailey opened my yogos for me so I could eat them when we get back.”
Me: “It would be nice, but if Hailey could open them, she’d eat them herself.”
Lauren: “It would be very helpful if we had a dog that could open food but not eat it. But we don’t have that kind of dog.”

Another eventful month!  Check out a few pictures I took of Lauren this morning as she tolerated the cool weather for just a few minutes.  Click here.

Let the Festivities Begin!

This is the time of year where it seems like you are running nonstop…and for us that was no exception.  The past couple of weeks have provided us with many great memories and some wonderful photo ops.  Lauren’s Christmas party with her Parents as Teachers playgroup started off the excitement with lots of holiday crafts and family fun.  Click here to see a few pictures from LP’s party.  That same day was also my 35th birthday and Ryan and Lauren made me the most delicious and beautiful cake.  And despite a little disappointed from LP because she only got to put three candles on the cake, the chocolate chips on top were a nice touch…and big hit!  To see some photos from my birthday, click here.  Lauren and I then joined some friends to bake a batch of yummy and magnificently decorated cookies.  The best part was of course sharing them with Daddy at home, but making them was so much fun too. To see some pics from our baking party, click here.  Ending this run of celebrations was Ryan’s work Christmas party – an afternoon filled with blow-ups, Santa, food, and clowns.  Yes, LP actually talked to a clown and was rewarded with the cutest balloon penguin!  Click here for photos from our afternoon of fun. The past few weeks have been so much fun.  It’s been a time to just enjoy each other and the joys that come with this time of year.  It’s also been a time for me to reflect on what a special little girl and wonderful husband I have and how much happiness they bring to my life.

Dear Santa

On the way to see Santa this year, Lauren asked about her previous visits with Santa.  We told her that she was 15 months old the first time she saw Santa and that she was really uncertain about this big guy, dressed all in red with lots of white hair all over his face.  We talked about how she sat on Santa’s lap last year long enough to take a picture…but had tears welling up in her eyes.  LP informed us that this year she was older – she was three – and that she liked Santa now.  We ventured out to test her theory.  After waiting out in the cold for a bit, it was finally our turn.  Lauren hesitated on approaching Santa but did slowly make her way to his lap.  She very quietly answered Santa’s questions about her age and if she’s been a good girl.  Next, he asked what she wanted.  Lauren started in on her list like a pro.  She said, “There are two things I want.  I want a baby doll that crawls and…and…and…”  As she looked right up at Santa she stopped.  It seems that she suddenly realized she was just there, sitting on his lap, all by herself.  I could see that she was starting to feel a little uneasy.  She looked away from him and said, “I’ll send you an email with the other thing.”  Then she jumped off of his lap and back into the safety of Mommy and Daddy’s arms.  At home, Lauren wanted to type the email to Santa herself.  I just assumed she wanted to dictate to me, but she does love to type so I wasn’t too surprised.  I’m just glad she kept it short.  Her letter went like this:

SUBJECT:  Wish List
Dear Santa,
I want hungry hungry hippo, a doctor baby, and a crawl baby.  Be careful.

Deck the Halls

LP wanted a tree of her own this year.  I thought she was joking when she said she wanted a pink one…a pink one with green ornaments.  I tired to tempt her with a green tree and pink ornaments, however, she didn’t fall for it.  I put the star on top and then she insisted on decorating the rest herself, making us leave the room until it was complete…but not before I was able to snap a few photos.  We were surprised at the awesome job she did – I’m not sure why we are still surprised at anything she does.  To check out Lauren and her tree, click here.