Monthly Photo Shoots…a Thing of the Past after 31 Months?

Lauren pretty much refused to sit still long enough for me to capture a photo of her this month. I was fortunate enough to get a few while we were picnicking at the park today…they will have to do. Click here to see them.


This month, like all months, has been full of adventures, stories, plenty of laughs as well as some revelations. For example, Lauren recently asked me, “Mommy, why does this mommy pig have a pretzel nose?” At second glance, it looked just like a pretzel! Or that Lauren will use the word “creatures” instead of “animals” and “dangerous” instead of “not safe.” She’s growing so fast! She picks up everything that I say. When we come home now she’s the one that states, “Let’s wash our hands since we’ve been out and about.” And she is constantly reciting phrases from her jillion books and quizzing me on which one it’s from. I guess since we are always asking her questions, she feels it’s just part of a normal day. However, 20 questions isn’t our game – it’s more like 200 questions! She’s a curious little girl and really wants to know about EVERYTHING.

A few more accomplishments over the past month: She’s a pro on the tricycle now, cuts using two hands (one to hold the piece of paper while the other one holds the scissors), and is quite compassionate and caring. Our days are filled with the “What’s wrong” game. It goes as follows:

In a drawn out, higher pitched, babyish voice (I’m assuming mimicking what she’s heard from me) Lauren will ask, “What’s wrong?” as she picks up one of her many dolls or stuffed animals. She then cradles the doll/animal is her arms, looks into its eyes, and there is a brief pause. “Mommy, she’s crying. What’s wrong with her?” she then asks me. I’m required to come up with something that’s wrong that we can fix. Sure, sounds so sweet. But, then she picks up another one, and then another one, and another…until we’ve “fixed” every single one of them. What’s worse…I can’t repeat issues. I can’t reuse a reason that I used 5 days ago – the child has a memory of an elephant! She’s so imaginative and my imagination is being pushed to its limits! Fortunately, I’ve been able to get her to start giving reasons, but it’s been tough. However, I’m still the “mommy” or “doctor” or “vet” that has to do all the fixing.

It’s pretty much impossible to summarize a whole month in a few paragraphs. I’m quite certain that while I try to make a mental note of what’s taken place over the past month, and strive to jot a lot of it down, there are so many memories that I believe that I will never forget that will soon be lost in the current chaos of everyday life. However, I know that one thing will always remain – the immense pride and joy that I am so fortunate to feel every day from being Lauren’s mommy. I’ll leave with a quote that always makes me smile:

During an afternoon walk, Lauren decided that walking wasn’t good enough and ran all the way home – a couple of blocks. As I opened the garage door to head inside, LP reached her arms upwards to me, indicating she wanted me to carry her and said, “My muscles are too tired.” 4/1/09
I’m reminded of a statement that I said when Lauren first learned to walk. I don’t mind her running away from me, as long as she always comes back. My baby is growing up, becoming more independent…but it sure is a wonderful feeling to know that when she needs a helping hand, she reaches for me.

Some Bunny Loves Me!

And Lauren is quite fond of the Easter Bunny too! Last year she hardly wanted to stand close to the over-sized furry hare while being held by her daddy. This year we had to pry her off of him. She hugged him and held on tight– only letting go after a bit of urging.  Also different this year, even more egg hunting and candy eating than last. And while the egg hunt at the zoo was manic, checking out all of the animals, playing on the playground and riding the carousel proved to be worth the crazed mob. Check out some pictures from the weekend’s festivities, click here.