Something is Amiss

You ever have that feeling where nothing is wrong but still something just isn’t quite right? This past weekend was kind of like that for me…it was the first time that Lauren spent the night away from us. In order to prepare for a destination wedding in Mexico this summer, we took LP to her grandparent’s house for the weekend. And what do you know, everyone survived…including me! I must admit, it was very hard for me to say goodbye to her and as we drove away, tears welled up in my eyes. It was just difficult knowing that Lauren was going to be having experiences without me. I know it’s healthy for her and definitely something I’ll get use to but this first time was pretty hard on me. However, once the idea of having some quality time with Ryan sunk in, it was a great weekend…just the two of us! Of course, there were several mentions of LP and always thoughts of how or what she was doing but lucky for us Lauren was just a phone call away. And what do you know, Grandma & Grandpa picked up the phone every single time we called – and there were a lot of calls! On Sunday, Ryan and I were very thankful for the time that we got to share together- but we were also very excited to see that bright, beautiful smiling face and be the recipients of some very long hugs. Check out a few pictures of Lauren enjoying the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa, click here.

Spring Fever!

p1110469-1.JPGWith the weather warming up, we are outside all the time. Thought I’d share a few pictures of Lauren enjoying some outdoor activities around the house. Okay, there are a lot of pictures but I just can’t seem to help myself. I have a problem – I’m addicted to taking pictures of my daughter! Click here to see the pics.

Flushing Money Down the Potty

As Lauren’s interest in the big girl potty increases so does our encouragement for her to use it. Generally she just wants to use it on the way to her bath at night, but there are times during the day that we have used the bribe technique to get her on the potty. Lucky for us, she so enjoys putting money in her bank. So, each time she uses the big girl potty, she gets a few coins to add to “the bug” (it’s a lady bug bank). It seems like everyone is winning!

That Makes 19 Months!

Yesterday to most was tax day, but to us it marked Lauren’s 19 month birthday. Over the past month Lauren has continued to astonish us by all the things she is learning and understanding. There are so many noteworthy moments that you simply can’t include them all. Here are just a few fun times we’ve had over the past few days.

I ask, “Lauren, do you want some cheese for your snack?”

She responds with a resounding, “Cheese!”

“What kind white or yellow?”

Lauren answers without hesitation, “Bluuuuu.”

Looks like I’ll be adding a new item to the shopping list. Can’t wait to see her reaction when I give her the options, “White, Yellow or Blue Cheese?”

While drying my hair this morning, Lauren came up to me with one of her flash cards repeating, “Neigh, Neigh, Neigh”. I presumed it was a horse before actually seeing it and started to praise her with, “Good job, Lauren!” Then she turns over the card – it’s not a horse at all…it’s a seahorse. I could only reply with, “Well, yeah it’s a SEAhorse. Since it lives in the sea, they don’t neigh – they just make bubbles.” She seemed content with that and I couldn’t help but to smile with pride.

It seems that Lauren had her first temper tantrum when I refused to let her take her snack outside to get the mail. I gave her the option, snack then mail or mail then snack – she wanted both together which was really harmless but I was holding my ground. She wouldn’t decide so I decided for her – picking her up so we could run to the mailbox. As I grabbed her, she quickly swiped her water thinking she would take it with her so I pried it out of her hands and out the door we went. Boy was Lauren not pleased – she lay in my arms, clenching her hands into fists so tight her whole body shook and then let out a very high pitched squeal that lasted around 2 seconds. I tried with all of my might not to laugh at her. I guess that squeal was enough to vent her frustration because she was then perfectly happy with carrying the mail inside and eating her snack. I know she’ll have many more tantrums to come, but I have to say this first one was…dare I say cute.

Lauren’s vocabulary is really growing with far too many to keep track of now, however, she has a few new ones that she loves to say:

  • “nuuuuuu” (new)
  • “ooold” (old)
  • “babeee” (baby)
  • “ousiiiiide” (outside)
  • “shuuu” (shoe or shew as in smelly)

We spent LP’s 19 month birthday at the park enjoying the flowers, trees, birds, squirrels, and one very excited dog. Check out a few of pictures from the day, click here.

Lauren Says

Boy is Lauren talking up a storm now. While she’s still rather reserved around others, she is quite vocal with Ryan and me. She will repeat the alphabet after us – only letter by letter, of course. She has mastered several animals sounds and regularly blurts out their noises when she sees one. Instead of just pointing out all her body parts when asked where they are, she will now point to and name them on her own. She repeats many words really well and names several objects when she sees them on her own. She also has her favorites when trying to communicate like: up (as in “pick me up” or “get up”), down (“put me down” or “sit down”, sit, roll (as in roll the ball), move (requesting that either you move or you move an object for her), and then there is a lot of “mama” or “dada” or even “mada” (that’s when she’s talking to both of us) when she hasn’t quite mastered the word but wants to get your attention. We thought we’d share a little video of Lauren as I’m sure some of you don’t believe me when I say yes Lauren does speak. And with all good movie clips, it needs a brief intro…

Right before we started filming, Lauren was convinced that Hailey needed to eat a nut. Yes kind of bizarre, but to be fair to LP, Hailey does crunch on old pecans that she finds outside when we’re playing. Add this to the fact that I had just pointed out a nut cracker to her in an old magazine and you can easily understand Lauren’s logic…Hailey could use a nutcracker. Like any good mother who is trying to bribe her child to “perform”, I promised to get Hailey a nut to eat after we finished. Lauren is distracted throughout her delivery and misses a few letters but you get the jest. Check it out!


It’s all of those super yummy things that seem to be a choking hazard so until recently Lauren hasn’t tasted popcorn. Against my better judgment, I agreed to let Ryan share a few well picked out pieces of popcorn with Lauren the other evening and she loved it – just couldn’t get enough. Thought I’d share a few pictures, click here to see them.

Super Helper

Lauren is still quite the helper around the house – and the areas that she can lend a hand have expanded. She simply can’t get enough of feeding Hailey. Each day, twice a day, it’s such a treat! She does take her duties rather seriously and if the tiniest bit of food drops on the floor it’s quite the big deal so she is very careful as she carries Hailey’s bowl – but cheesing all the while. While cooking supper the other night, she even took the initiative to go get Hailey’s bowl and reminded me that we still needed to feed her. To show how excited she is EVERY time she helps feed Hailey, I snapped a few shots over the past week – note the smile!


She has also became a little helper outside. I recently got her her own gloves and rake so that she might stop trying to nab mine. She can’t wait to get those gloves on! I can’t say she really rakes anything but thoroughly enjoys dragging it around and loves digging in the dirt. She is also on constant bug patrol and exclaims “bug, bug, bug” over and over until you also see it. I’ve been quite impressed at some of the tiny creatures that she finds. However, the snail that we found yesterday topped the charts as most interesting for Lauren. He went from looking like a rock and actually climbing up the post on the porch. Lauren couldn’t get close enough to him nor leave him alone. Ryan and I had to rescue him a couple of times from a certain messy ending by incidental squishing because LP was so fascinated by him. Check her out!

p1110491-2.JPG p1110494-3.JPG

She’s So Cool!


Lauren absolutely adores the sunglasses that she got for Easter – wearing them around the house all the time…while playing, eating or just admiring herself in the mirror.  She enjoys them on top of her head as much as over her eyes.  She actually wants me to take pictures of her while she’s wearing them so I can show her how she looks.  We even got Hailey involved in the fun!  Check them out, click here.

Things that make you Smile

When I’m lying in bed at night, replaying the day in my head, there are always those things that make me smile. Of course, there are far too many to talk about them all, but here are a few recent funnies that I thought I would mention. These aren’t the laugh so hard that they cause you to cry, but they are sweet little moments that make Lauren, well Lauren. Like how she is finally calling me Mama instead of Bubba (really not sure where she got that) or how tight she can wrap her legs around you if you’re trying to put her down and she doesn’t want you to (it’s almost impossible to put her down if she’s set on being held).  Ryan and I are both so amused at her obsession with moles – always searching for them and pointing them out with a resounding “mole” (we sure feel lucky that I no longer have that one of my face or LP would never stay focused). It’s so funny how her daddy has convinced her that she has a bird tattoo on her back and how she enjoys washing it every night. Another sweet little moment was when we were having a fruit & veggie party (it’s like a tea party except with plastic fruits and vegetables) with a few of her dolls & stuffed animals. After she had served everyone and still had a few veggies left over, she quite matter-of-factly ran to get a few more occupants for the party – three balls. But her latest new thing that makes me smile every single time I hear it or think about it is her greeting of “helloooooo”. The only way that I can accurately describe it, it sounds just like Seinfeld’s hello.  Each day Lauren brings so much laughter into our home.  Big moments, little moments…they are all so precious to us.  Here are a couple of shots of our party.