A Few New Observations

This week marked another visit from the Parents as Teachers Educator. During her visit she asked me if I was keeping a log of all of the words that Lauren says. With all of the jabber that comes out of her mouth, I have not confided in many people that I believe that some of the gibberish are words, however now this question confirmed my suspensions that those were words! Of course we have the usual Mama and Dada that she usually gets correct. In addition, she says Hailey – but to her say it is SO cute! She has the “hello Hailey” infection down that she’s heard me say a million times perfectly! Then there’s the “Haaaa-Leeee” that she yells out when she hears our dog barking at something loudly – again mimicking me to perfection in not only tone but also with the eyebrow squall. Some of the other words that I regularly hear from Lauren are dog, duck, and perhaps the most complex…banana.

Some more of Lauren’s skills / oddities that are just too cute not to share: She can fall asleep standing up in her crib which as you can imagine is quite stressful for me as I can just envision her nodding off and falling backwards instead of placing her head against the crib rails. She also tends to face flat of her face – nose straight down in the mattress…how uncomfortable! She knows her belly button and will pull up her shirt to look at it when you ask her where it is. There are times that she’s not content with locating hers – but is dead set on finding yours instead! She can point out her nose and will smile with great pride with she actually hits the sweet spot – one of her nostrils…again some times favoring your nostril over her own. She loves to dance which entails her rocking her head back and forth if she’s sitting or crawling and bouncing up and down with a knee bend if she’s standing up. Her favorite toy is a ball – well, really any ball. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard plastic one, a soft squishy one, or even one of Hailey’s squeaky ones, she loves them all! And for the most part when she picks up one of Hailey’s, all you have to say is, “give it to Hailey” and she has her arm stretched out trying to lure Hailey close enough to give it to her and is thoroughly ecstatic when Hailey actually takes it – it’s just too cute! And who would ever guess, but she loves broccoli! I have to admit, she does have a wide range of likes when it comes to food from the toddler standard of grilled cheese and cheerios to what I would categorize as perhaps not the usual favorites – avocado, green beans, blue berries, and tomatoes.

Stand in the place where you are…

Practice makes perfect and Lauren sure has been practicing standing on her own a lot these past two days! She’s so cute! She starts by leaning up against something and once she has her balance, she lets go with her hands and just smiles with pride as she stands all by herself for several seconds. I know now it’s only a matter of time before she combines the standing with her wobbly steps and she will be walking all over the place!

Lauren is 11 months old!

WOW! Can you believe it?!?! I know, I say it every month but each time it’s truer…this year is flying by! In 4 short weeks Lauren will be turning a year old! Let’s see…around P1050807-3.JPGthis time last year, Lauren was bumping around in my tummy. Today she’s making her way all over the house – crawling, cruising the furniture and walls, and constantly climbing up the stairs. One of her favorite past times these days is crawling under the “tent” that we’ve made out of the pool table and a sheet – talk about a posh tent!! Now she’s determined to crawl under any where she can fit – and some places she can’t! Definitely the most exciting highlight from this past month was Lauren taking her first steps! It was just amazing that Ryan & I were both able to witness it and that I managed to capture the last part on video. In addition, she’s just about doubled her tooth count with 7 ½ – should be 8 before too long. She is really enjoying playing chase all through the house as well as hide and seek. Check out a few snapshots of Lauren from this past month by clicking her picture.

Per our measurements she’s weighing 18 lbs. and 29 1/2 inches long.

A Weekend of Firsts

img_2801-1.JPGThis weekend Lauren experienced a couple of firsts, and they both revolved around food. First Lauren shared her first popsicle with her Dad. It was really a Juice-sicle, but it was cold and juicy – close enough. Second, we ordered her first meal at a restaurant – grilled cheese and green beans…and she did really good with it! While Ryan insisted I not document Lauren’s first “kids meal” in film, I did get a few shots of her and her Dad enjoying her first popsicle outside on the back porch. Check them all out by clicking here!

Double the fun!

Well, what do you know…Lauren is not only getting tooth #5 but tooth #6 is coming in at the same time! This is a first as all of her other teeth came in one at a time, several weeks apart. She’s going to have a whole mouth full for her first birthday!

Step by Step

For the past few days now Lauren has been stumbling between Ryan and me as she would fall forward with glee, arms stretched out in front of her so we could catch her right before she hit the floor. As you can imagine, she enjoyed this “game” very much! Tonight was a little different. Throughout the day, she had been standing up for several seconds on her own – one time up to 15 seconds. During our nightly walking game, she just took off! There was no stumbling – she went from standing by herself for a few seconds to walking towards me. We kept thinking she was going to go down but she stayed up and continued to take several steps. I just happen to have the camera in my hands and turned it on in time to catch the last part…now everyone can witness Lauren’s first official steps!

Wow, I really can’t believe that my little baby is going to be walking all over the place soon. I’m amazed of all the things she has accomplished in such a short time. I’m so proud of her, of course, but a little sad too…I just hope that when she’s fully mobile she chooses to run to me more than away from me!

Expert Crawler

p1060725-3.JPGFor the past couple of days, Lauren has been actually crawling on all fours! It is just so cute! Now she has several ways of getting around including the army crawl flat on her belly; what I call the 3 1/2’er which entails being on both hands, one knee and one foot; the 4 1/2’er which is both hands, one knee and then the other leg alternates between her foot and knee; and she scoots on her bottom. She also started something new and very strange today…I’m going to call it the spider crawl. She’s on both hands and both feet with her head down and bottom up in the air. She’s still perfecting this latest method but was able to capture a photo of it. Check out some of Lauren’s latest moves by clicking here!