The count down is on!

I simply can’t believe that Lauren is going to be a year old before too long – last Sunday marked 10 months for her!! I feel so blessed to be able to witness everyday things through Lauren’s eyes, which as adults, most of us view as mundane. The pure joy of splashing in her kiddy pool with so much force, the ice cold water hits her in the face, goes up her nose causing her to choke, but only pausing briefly to look up at us with a huge smile or giggle…then starting all over again with great delight. It’s just amazing to see how much pleasure she gets from being outside with her feet in the grass, the wind in her hair and looking up at the leaves blowing on the trees above her. P1060531-2.JPGThis past month has been special if for no other reason than for the fact that Lauren will now lay a big WET opened-mouth kiss on your face when you ask her (as long as she’s in the kissing mood). A few of her other accomplishments from this past month have been: drinking from a straw (she actually did this 2 days after her birthday, but I think that’s just because we hadn’t tired it before then); she “crunches” her crackers with her teeth instead of just letting them dissolve in her month (too cute!); her fourth tooth is finally poking through; she’s walking behind her little toy car with so much control (I think it’s just a security at times. If she would try, she might be able to take a few steps on her own now); we had a second trip to the zoo (an absolutely amazing time for all three of us – Lauren is a true animal lover, pointing and squealing at them all but was pretty partial to the roadrunner this time – go figure!); and she had her first taste of jello – blue on the Fourth of July! Check out some more of Lauren’s 10 month old pictures by clicking on the one above.

Around and around and around she goes…

where she stops no body knows. It appears that this is Lauren’s new way for showing her excitement…spinning on her bottom over and over again. This afternoon we sat down on the floor together to share a few crackers and some water. After each bite, she would start to spin and clap her hands with glee. Of course, as I do often when around her, I laughed out loud. There is no better feeling than to see your baby happy!

Quick Study

img_2735-1.JPGLauren’s first attempt to drink from a straw was today and what do you know, she caught on with no problem. The very first try was a blow, but that’s all it took…she’s now an expert! It’s just amazing to watch her learn new things and try them over and over and over again with great delight!

Waking up in a pool of…

Drool! Yep, this morning Lauren woke up not as her chipper self, but instead crying. The front of her shirt was soaked. Upon further investigation, I found a huge pool of drool in her bed! When a say huge, I mean HUGE! It was as big as her! She’s been having some extra drooling with that fourth tooth, but we had no idea how much she’s been swallowing. The tribulations of being a baby.

The fourth tooth emerges!

Today we finally figured out why Lauren has been having so much trouble sleeping the past few weeks. Her fourth tooth, the top left one, broke through the gums. It was so strange as there was no swelling like before so we haven’t been giving her any pain medicine – what great parents, huh?! But, I have to say she was such a little brave girl getting through that without any medication and I promise to not let that happen again baby girl.

Watch Out Hailey!

After several different attempts over the past few weeks to get Lauren to use the little car that we bought her for support to help her walk across the room, she finally took off running with it today. She would definitely rather hold on to Mommy or Daddy’s hands still, but she’s getting the hang of it and walked across the game room many times with a huge smile on her face. Boy was she proud of herself and of course, so were we! With little control, she would just walk until coming to an abrupt stop when hitting something, but each time she got better and better…could she be taking her first steps on her own soon???

The Zoo – Revisited

Yesterday we took our second visit to the zoo. With Lauren being older this time, she enjoyed it that much more. She was


so aware of all the animals, pointing at them and squealing with excitement when she saw them. We had so much fun and unlike the last time when Lauren feel asleep on the way out of the zoo, it was Mom & Dad that called it quits after 3 hours…of course, we didn’t have the luxury of being carried or pushed around all day. Some of her favorite animals this time were; the black bear which she tired with all her might to throw herself into the pen with but luckily I was able to hold her back, the road runner that caught her eye running back and forth on a fence – after seeing him, she didn’t notice anything else in that exhibit; the goats which she was able to get up close and personal with thanks to her dad ; and the collard peccary (which is similar to a razorback) that she yelled and squealed at in hopes to get their attention. All the way home she talked and talked, I’m assuming it was about all the wonderful animals that we saw. Now that we are Zoo Friends Members we will be visiting that much more. She was so excited by the visit that she didn’t even take a nap that afternoon (only a quick 5 minute snooze while riding back from dinner at our local Mexican restaurant). It was the “perfect” day…7/7/07. Check out some of our zoo pictures, click here.

Practice makes Perfect

Today before going upstairs for bath time, we spent a few minutes in the living room cruising furniture. Lauren went back and forth on the sofa for some time but then apparently this quickly became old. She decided it was time to attempt to move from the sofa to the coffee table without assistance. She first released her left hand from the sofa and stretched as far as she could but came up short – she wasn’t quite close enough to the table. Placing her left hand back on the sofa, she repositioned her feet and reached again – this time success! With her hand firmly on the table now she swiftly moved from the sofa to the table. With such pride she looked up and Ryan and me with a huge smile. Only taking a few minutes to celebrate her victory, she was soon moving back to the sofa and then back again to the table. It was as if she was trying to make sure she had the technique down so she could start up the good times again tomorrow. I guess practice does help!

Red, White and Blue Tongue??


What a wonder first Fourth for Lauren. We all had a great day!! The day started with pancakes…yummy! Lauren’s first encounter but I’m sure not her last as it appeared that she REALLY enjoyed them! Things were going good, just a little messy from the banana she was also eating, but completely manageable until Ryan decided pancakes should not be eaten without syrup…big mistake as she found it impossible to leave it in her mouth. Luckily the sticky mess was confined to her arms as we managed to keep it out of her hair.

After Ryan finished up some much needed yard-work, we pulled out the hammock for the first time this year (with all the endless rain, this was really our first chance). Lauren liked sitting on it for a bit, but it was the swinging that made her laugh out loud. Ryan allowed her to hang over the edge and swing upside down while she & I stuck to just sitting but swung really high! Of course, we took lots of pictures – check them out, click here! After the hammock, we took a walk which lead to a quick nap for Lauren. Next was pool time! When she saw the kiddy pool she remembered it and started to squeal before she was even in it. This time she splashed around even more & just as last time, the ice cold water didn’t seem to bother her at all.

No fireworks were needed for us this year as our little firecracker was enough excitement and a real noise maker! Check out one of Lauren’s new noises…

Crunch, Crunch!

With that new opposing tooth on top, I’ve started hearing something that I haven’t before when Lauren is eating crackers. Yep, she’s crunching them with her teeth instead of just sucking on them until they dissolve!! It’s just too cute to see her nibble on those crackers!