Not Ever!

Lauren is becoming a master at trying to delay going to sleep. Her routine of bath, reading two books, and then quietly laying down and drifting off to sleep has been replaced by bath, reading two books, saying good night to “E”, tucking in the dolls and animals on her window seat, looking out the window and declaring, “It’s not dark yet”, putting on chap-stick, drinking some water (and having to turn on the touch lamp in order to declare the color of cup and then what that color tastes like. For example, “Pink passion fruit” or “Yellow sweet lemon”), giving me hugs and kisses, giving daddy hugs and kisses, and then slowly climbing into bed, finding her “comfy spot”, placing Soda in her left hand and her blankie in her right hand. And if that’s not enough, she will then proceed with her twenty questions.  She’s even resorted to having to also say our usual final salutation right before we leave the room of “Night, Night. Sweet Dreams. I love you.” (followed by two kisses that she must count out) in both Spanish and French. For translation ease, we’ve condensed these to “buenas noches” and “bonne nuit” (she still counts in English…but I’m not pointing that out to her). Tonight was no exception. Here is how our conversation went once she was already in bed and finally started to wind down after already asking questions for about 5 minutes and already saying our good nights and giving each other kisses. We are finally standing outside her room by the door:

Lauren: Mom?
Holly: Yes, Lauren.
Lauren: When will I be a fish? (she’s referring to moving up to the next class in swim where I’m no longer in the pool with her. Miss Glenda told her she was ready to start Minnow classes last week).
Holly: We can talk about you becoming a minnow tomorrow.
Lauren: (As she lifted up each of her fingers) No, not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not Tuesday. Not Thursday. Not Saturday. Not the 4th of July. Not August. Not the 2nd. Not the 3rd. Not the 15th. NOT EVER!

Apparently there’s some anxiety about moving up.

Holly: (smiling with pride and fighting back a giggle) Okay, Lauren. Night, Night. Sweet Dreams. I love you.
Lauren: Night, Night. Sweet Dreams. I love you…buenas noches.
Holly: Buenas noches. Now two kisses – count them out. (as I blow her kisses)
Lauren: One, Two. No, Twelve!

With me blowing kiss after kiss to her from the hall, she counts to twelve and finally settles down…kind of. From the computer room, we can hear her count to twenty (minus 15 which she always seems to forget) and then mumbles a few twenty-somethings. Next she recites her alphabet and then is quiet as a mouse.  Ryan and I sure hope this is a phase…that ends soon!

A Hare Cut

While taking her picture next to the bunny yesterday (an event that is getting close to impossible these days), Lauren pretended that they were at the salon.  Check out Lauren’s technique as she clips the hare’s hair…or maybe I should say his ear.

Getting him into Position:






Applying Product:


Squeezing Out the Excess:


Finally…All Smiles:


Happy Father’s Day!


The picture says it all…Lauren loves her Daddy!  She’s not alone.  He’s a fun & caring daddy and a supportive & loving husband.  He always knows how to make us laugh and we are both so very grateful for him.  Happy Father’s Day, Ryan!  We love you!!

Check out more pictures from our day, click here.

Evolution: 33 Months Old

As Lauren’s vocabulary grows, the things she says and the conversations we share have also become that much more entertaining and astonishing. For example, when playing “I see” as we drive, Lauren now says:

I see Best Buy.
I see a white car…someone else’s white car, not yours, Mommy.
I see cows in the field.
I see Daddy’s tall, tall office building.
I see a lot of traffic.
I see an overpass.
I see a gas station.

— Lauren: 5/26/09

Or as we look at the clouds, she says:

There’s a big white draft horse.
I see a guinea pig holding a car…a big, big car. Like this large (holding her hands as far apart as she can).

— Lauren: 5/21/09

LP’s understanding of words is also so remarkable to me.  The opposite game continues as she’s now helping think of more words.  “Up” & “down”, “in” & “out” and “on” & “off” have been replaced by “clean” & “dirty”, “left” & “right” (which she actually knows her left from her right most of the time), and one of my all time favorites:  “wide” & “probably all scrunched up”.  And then I think about the words that are a part of her normal day that I didn’t know until much later in life – laptop, email, keyboard, iphone, scroll up…her vocabulary seems enormous and her understanding of words is amazing.  We’ve even started playing “The Synonym Game!”  Now that I think about it, grammar might just be a future favorite subject of LP’s.  In addition to her continued obsession with rhyming words (it’s only become MORE prominent over the past month) she is also super fond of alliteration.  She has a witch that she told me was from Wichita and an ape that she named Apricot.

One of the new games that Lauren created this month is what she calls “The Picture Frame Game.”  It’s kind of like a freeze frame game in the most literal sense.  You say, “I’m a picture of a…” and you act out something, stopping in mid action.  For example, “I’m a picture of someone drinking” as you pretend to put a cup up to your mouth and drink.  This game is generally played during lunch and has drawn out meals to an unbelievable two hours.  Anything to delay nap time I guess.

Lauren has also started declaring that specific things “upset” her or make her “sad”.  When a playmate is not so nice to her or we make her do something she doesn’t want to do, she might pout and say, “I’m sad.”   Her favorite place to work out these emotions when she’s at home is in the dining room, under the table.  She will lay there, head in hands, proclaiming in her most sad voice (this pathetic, whiny, drawn-out tone), “I’m C-R-Y-I-N-G” with no tears, of course.  It’s brief then she announces to all, “I’m better now” as she crawls out.  I’m so glad that she’s starting to identify and communicate these emotions.  Anyone with a small child will fully understand this as it can be frustrating to all involved when something is wrong with your child but they haven’t quite figured out what it is or how to explain it.  However, at times it can be kind of comical too, but we are really trying hard not to laugh since she’s so tuned into all of that now.  We definitely don’t want to make her self-conscience and stop sharing with us.  I just try to remember it so I can jot it down later.  There is so much that gets forgotten…but I feel absolutely privileged to have experienced and enjoyed it the first time around.

Since Lauren is saying some of the funniest things, I’ll wrap up with a couple more direct quotes that made my day (ones I was able to remember).

5/25/09:  As we passed a skunk that had been hit on the highway:

Lauren: Mommy, I smell something like a toot.
Holly: It was a skunk.
Lauren: Shew Wee!  That skunk’s toot really smells!

5/25/09:  While she helped her Daddy with the bird feeder, LP said,

  A hummingbird is a little tiny bird full of humming.

5/28/09: When passing the fire station by our house, Lauren is usually only concerned about how many fire trucks are there, but today she was more interested in the firefighters.

Lauren: Mommy, there are boy firemen and girl firemen.
Holly: You’re right, both girls and boys can be firemen.
Lauren: The boys have lots of hair on their legs like Daddy and the girls just have little prickles like you.

6/3/09:  On this cool and dreary summer morning, Lauren walked out of the garage into a light mist of rain and stated,

It’s soggy out here, Mommy.

6/19/09:  After asking Lauren if she wanted any more milk, she responded,

Yes!  Oui!  Oui!  Oui!

For anyone not familiar with French, oui means yes.  I’d like to take credit for teaching LP a new language; however, it was actually her Fancy Nancy books.  She has also, on occasion, counted to three in Spanish thanks to Dora.

Per our measurements, Lauren weighs 25.8 pounds and stands 3 foot tall!!  Oh my…how time flies! Babies grow into toddlers and toddlers into preschoolers.  My preschooler is a complete delight, filling our lives with so much laughter and joy we are bursting from the seams!  We are truly blessed!!  To check out a few pictures from today of Lauren enjoying the outdoors; playing with the trees, smelling some flowers, rolling in the grass, trying to catch butterflies and even taking a few pictures herself, click here.

No Clowning Around

Lauren has developed a fear of clowns.  I’m not really sure where it came from…I mean, let’s think about it.  She will hug and not let go of an enormous rabbit that walks around on his back legs but wants nothing to do with a person that has a painted face, colorful hair, and big feet.  Well, whatever the reasoning, she was a little distracted at our visit to the Kiddie Park this year.  However, She wasn’t going to let a few crazy clowns ruin her night.  We all had a wonderful time!  Check out some pics, click here.

Our Fish Tale


You would think with a pond in our backyard, we’d do quite a bit of fishing.  But, it always seems that we have something else going on.  This weekend we actually did get a chance to enjoy some fishing and Lauren was elated to help catch a fish!  She was also adamant about keeping him, requesting to put him in her fish tank with “E”.  Fortunately, Ryan was able to convince her that he belonged back in the pond with his Mommy and Daddy.  After a quick pet from LP, they set him free and then relished in some more father-daughter time.  Check out some pictures, click here.

A Quick Visit

Grannie and PaPaw had planned a visit this past week and into the weekend, but their trip was cut short.  However, we all enjoyed the time they did get to spend with us – especially Lauren.  She didn’t get to do everything that she had planned, but did manage to get in some playtime with both of them.  Check out some pictures, click here.


Today marked the beginning of our summer activities with swimming lessons in the morning followed by art class – all before lunch!  It was a busy morning and well worth it.  Lauren just loves the water, swimming under water and jumping off the side of the pool like she had never taken a break from last summer.  And art class was a nice, quiet, fun activity where Lauren got to really get her hands messy – she colored, painted, glued, glittered, and taped…we finally ended up with the most sparkly cat named Rascal!  From the pictures, you’ll see he went through a complete transformation, but Lauren did every bit of it and I’m so proud.  To check out a few pictures from this morning, click here.