The Mind of a Three Year Old

I often wonder what is really going on in that little mind of Lauren’s.  Some of the random thoughts she comes up with are priceless.  This is a part of the conversation we had today as Lauren stretched in her bed, waking up from her nap:

Lauren:  Mom, I’m made in China.
Me: No you’re not.
Lauren:  Well, we’ve eaten there though.

She just makes me smile!!

I’m Three!

That’s right – THREE!! What a month full of song, dance, and laughter. Yep, LP LOVES to dance and insists that I join her. Who could resist anyway? She’s definitely got some entertaining moves…I’ll have to get them on camera soon. However, her


performances are not limited to dancing, she’s now singing even more too. Occasionally you’ll hear her sing a “real” song but usually she’s singing little things that she makes up…and most of the time it’s a narration of what she happens to be doing at the time. I’m certain she picked it up from me as that seems to be a technique I often use to get her moving whenever we have some place to go or something that needs to be done in a timely manner. I guess there could be worse habits to pick up. And if that wasn’t already enough to keep a smile on our faces, we are so often laughing at all of Lauren’s too insightful observations and comments. Some of my favorites from this past month:

LP insisted she wasn’t tired and didn’t need a nap. I then caught her yawning.  Her explanation was,

“It wasn’t a yawn. I was just making an ‘H’ sound.”  (8/21/09)

“I’m full of laughter!”  (8/23/09)

“Can I take a SWIG of your shake?”  (8/25/09)


I guess Ryan asked her to repeat herself one too many times so she wanted me to know that you must talk slow when speaking to him.  (8/30/09)

Ryan: Are you dropping one, babe?
Lauren: (Leaning over to try to get a look in the potty while she’s still sitting on it) “Yeah, I dropped a lot.”

I know, too much information…but it had Ryan and me laughing so hard, I just had to share!  (9/5/09)

“You’re not sharing with me, Mom!” when I said no thanks to her asking me to eat some of her cheese.  (9/7/09)

Lauren: I don’t make friends with the boys (at school).
Me: Why?
Lauren: Because they don’t play close.
Me: What do you mean play close?
Lauren: They don’t play with the things I like to play with so that’s why we’re not friends.

I’m so hoping to keep it that way for a long, LONG time!!!  (9/10/09)

While sharing breakfast with Papaw, Lauren attempts small talk.  She said,

“One day Dad said are goldfish gold? I said no they are yellow (fake little laugh). That’s funny.”  (followed by an uncomfortably long pause because Lauren didn’t know what else to say and my dad had no idea what she was talking about.  I know it doesn’t sound funny, but it was…you had to be there). (9/12/09)

Other highlights from this past month, Lauren invented another new game. This one she very appropriately titled, “Scare Each” which when she says it does sound like “Screech”. Nothing spectacular in the game itself; I hide and then jump out to scare LP – which always results in a lot of high pitched screams, running, chasing and plenty of laughing. One of her all time favorite phrases is “What did I do?” after doing something that resulted in you laughing at her. And she loves to list off several things while talking, always ending with “…and stuff like that.” For example, “We played with dolls, and cars, and blocks, and stuff like that.”

Her three year check up was also enlightening. The usual shy little girl that always refuses to talk to her pediatrician blossomed this time, answering all of his questions including, “Is your dog big or little?” with “she’s medium sized.” When it came time for her flu shot, she laid down, held my hand tight, took the shot and sat back up. There was a brief look of surprise in her face when the shot went in, but she didn’t cry at all. It was “just a little sting.” Such a brave little girl! She weighed 26 lbs. 11 oz. (12%) and was 36.8 inches (44%).

I think after three wonderful, amazing, surprising, challenging, and unbelievable years, Lauren said it best during her birthday


party. She grabbed a wrapped gift and before gently pulling off the bow and cautiously removing the paper, she said, “Okay…Let’s do this.” I love her attitude! I’m cautious to move forward for fear of the unknown. I’m super excited and terrified all at the same time.  I’m not sure what the next year will bring, but know it’s such a blessing. A true gift! I’m holding tight to all of these memories and looking forward to making more. Bring on another fabulous year!!!

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A Breakfast of Champions!

I told Lauren that she could have anything that she wanted this morning for breakfast since it was her birthday.  Without much hesitation, she chose:

“Your noodles (Ramen noodles) and a little chocolate milk after I drink my vanilla milk.”

Well, I did say anything.  Happy Birthday, LP!!!

She’s Only Two!

Today was a VERY wet day to take Lauren to school.  But just as every other school day, I parked the car to walk Lauren into the building hand in hand.  This is our time to just slow down and focus on nothing else but her time at school and I think it helps both of us transition to being apart for the morning.  As we walked, Lauren got such a kick out of helping me hold the umbrella.  This is a part of our conversation:

Lauren:  Mommy, know what?
Me:  What?
Lauren:  When you drive fast, it rains fast.  When you drive slow, it rains slow.
Me:  You are so right, Lauren!
Lauren:  Mom, maybe when I get older I can have a little umbrella to hold and you can have this big one.
Me:  I think that’s a good idea.
Lauren:  Mom, what’s marble painting?  (Marble painting was what was listed on her school calendar for today’s activity)
Me:  I don’t know.  You’ll have to tell me when you get home.  I bet it will be lots of fun!
Lauren:  Yeah, maybe it’s when you roll marbles in paint.
Me:  Yeah, maybe so.

We were at her room now.

Me:  Okay, big hugs and kisses.

She hugged me so tight she shook.  We kissed.  I smiled at her.  She smiled back.  She was greeted by Ms. Regina.  Lauren turned back to me one last time.  There was a little hesitation today.  I tried not to show alarm, but I was.  Lauren’s not a fan of thunder and lightning so perhaps the rain was causing some anxiety.  As a mother, I just want to comfort her, take away all of her fears.  However, I know she has to learn to do that for herself.  A hard lesson for both Mommy and Lauren.  With my best reassuring smile:

Me:  Have a good day.
Lauren:  Have a good day.  What are you going to do at home?
Me:  I’m going to vacuum.
Lauren:  Oh, Okay.  And mop?
Me:  Maybe.  I’ll see you in a little bit.
Lauren:  Okay.  Have a good day!  I’ll see you in a little bit!

And off she went.  Sometimes as I talk to her, it’s so easy to forget that she’s only two…but I guess I’ll only be able to say that about her for a few more days.  It’s going to take some time for me to get use to my baby being three!!

Little Glimpses

Today was Lauren’s first day of Mother’s Day Out.  And while we’ve been preparing her for this day for some time now, there was nothing that could prepare me.  She was excited.  I was nervous.  She was giddy and dancing around the house.  I p1060895-1-large.JPGwas anxious and my stomach was churning.  We exchanged plenty of “school girl hugs” before leaving the house and then off we went.  I was quiet on the ride.  She was inquisitive.  I fought back my tears.  She was smiling.  As we peered into her room – the green room – one of her teachers greeted her with a big smile.  Lauren became a little shy, a little withdrawn.  It was now my turn to be the big girl.  I smiled.  She smiled.  I told her to have a good time and we’d see her in a little bit.  She gave Ryan and me big hugs and kisses and off she went…without us to protect her, to comfort her, to watch over her.  I turned to walk away to ensure she didn’t see the tears welling up in my eyes.  I managed to make it out of the building before crying.  Luckily for me, Ryan was there.  He let me cry, held my hand, told me she’d be okay, and drove me home.

Pick up time couldn’t come fast enough.  And while she was only there for about 2 1/2 hours, it seemed like forever.  We walked in, not sure of what to expect, to see the most beautiful little face peering up at us with a big smile and a piece of artwork.  She hugged her teacher goodbye and off the three of us went hand in hand.  She WAS okay!  She was smiling!  I was smiling!  She told us how she got to play outside, going down two sides – a bigger yellow one and a little red one.  She told us how she got icing all over her sippy cup from the cupcakes that “a girl” brought for her birthday snack.  She told us how she played on the teeter-toter with “a girl wearing flowers” .  As I put her into her car seat, she said, “Mommy, I had a good time today.” On the ride home, she continued to filled us in with glimpses of her day.  They read Lama Lama Misses Mama (and how she wished we had a book called Lama Lama misses Daddy and Mama.  I told her we could change the name of our book).  She got to count – maybe to five, maybe to 8, maybe to 21…she couldn’t remember for sure.  She told one of the teachers to “come this way” so she could help her get all the babies ready for school.  We heard about one boy who was bad – he kept climbing on things like the table – and how another boy got in trouble for running.  She told us they got to sing songs, but didn’t get to dance and that “big girls get to go to school by themselves.”  It was her smile as she told us these things that allows me to think that maybe I can do this all again.  I am so grateful it was a good experience and that she’s sharing with us all that she did!  It does break my heart knowing that she’s growing up so fast – too fast – and beginning a part of her life that I will only know through her stories.  But, I also know that this little school girl is still my baby.  As she asked, “When is school all over?’  I knew she still needs and wants her Mommy and Daddy as much as we want and need her to remain our baby.

Today Lauren told us, “At first I was worried.  It was my first day at school and I didn’t know what to do.  But towards the end I started to get interested.”  What a profound statement for such a little girl…our little school girl.