School Girl

Earlier this month, Ms. Regina had pulled me aside to tell me that Lauren really didn’t play while at school…not even with her teachers or by herself.  I was honestly a little surprised by this as LP is always so eager to go to school and tells me all about it on the way home – giving vivid details about what the other kids did and said and all the fun toys and activities. Now I knew it was because she was just watching everything and not participating.  I felt sad and kind of like a bad mother.  This whole school thing was to provide her with the opportunity to socialize with the other kids and have fun.  Now I find out she’s just passing the time until I pick her up and I’m just passing the time until I can pick her up.  I started to question is it worth it.  But, of course, we want what is best of her.  From that point on we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about making friends at school.  I thought we were making progress until the other day Lauren told me on the way to school that she didn’t like to play with the toys there.  When I asked why, she said, “Because when I start to play with the toys, other kids come over to play with me, too.” My heart sank a little.

LP is starting to make some progress.  She conquered her fear of finding a chair to sit at during snack time.  All it took was me asking Ms. Regina and Ms. Lisa to help her find a chair one time per LP’s request.  She said, “There are just so many other kids, I don’t know where to sit.”  She now routinely plays ball with her teachers and actually played with one of “her friends” as well one day (which still remains nameless but LP thinks it could either be one of the twins, Kailee or Alaina).  And she does like to play school with me at home.  We roll play a lot, hoping that that will give her some confidence that the other kids do want to play with her.  I just want Lauren to be happy!!

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be at home with Lauren and just spend our time at play. I feel blessed to know that when given a choice, LP would choose staying at home with me over any other temping, extravagant day that I could plan or her school could provide. And while we are currently struggling with trying to get Lauren to want to make friends at school, I know the day will come far too soon where she will choose her friends over us. I look forward to that day because it will be such a triumph for this reserved little girl. However, don’t mistake the pride I’ll feel to see my baby succeed as anything else, because deep down when that day comes, I’ll be just a little heartbroken, too.

Goofy Girl

Last month when Lauren got her flu shot, she didn’t cry at all.  Today when she got the H1N1 nasal mist vaccination, it took two of us to forcefully hold her down as she kicked, screamed, and cried.  She was completely against getting that up her nose…so strange.

37 Months of Fabulous!

Another month has past.  Another month has flown by!!  It seems like I just finish one month’s post in time for the next – where does all the time go?  Oh, that’s a pretty easy question to answer really.  Our days are filled with tea parties, coloring, singing, dancing, reading, pretend play, and when the weather permits, being outside.  Our lives are filled with smiles and laughter, break-downs and battles of wills, compromises and togetherness.  There’s really never a dull moment and I simply love and cherish all of it!

Because the past month almost seems like a blur, I’m not really sure what to share.  Let’s see, achievements from the past month; Lauren no longer mixes up K & J when reciting the alphabet, she no longer leaves out 15, 25 & 35 when she counts, and her vocabulary still continues to amaze me with new words like paradise, invention and drainage to name a few that I actually jotted down.  She’s a comedian…loves to make funny faces and dance around silly so you will laugh at her.  She’s even demanded, “Daddy, make fun of me” to get a laugh.  But along with her funny bone, she’s so compassionate.  Routinely she professes her love – for her family and her many dolls and stuffed animals with such enthusiasm and conviction, “Ohhhhh, I love you sooooo much!”  Though I’ve heard it a thousand times, it still makes me smile each time and will never get old.  Watching her grow and learn new things is always so entertaining and enjoyable, however, it’s still the little things that she says that provides you with an insight on how she thinks that are unbeatable!

10/1/09:  Per LP’s request, we were pretending to be a family of crabs.  She was pinching me because she said that’s how crabs hug.  As she pinched every part of me, she reached my shoulder and said,

“Why don’t you have enough meat on your shoulder to pinch?” 

I honestly have NO idea where she picked up the word “meat” to use in this context…CORRECTLY!!

10/1/09:  While eating lunch, Lauren asked to play a game.  I suggested “I spy.”  Lauren responded with,

“Oh, the color game invention?  OK.”

10/13/09:  While we were dog sitting Kala, she was being kind of loud as she snorted to smell around the house.  Lauren said,

“Mom, Kala is singing over there with her nose.”


As I look back on this past month, I know there are things that I was too busy at the time to write down and have already forgotten.  Things that I regret not taking the time to save.  However, even as our days get busier, I do my best to ensure that I never take for granted the moments I get to share with Lauren.  They may be tiny and simple moments like the conversations we not be specific moments that I can look back at and reminisce about, however, it’s the feeling I’m left with at the end of the day that is unforgettable.    It’s the little conversations we have at lunch together,  the silly songs we make up, the hand holding, and hugging, and kissing, or the laugh that we share as Lauren feels the wind in her hair as she flies through the air on a swing that are irreplaceable…and undefinable.

Click here to take a look at this month’s photo shoot – we spent the afternoon at the park, just swing, and swing, and swing and then running and running and running!!!

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

Our annual visit to the pumpkin patch was especially challenging this year with the non-stop torrential rains.  However, with the promise of partly cloudy skies this afternoon, Lauren and I headed out to a different place.  It was a little, quaint place that could only be reached by dirt roads.  On the way there, Lauren asked if we were lost as our paved road turned into mostly mud.  She was also convinced that we were disturbing the bears that lived in the woods surrounding us.  However, we finally reached our destination and LP didn’t hesitate…she quickly filled our wagon with quite an array of wonderful pumpkins and squash.  Check out more pics, click here.


Family Pics

I know that we already have enough pictures of Lauren, however, I try to get some professional shots of her once a year around her birthday.  We haven’t had any real family portraits taken since LP’s first birthday so I thankfully talked Ryan into joining us.  We haven’t seen them all yet, but the photographer did put a few on her blog as a sneak peak for us.  Besides the one where it looks like I’m holding Lauren like a ventriloquist holds her “dummy”, I think they turned out good.  Take a look for yourself, click here.