Happy Halloween!

p1080346-1.JPGWOW! I do have a couple of very busy bees on my hands…well, one that sits and stays when you ask her to and one that pretty much only does it when she feels like it. Can you tell which is which?! Not only has Lauren decided it’s no longer cool to wear her antenna, but she also thinks Hailey shouldn’t have hers on either…poor Hailey.
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Super Scarf Girl!

Copying some fun that Lauren had with her Daddy one day awhile back, I tied one of Lauren’s scarfs around her head, however, today she wasn’t satisfied with just one on her head…she continued to give me scarf after scarf until I had all six I am SUPER SCARF GIRL!tied to some part of her body. Not once did she attempt to take them off – but did get quite insistent that I tie any back on that fell off. After conquering the window seat, taming the cords on the blinds, ransacking the bathroom drawer, and scaling the tub, she took a time out from her superhero responsibilities to brush her hair and admire herself in the mirror (it’s always important to look good while protecting the house). I should have known that she’d enjoy this costume better than the one I bought her for Halloween! Check out Super Scarf Girl’s adventures from this morning by clicking on her photo above.

Quite the Little Helper

Now that Lauren is a semi-expert walker (we even caught her walking backwards last night), she has become quite an asset when I’m performing household chores. Okay, asset might be a little bit of an exaggeration as she generally slows things down and simple tasks usually require several attempts, however, it’s just so much more fun with Lauren as my little helper! In addition to the help that she’s already been providing me with putting up forks and spoons, she now also delivers the plastic-ware to its cabinet. While she doesn’t stack the bowls & lids very neatly, she will continue to shove them in there until they stay. And since this cabinet has been designated as LP’s play place in the kitchen, it’s been a mess in there for some time now…good luck if you need to find a matching bowl & lid! She also has expanded her assistance with laundry. Not only does she “fold” but will now carry items from the dryer to the bed to be folded. This task is very time consuming as I try to limit her to only a few items each trip to ensure she doesn’t trip over them. It’s so cute to see how serious she is, concentrating as she walks down the hall and then how proud she is of herself on the return trip to the laundry room for her next load. However, her helping me make the bed has to be the cutest. As I straighten the sheets & comforter, she stands on the floor, barely peeking over the top of the bed at me and then will start to smooth out the portion of the comforter in front of her. The best part is next…the pillows. Since they are far too big for her to lift up to the bed herself, she will grab one end and I’ll get the other and we place them on the bed together. After each pillow, she scans the room for the next one. I think she takes after me in that respect – you can never have too many pillows! I snapped a few shots of Lauren attempting to put one of the smaller pillows on the bed this morning…check her out.

The Prep


The Lift


The Execution


Dancing the Chicken Dance

Today we took Lauren to her first Oktoberfest and boy did she have a great time! She danced to the music (which is More Please.jpgreally more of a head bang and the occasional knee bend), she pointed and squealed at all of the dogs that she saw (and tried to drag me towards them many times…so glad I still outweigh her or we would have been meeting several dog-owners) and she got to share dip-n-dots with Ryan and me (a first for her). Apparently the ice-cream shock that she experienced on her birthday was a one-time event because she couldn’t get enough today! As soon as it melted in her mouth, she stuck her tongue out for more. Soon afterwards, she must have been on a sugar high so we found a nice little spot in one of the tents so she could to expel some of this extra energy. I finally had to put an end to all of her fun when she tried to pick up a cigarette butt & used band-aide – YUCK!! Oktoberfest has been a tradition of ours since we moved here…and from the looks of how much fun Lauren had today, it will continue to be for many more years. To see more photos, click on the picture of LP.

Number Nine

Yep, Lauren’s ninth tooth snuck in without any problems. It looks like #10 will be debuting soon also. Seems like there’s a pretty consistent pattern when it comes to Lauren’s teeth. The right bottom tooth comes in first, followed shortly by left bottom — with hardly any problems with either. However, the top teeth must be more difficult for Lauren with the top right coming in first and then finally – after it seems like you’ve been waiting FOREVER (and you think Lauren can’t take it any more) that top left one finally breaks through…then we start all over again. If this set of teeth following this same pattern, Lauren might have a difficult time in a couple of weeks. If you look closely (Lauren’s right, on the bottom…and yes there seems to be a HUGH gap between the existing tooth and the new one) you can see #9 barely peeking through the gums._9-tooth.JPG

On Squirrel Patrol

One of Lauren’s favorite activities is watching the squirrels in the yard bury nuts and chase each other up and down the trees.  Now when I say, “there’s a squirrel” Hailey has a partner running to the window with her.  And while Hailey is faster, when Lauren arrives she generally pushes Hailey out of the front spot so she can have a better view.  It’s quite squirrel-watching.jpgcomical watching them at the front door – Hailey will be on one side and Lauren on the other but inevitability each wants what the other has and they spend several minutes swapping back and forth between the two windows.

The Great Pumpkin, Lauren Paige

p1070190-1.JPGThis weekend we took Lauren to the pumpkin patch and we all had a great time! Of course, this will come as no surprise to most – pumpkins are pretty close to Lauren’s favorite shape…round. She took a few minutes of standing back and taking it all in but after that, she was off and we could hardly keep up! Her first response was to “pet” all of the pumpkins. We walked from pile to pile as Lauren tapped the top of as many as she could. When just petting became old, she started in on sorting them, taking pumpkins that were displayed in baskets and stacking them on hay bails where all the others where. Next, she decided it was time to test her strength by attempting to pick then all up – even the really big ones! The place we visited on Saturday was just pumpkins with a few horses for pony rides but the farm that we went to on Sunday had a petting zoo. Lauren was less impressed with the pumpkins there; it was all about the animals on Sunday! She even got to feed some goats! Check out more pictures of us this weekend, click here.

When you’re under the weather, grab a ball!


That seems to be Lauren’s philosophy – literally. Lauren has had a running nose for the past few days, but she’s not letting that stop her. She has been playing hard with her big pink ball. She rolls it with her hands & kicks it with her feet as she walks all around the house. Apparently she’s decided that picking it up and walking with it is quite fun too – even though she can’t see where she’s going, running into and bouncing off of things very frequently. However, that doesn’t even slow her down…she quickly regroups, stands back up and off she goes again! Check out some more pictures of LP and her pink ball, click here.

Our Little Visitor


For the past week we have been dog sitting Kala. For those of you who haven’t met her, she’s irresistible to Lauren. When you consider how much Lauren ADORES dogs combined with the fact that unlike Hailey, who will only allow Lauren to pet her for a few seconds before retreating to higher ground, Kala simply can’t get enough. Boy did Lauren enjoy the company!