How a Two Year Old Thinks

This past week as Ryan studied all the ads for Black Friday, he commented on some extra cheap flash drives. According to him, you can never have too many…but still not worthy enough to get out into the shopping madness. Lauren seemed to have a solution for him as she announced, “Lauren get flash drive for Daddy…in Mommy & Daddy’s bedroom.” She scurried off. I could hear her digging through her toy basket in there and assumed she was playing her “go shopping” game. Each room of the house is a different store as we shop for items like baby dolls at Target, balls for Hailey at Petsmart, clothes at Gap, books at Borders, and dogs at The Dog Store (where else?). It seemed that our bedroom was now an electronics store and Lauren was doing her best to find a flash drive for her Daddy. The shuffling of toys stopped. The pitter-patter of little feet got louder and louder until Lauren arrived with Daddy’s gift. “Here Daddy, one flash card…of a zebra.” Flash Drive – Flash Card…Totally the same in a toddler’s eyes. It had both of us laughing throughout the day!

The Agony of Wal-Mart


This is Lauren’s attempt to make Wal-Mart shopping more interesting. And why not upside down? Doesn’t it help to approach a task from a new prospective sometimes? Let’s think about it…Lauren’s view would be sunshine beaming in through the skylights and birds flying around (why are there always birds inside a Supercenter anyway?). I’d say her view is much better than mine – filthy floors and a shopping cart that no matter how hard you try always has a wobbly wheel. Of course, I have far fewer people staring at me. Boy, does Lauren get some strange looks but she really doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Picking the Perfect Tree

With my dad growing Christmas trees for the past several years, we’ve always had the pick of the liter and a beautiful real tree. This year Lauren got to help pick the perfect tree at my parent’s house. It was a little bitter sweet. I know these pictures will be the only memories that Lauren will have of this annual “hunt” since this is the last year my dad will be growing trees. Nevertheless, it was indeed a very special day and one that I will always remember. Once we finally convinced LP that we needed a little bigger tree than “one Lauren’s size”, as she put it, she helped us find just the right one!! Check out her quest for the ultimate Christmas tree, click here.

Today’s Funnies

A few things that Lauren said today at lunch that made me laugh:

“Cheese is yummy. Goes down to Lauren’s tummy and then down her legs.”

After pulling out a seed from a grape, Lauren said, “Don’t want this piece of grass.”

From Lauren’s Mouth to My Blog

While looking at a bug book that she got from her Grannie, Lauren was studying a picture of a huge tarantella very closely. She was focused in on its red fangs and while I was trying to think of some nonthreatening description for her, Lauren came up with her own explanation.

“This spider has on some chap stick – some in its lips and some on its teeth.”

A Day in the Life

Conversations with Lauren are so insightful and amusing these days. Thought I’d share a couple from yesterday.

While eating lunch…
Lauren: “Mommy, tell a story.”
Holly: “What kind of story?”
Lauren: “About the big bad wolf.” (Ryan told her a modified version of Red Riding Hood about a month or so ago.)
Holly: “Oh, about the big bad wolf at Grandma’s house?”
Lauren: “Yes.”
Holly: “What does the big bad wolf do at Grandma’s house?”
Lauren: “Mommy lion there.”
Holly: “There’s a mommy lion at Grandma’s too?”
Lauren: “Yes.”
Holly: “What does the mommy lion do?”
Lauren: “She roared at the big bad wolf.”
Holly: “Did that scare off the big bad wolf?”
Lauren: “Yes.”
Holly: “So did he run away?”
Lauren: “Yes. Ran a long, long way.”
Holly: “Oh did he run home?”
Lauren: “Yes. No car, but he had on shoes with some flowers like Lucy.” (a friend of Lauren’s from Gymnastics.)

From this conversation, I know that Lauren’s already aware of two very important principles in life:
1) Mommies will always protect their babies, no matter what.
2) EVERYONE needs a good pair of running shoes…preferably ones with flowers.

While driving down the road, discussing all the things that big semi trucks can carry…
Lauren: “Some trucks have babies in them.”
Holly: “Are they carrying baby dolls or real babies?”
Lauren: “Real babies.”
Holly: “Well where are they taking these babies?”
Lauren: “To the store.”
Holly: “What kind of store?”
Lauren: “One that sells babies.” And then predicting my next question, she added, “Real babies, not baby dolls.”

Guess her wisdom is limited. We will need to work on the facts of life…SOMEDAY!

26 Months!!!

It seems so strange to say 26 months. Whenever anyone asks how old Lauren is now, the monthly toll has been replaced with, “She turned two in September.” Before long it will be “Two and a half.” Then, “Three.” WOW!!! Time flies fast enough as it is, let me just take a step back now to the present.

Lauren’s a full-blown toddler. She rambles. She scrambles. We have melt downs, and crazy conversations. She continues to test her boundaries (and sometimes the patience of her parents) and is a constant source of laughter, entertainment and joy. A few new observations from this past month:

Lauren will sit down to read a book and follow the words from left to right with her finger as she tells her own version of thep1110415-1.JPG story. To my amazement, many things that come out are word-for-word, “Pulling tails makes snoozers grumpy.” Now that’s a mouth full to remember if you ask me. And other times it’s just whatever happens to come to her at that particular moment, “Snakes, and snouts, and Mommy and meerkats dig holes.” Almost sounds like poetry with all of that alliteration.

She seems to be letting down her guard a little bit with other kids – but usually only older kids. She’s very interested in them, but because her social skills are still that of a two year old, she goes up to them and just stands there, watching them intently, then narrates back to me what’s going on and sometimes attempts to mimic their behavior or what they are saying. It’s cute to see and makes a mother all too aware that positive role models are a must for this sponge that we refer to as LP.

Lauren’s imagination is in overdrive. We always have “invisible” babies and animals around. The other day when I was trying to rush to get us out the door, LP was parading around the house with five babies. Apparently, they became too heavy to carry so they were walking behind her as I finally got everyone corralled into the garage. She carefully picked up each baby and would whisper, “There you go.” as she placed them in the floor board of the passenger side of my car. After they were secured, she advised me she was ready to go. Later that afternoon, as we were sitting down for lunch, Lauren panicked, “Mommy, the babies are still in the car!” Before she would agree to eat, we had to go rescue them.

Also new this month – teeth.  Yep, three of Lauren’s 2 year molars are peeking through her gums ever so slightly.  I feel bad for her since it’s taken them over a month to finally appear, but she’s been handling it like a pro.

True to form, this month’s photo shoot started out with a melt down over something silly, and then Lauren just became super silly herself. Not all of them are “pretty” pictures but definitely are ones that will always be cherished as they are an accurate representation as to what Lauren is all about these days. Check her out, click here.

More Quotes

LP routinely cracks up laughing at herself. After such an episode Lauren said, “Lauren’s not crazy. Lauren silly.”

While discussing what vegetable we’d have with lunch, Lauren declared, “The Green Giant has two options: Ho, Ho, Ho! and La, La, La!”

Several Times a Day…Every Day:
“That’s cool!”
“That’s silly!”
“That’s crazy!”
“Drinnnk millllk!!!” (and often also yells, “Drinnnk waaaterrr, Mommy!” and “Drinnnk beeeerrrr, Daddy!” It’s become our very own version of a drinking game!)