Halloween 2008

As Halloween approached, we thought Lauren was ready. All week we practiced, “Trick or Treat!” The moment arrived – we eagerly approached our very first house. Lauren requested that Daddy ring the bell. As we patiently waited I asked again, “What do you say?” Lauren responded with a shushed, “Trick or treat.” Oh no, I see trouble out of the corner of my eye…other kids that were dressed kind of scary. And I wasn’t the only one to see them. The kids wiggled their way up in front of Lauren and LP froze, turned her head so that her face was half hidden by her costume and didn’t say a word as the door opened. “Trick or treat!” echoed into the foyer, the other kids pushed their bags into the opened door, and LP still did not move. Finally the kids ran off but Lauren was still frozen. We pushed Lauren as she reluctantly walked closer to the door. No matter how much coaxing, she refused to talk or even look at our smiling neighbor. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Lauren was rewarded with some candy. Ryan and I offered our thanks and the door closed…finally Lauren moved. She smiled really big and said, “Lauren hide.” The first house was the hardest and by our fifth and final house, LP did loosen up a bit. However, as soon as a door opened, we could never get a word out of her. Guess we have a whole year to work out the kinks. Check out some pictures from our first pumpkin carving and trick or treating excursions, click here.

I quote…

Just thought I’d share a couple of things Lauren has said over the past week that made me laugh…

While we were pulled over to the side of the road to let a fire truck pass, Lauren said, “Fire truck loud.” After it sped by us Lauren had the perfect reason as to why it was in such a hurry. “That fire truck go home…eat snack.” You can tell how important snack time is to LP.

After a hard rain, some fresh soil from transplanting an azalea had ended up on the sidewalk in little round balls. After staring intently at the dirt, Lauren declared, “Some animal poop here.” Indeed, it was a rather accurate description as to what it looked liked.

A few sentences that are sure to come out of Lauren’s mouth several times a day are:
“Do that now.”
“Do that tomorrow.”
“Do that real quick.”
“What is it?” has replaced her “That?”
“Go to another store.”
“Got that at Wal-Mart.” Apparently LP thinks everything in our house is from there.
“Do that already.”

After a long day of playing hard outside with only a 15 minute nap in the car, Lauren was rubbing her eyes. I asked, “Are you tired.” LP responded, “No, just rubbing eyes.” Because she was so tired, she slept very soundly that night, which must have been apparent to LP too. When I went to get her out of bed the next morning, I was greeted with, “Lauren sleep a long, long time.”

When driving into the garage one day, a leaf fell onto the windshield. Lauren was adamant that she wanted to get it off, but I told her that she was too small. It was quickly forgotten about once I finally convinced her to go inside. The next day, the leaf flew off as we drove out of the neighborhood. Lauren commented on it with, “The leaf is gone.” Nothing funny but I had to laugh…she used the words “the” and “is”. I’m certain that a couple of weeks ago, she would have said, “Leaf gone.”

After waking up from her afternoon nap, I could hear Lauren whispering in her crib. When I entered her room, she meet me with her arms extended, both hands in tight fists. She said, “Here, Mommy – two babies.” Already having met her invisible babies, (they are apparently the size of jelly beans) I reached for them and held them in the palms of my hands. She then continued with, “Got these at Wal-Mart. Cut off tag” “Oh” I said, “So are they baby dolls or real babies?” “Real babies.” She responded. I then asked, “Are they baby girls or baby boys?” “No, just babies.”

When stopped at a light, Lauren requested, “Mommy, turn around.” as she does so often. As I glanced back at her, I was greeted with her beaming face. “Lauren smile at Mommy.” This wonderfully warm feeling covered by body. My sweet baby girl was giving me a special little gift! However, this feeling was short-lived as we turned into the parking lot to do our weekly grocery shopping and I heard Lauren declare, “Lauren smile at old Wal-Mart.” Well, at least she didn’t call me old.

And I think it’s safe to say that Ryan and I are going to definitely pay close attention to what we’re saying to LP. I saw Lauren run up to Ryan while he was washing his hands, hug his leg tightly, and say, “You so smart, Daddy.” Five minutes later, she did the exact same thing to me while I was washing my hands. I have to admit, as soon as it came out of her mouth, I heard myself. When she says something new or applies rational thinking to a situation for the first time, I often say, “You are so smart, Lauren!” and squeeze her tight. Apparently Lauren approved of our hand washing…

To Cut or Not to Cut…that is the Question.

For her age, it seems that Lauren’s hair is quite long. And unlike some of her other friends, she’s not had her hair cut yet. For starters, when we ask her if she wants to get her hair cut, her response always is, “No, do that when older.” I personally don’t mind fixing her hair, but the poor child has inherited my hair – super fine. So the longer it gets the stringier it looks. I finally decided it was time for a trim and when making an appointment for myself, I also made one for LP and Hailey, too (of course, Hailey went to the groomers, not the salon). However, Lauren wasp1150110-1.JPG sure excited about all three of us getting our hair cut on the same day! LP decided that she wanted to watch me get my hair cut first. Being the good girl that she is, she sat still and quiet – observing every little thing that the stylist did. She even giggled when seeing my hair twisted around in crazy pony tails on the top of my head. After I was finished, Lauren smiled as she watched “the lady” (as LP called her) drape the cape around her. She giggled at her reflection in the mirror and sat perfectly still. “The lady” snipped. Mommy snapped. And the whole thing was over in just a few minutes. Lauren’s hair is still long…she just got a little trim. It’s kind of sad to think that the little hairs that I collected and put away carefully are the same little hairs I stroked the first time we meet. With each haircut, that baby hair will be replaced with toddler hair…then little girl hair, teenage hair, adult hair. The first haircut: a right of passage for our baby and a time for me to reminisce about the past and dream of the future. To see some more shots of LP’s haircut, click here.

One Fish Family

Right before Lauren’s birthday, we lost our second fish, the original “E”. Our newest family member “New Nine” (who we now just refer to as Nine) had just been with us for a few days. We decided at that time to give Nine a few weeks to establish himself in the tank before introducing another fish friend. After over a month, Nine was flourishing. He had his favorite sleeping spot behind the little mermaid and had the feeding schedule down pat. I thought it was time to get Nine a new friend so while out shopping, we made a stop at the pet store on the way home. Lauren decided on a black fish this time – one with big bulging eyes. To no surprise, she wanted to name him Nine. Since Nine was already taken, she opted for no other than, of course, “E”. We took New E home and settled him into his new tank. From the start, I knew we had a problem. New E wanted Nine’s special spot behind the mermaid…and New E was a bully. He immediately made his desire known and before long New E spent all his time at the bottom of the tank and poor Nine was exiled to the top. This lasted for a few days until one morning poor Nine was belly up. At first, LP was very upset demanding Nine to “Swim around in water.” I explained that when Daddy came home we’d have to say goodbye to Nine (no, I don’t do dead fish) and her response was, “Get New Nine.” I then told Lauren, “No, I think we might only be a one fish family.” Lauren peered over the top of her dresser into the fish tank, blew two kisses – one for Nine & one for E – and ran off to play. Guess LP is okay with being a one fish family.

The BIG Squeeze

Lauren has started something new over the past week. Apparently, blowing kisses is no longer adequate – she must now give hugs remotely as well. She’ll do it over the phone when she’s saying good-bye, right before she goes down for a nap or bedtime if who she wants to kiss isn’t in the room, or any random time she’s in the mood to blow a kiss (to me, Daddy, Hailey, Nine, her “people”, relatives, animals…you name it, she’s probably blown a kiss to it) – the kiss is now accompanied by a great big hug in the air, so big that she shakes. It’s just about the cutest thing and I have a video of it. Check out Lauren’s BIG SQUEEZE.

25 Months Old

After two years of taking Lauren’s picture every month on the 15th, you’d think that the perfect time to stop this “ritual” would be after her 2nd birthday…but I just couldn’t help myself! So, today we had another photo shoot.

Over the past month we’ve been busy. Lauren held her first “friends only” birthday party because she was insistent that she “share cupcakes with Jasmine and Lillie”. To see some pictures of LP and her friends’ play date, click here.


We took Lauren to her first fair where she couldn’t get enough of all the animals…she even got to ride her first pony. I’m certain we will have way too many rides to come from here on out. She was all business when riding – to no one’s surprise – but hasn’t stopped talking about it. And she will correct you if you mistakenly refer to it as riding a horse with a giggly, “Mommy wrong…pony ride.” Check out some pics from our two trips to the state fair while it was in town, click here. We also celebrated her Daddy’s birthday. It was complete with gifts, yummy food and of course a cake. However, I did discover that Lauren hasn’t quite grasped the concept of a surprise yet. On the Saturday morning before his birthday Lauren informed Ryan of what we had gotten him (a new chair) and where he could find it (in the back of Mommy’s car). Nevertheless, we still had a great time picking out his gift. After finally convincing Lauren that a chair would be a more practical gift than a toy, I had to go into detail as to why we had to buy a new chair. Her reasoning was perfectly logical. First, she insisted that we just put new batteries in his broken chair – which usually is what fixes her toys right up. Then, she just wanted to “take the old chair back” to the store and exchange it for a new one. Again, completely understandable as that was exactly what we did to her fish “Nine” after he turned belly up. However, we talked through the issues and finally settled on a nice black chair, topped with a purple bow. And let me stress the word FINALLY as Lauren was adamant we were going to get a purple chair…thanks Grannie. Luckily, a purple bow did the trick. To see some pics from Ryan’s birthday celebration, click here. And what fall wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch…in our case two! Grannie and PaPaw got to accompany us one day while they were in town visiting and because Ryan didn’t want to miss out, we took a second trip. What can I say, I’m always up for another photo op! To see some of those photos, click here.

Along with all the fun activites, we’ve also had lots of laugh – mostly due to the silly little things Lauren decides to say. Let’s see…to list a few off the top of my head:

“Oh, snap!” when I told her we were running late. She had heard a salesman say that to me the previous day…guess it was memorable.

“Sorry, my bad.” after she overheard me say it one evening to Ryan. Didn’t even realize I had said it until it came out of her mouth. Note to self, polish up on current slang.

“A little difficult” as she was referring to some task that she was having a hard time with. Ryan & I thought it was funny to hear her choose the word “difficult” in lieu of “hard”. When coming out of her mouth, it seemed like such a big word for such a little girl.

“Mommy, these goldfish really tasty.” Her use of tasty just made me smile.

“Look! Airplane fly in sky. Land at airport” When did she learn about the airport?!?! She’s not ever been to one…

“Mommy, carry (me) like baby. Tired of walking.” Man, there sure are times I’d love to say that same thing!

However, by far, the most important accomplishment from the past month is that Lauren is no longer sleeping with her pacificer. While trying to persuade LP she wouldn’t need to sleep with it after she turned two, she responded with, “Throw pacifier in trash on Daddy’s birthday.” When she said it, I know she didn’t realized how soon that was. For the past month, we’ve been talking about it. Then the day arrived…and it was nap time. Lauren informed me, “After (her) nap” was when she’d throw it away. Once she woke up, she stated, “After birthday cake.” So, after dinner and some chocolate cake, Lauren climbed the stairs and without hesitation threw her pacifier in the trashcan. She asked for it once the following day for her nap but when I reminded her of what she did the previous evening, she didn’t fuss – she just laid down and went to sleep. What a big girl – we are so very proud of her!!

To check out some of the photos from today, click here. We have so much fun, maybe we’ll never stop! 🙂