28 Months

This past month has been filled with some momentous occasions – for all of us. Lauren had her second hair cut, we celebrated our third Christmas together, and rang in a New Year! Lauren has become quite the “master colorer” staying in


the lines (though she colors the whole page the same color so by the time she’s done, you really can’t tell), she counts to 10 with ease, and can identify some of the alphabet. However, the success that LP is having in potting training might just top the list. It’s been going pretty well (knock on wood!) which meant taking the next big step. It was time for me to put my phobia of public bathrooms aside…or at least try to hide them deep down inside for Lauren’s sake. We pulled out the potty liners! I have to say that I’m very proud of both Lauren and myself. While she is determined to visit every public bathroom possible – and some multiple times – she pretty much keeps her hands to herself when we are in there. I, in return, actually ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom when we’re out and take her if she says yes. Big strides for both of us! A new addition to LP’s bathroom is a step stool so now she can go to the bathroom all by herself – she actually demands to most of the time. I’m banned to the hall where I am allowed to only watch. She can even turn on and off the lights now by herself. On the very tips of her toes, she stretches out her middle finger for the light switch. After several trips in and out of rooms, turning lights on and off, she gets a little tired; however, that doesn’t stop her. All by herself she came up with a great idea – using the step stool. It was a proud moment for her as she showed us what she’d thought of – Ryan and I were beaming with pride as well.
A few other incidents from the past month that I thought I’d share:

The other day while I was getting ready, Lauren was playing with her little dog figurines. She had them all standing up on the scale being weighed. I told her that it was almost time to go and to start picking up. She took each dog, one by one, had it pee (I know this from the “ssssss” sound she made) and then put it in their box. After all 20-something dogs were in the box, Lauren came to me and said, “There’s a pile of dog pee, Mommy. Don’t step on it – step OVER it.” My laughing must have made an impression on her because now it’s a daily ritual.

Driving down the road, playing I see, Lauren proclaimed, “I see some elephants in the clouds. A mommy elephant running to a baby elephant.” I was so impressed with her imagination – we’ve never talked about images in the clouds before – this was all on her own. She does have quite the imagination though. Another new game that she’s created is Hunting Animals in the house. We sneak around from room to room and capture invisible animals that have apparently taken over our house. Each time before we enter a new room, Lauren turns to me and whispers, “Be quiet, Mommy. We sneak up on them.”

Another new game that’s become a favorite is the opposite game. I say a word and she tells me its opposite. She’s pretty good. I’m surprised that she knows so much – where and when did she learn it all?!

She so loves to read – and actually started some pre-reading skills. For the past week she’s wanted to read one particular book every day before her nap, GINGER. Today, I asked her to read it to me instead. As she followed the words with her little finger, she read the whole thing! That girl has the entire book memorized, word for word!  And it’s not a small book (26 pages with anywhere from 4 to 30 words per page) nor does it rhyme. She has a lot of her picture books memorized, but this was the first book with sentences that she’s recited the whole book. We were so proud.

While driving past the Elks Lodge the other day, Lauren exclaims,
“Look Mommy, a reindeer! A big, big, big reindeer standing on a rock!”
I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud. I then ask, “Is it Roudolf?”
“No, it has a black nose, not a red one.”
“So what is its name then?”
After a brief pause, “Reiny”
We’re making progress – it wasn’t “E” or “9”!!

LP is becoming such a little mommy, taking care of all her baby dolls. It is so sweet to see her play with them. You will regularly hear her say as she picks up one of them, “Come here baby, come here baby, come here baby! Ohhhh, soooo sweet.” And when she lays them down for a nap, it’s always the same as she kisses them, “Night, night. Sweet dreams. I love you.”

Life is full of surprises, laughter and a few more tantrums these days. I feel so very blessed for each moment! Check out some pics from this month’s chaotic photo shoot, click here.

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?!?

Why is a huge part of Lauren’s vocabulary these days. Driving down the road today, this was our conversation:

Lauren:  “Why does the monkey chase the weasel, Mommy?”
Me:  “I don’t know.” I laughed out loud and said, “I’m going to have to write that down, LP.”
Lauren:  “He’s just being silly, Mommy. Write that down too.”

A few minutes later:
Lauren:  “Why do cows moo?”
Me:  “Because they can’t talk like us.”

Lauren:  “What’s this on the window?
Me:  “It’s dirt.”
Lauren:  “Why is it called dirt?”
Me:  “I’m not sure, baby.”

A few minutes later:
Lauren:  “Look Mommy, the moon! Why is it only half?”
Me:  “Because on different days it’s different sizes.
Lauren:  “But why?”
M3:  “That’s why.”
Lauren:  “But why Mommy?”
Me:  “Just because.”

After a few seconds of silence:
Lauren:  “Why did I ask Mommy why?”

I had no response…I was all out of answers.  It definitely demands a lot of patience to try to feed the mind of this inquisitive little girl!