Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work Ryan Goes!!

In an effort to delay bedtime a little bit longer, Lauren likes to repeat what you say. For instance, if I say, “I love you” she will repeat me. Same does it if I say, “Sleep good” or “Sweet dreams or “Go to Sleep” or anything else whether it makes sense or not. Now it seems that this is just a habit and she’s started doing it at different times. LP was up in time to see Ryan off for work this morning. Their conversation went like this:

Daddy: (as he bent down to give LP hugs and kisses), “I love you, babe.”
Lauren:  “I love you, Dad. Bye-bye.” (as she hugged, kissed and then waved to him)
Ryan: “You have a good, fun day today.”
Lauren: “You have a good, fun day, too.”
Ryan: “Be a good girl.”
Lauren: “Be a good boy.”

Causing an extra big smile and laugh for Ryan and me, it started our morning off right. However, I’m pretty sure that Lauren’s morning at the zoo, followed by a nap in the car on the way home and then a yummy lunch of grilled cheese and a strawberry-banana smoothie was probably better and more fun than Ryan’s day at work.

35 Months: What a Grand Time!

I simply can not believe that Lauren is almost three years old!  It’s such a cliche but oh my goodness, the time has flown by!!  WOW!  Only one more month until my baby is three!  Oh, but she’s no baby.  She’s so observant and mature for her age…it’s quite frightening at times.  Each day brings about new adventures, observations, dilemmas, challenges, and wonderful memories!  Let’s see, how to describe the past month.  Lauren loves to make you laugh.  If you laugh at her, she immediately asks “Why you laughing?” and then will continue to do whatever it was over and over again…of course, expecting the same amount of laughter each time.  She is becoming more athletic as she jumps off of everything, leaps into the air as she’s running full force, and wipes out often.  However, she doesn’t cry.  She will simply rub the spot that hurts for a bit and then state, “It will get better soon” and then takes off again. And as she’s becoming more nimble and physical, she’s also so inquisitive about words.  Each time she turns on or off a light, you will hear her spell out “ON” and/or “OFF”.  She is always “reading” letters that she sees in books, magazines, signs, boxes of cereal and other food, or that pop up on the TV (which often requires a quick reaction time…but she’s surprisingly fast).  She constantly spellings her name and wants to know how to spell EVERYTHING else.  So far, so good…but spelling isn’t my forte.  With Lauren’s vocabulary growing (using words like insect and pedestal), I don’t think it’s going to be long before she’s going to hear me respond with, “Let’s go look it up!”  Lauren also knows almost all of the sounds that each letter makes.  I think in another month she should know them all.  And if that’s not enough, she is one very sensitive and kind little girl.  We all watched Ratatouille for the first time recently and Lauren cried as Remy was separated from his family.  She was concerned as to when he would get to see his mommy and daddy again right up until the point that he was reunited with his family, missing out on most of the plot taking place because her worry was so overwhelming.  She asked, “Why do I have tears in my eyes?”  The question and her reaction warmed by heart.  She laughs easy and cries easy…I’m so glad she is so moved and compassionate.  However, with all the new and exciting stuff that Lauren is doing each day, it seems like it’s the things she says that give me the most enjoyment.  It’s so much fun to witness how that mind of her works!  What an insight we get from all her comments.  So now, I’ll share a few things from Lauren’s point of view…..

Lauren describes an echo while in the bathroom at art class (which we MUST visit whether or not she really has to go); 7/29/09:

“Mommy, when I say something the ceiling says it too!”  

Lauren’s Description of The Tickle Monster; 8/13/09:

  • Green and purple hair
  • Green and white skin
  • Short fingernails
  • Grayish eyes with hazel and green floating in them
  • Pink shirt, blue shorts, earrings, and a necklace
  • When The Tickle Monster gets all grown up like her Mommy and Daddy, she’s going to be a necklace maker.

Not wanting to nap, Lauren tries to convince me she’s not tired, all the while whining and crying because she is tired; 8/13/09:

Mommy:  Lauren, I’m loosing my patience.
Lauren:  Where did it go?  (of course, you have to fight back the laughs when all you want to do is say, “You are SO cute” and give her a huge kiss!!)
What I mean is you can’t get out of bed yet because you haven’t slept any.
Lauren: But I closed my eyes for a little bit, Mommy.
Mommy: You have to close your eyes until 3:30. You will be rested then and will have enough energy to chase the Tickle Monster around.
Lauren: But I’m already rested. I’m not tired (as she continues to whine and cry).
Mommy: I know you’re tired because you’re crying and whining.
Lauren: (provides the most fake smile and laugh) Look Mommy, I’m happy – I’m not crying or tired.

Oh my goodness! And she thought she was going to get away with that. After a few minutes, she was fast asleep. We are going to so have our hands full when she realizes that we really don’t know what we’re talking about…and I’m not sure how much longer we can bluff this kid!

While she played in the game room with COPS on in the background, Lauren overheard the TV and started asking her daddy a few questions.  Some guys had just been pulled over and the police were taking them to jail.  Lauren asked; 8/14/09:

“Why do their weeds smell?  Our weeds smell good.  I like our weeds.”

Our weekend was full with a birthday party and trip to Grannie and PaPaw’s.  Of course, I took plenty of pictures then, but also took several this morning at the park for our monthly photo shoot (two days late).  Check them out, click here.

Feeling Anxious

With only one more month until Lauren turns three, I’m feeling a little anxious.  It’s not the upcoming birthday that is causing me grief…it’s actually a date before then.  When I begin to think about the day that Lauren will start going to Mother’s Day Out, I have to fight back the tears.  What was I thinking when I enrolled her?!!  This is my baby.  She’s never been left with anyone but family, and now I’m going to drop her off for a couple of hours with complete strangers!  I keep telling myself it will be good for her.  I go over and over again in my head all of the benefits and know it will be a wonderful opportunity for growth for her.  But why should I rush her to grow up any faster?  She’s already growing up way too fast!  My heart brakes as I think about saying good-bye to her that first day.  I simply don’t know how I’m going to cope.  I have no idea how I will be able to fight back the tears.  I want to be strong for Lauren.  I want the best for her.  But…I really want her home with me too.