Italian from Head to Toe

Hit the Spot.JPGWhile Lauren is only a quarter Italian, you’d never know it from these pictures. She thoroughly enjoyed her pasta – so much so that she rubbed the sauce all over her head and tummy! Check out more pictures to see the whole story by clicking on Lauren’s photo. The part that was left out, however, was how our Little Houdini managed to get the suction cup bowl unattached and flung onto the carpet before either Ryan or I could do anything about it. Luckily she was almost done.

It’s getting good!

WOW! It’s just amazing how much Lauren has changed and accomplished over the past few weeks! To list a few, she is now clapping, getting around by army crawling (really it’s more of an inch worm technique) & walking while hanging onto the furniture (yes she finally figured out how to get into a seated position by herself & since she’s been pulling up on things for almost a month now there’s no stopping her). Her favorite form of mobility, however, remains walking with the assistance of Mommy & Daddy. She also experienced her first swim in a big pool at Grannie & Papaw’s and that elusive third tooth has finally poked its way through. Due to lightning hitting our house early Friday morning, we had to postpone our monthly “birthday” pictures a few days but thought that this act of God was a justifiable excuse for the delay…

P1030832-3.JPGSome of Lauren’s current favorites are eating green beans & cheese (not necessarily together but I’m sure she’d have no qualms about that either), washing her hands (which entails mostly just splashing around in the sink – and if she can sneak her feet in, even better!) and being outside with the grass & trees (although as of late much of our time has been spent inside looking out due to all the rain).

She’s growing like a weed. At her doctor’s appointment today, she weighed in at 17 lbs. and 6 oz (24%) and 28 ½ inches long (80%).

Check out some more of Lauren’s pictures from her 9 month photo shoot by clicking on the photo above.

Celebrating Ryan

I am so blessed. I have a wonderful daughter and an absolutely amazing husband…who is a terrific Dad! And what better day than today, on Father’s Day, to share how truly grateful I am for Ryan. I can not imagine entering the world of parenting with any one else. He is so kind and caring and funny – three things that made me fall in love with him and three things that make him an awesome dad. I said many times after we found out we were going to be parents, that I was so excited to share the love that we have for each other with our child. But when I said that, I could have never imagined the deep joy I feel when I see Ryan caring or playing with Lauren. I’m so proud of him, completely grateful for him, and definitely better because of him. Happy First Father’s Day, Ryan!lp-daddy.JPG


It’s finally all clicking for Lauren. Yesterday when getting Lauren from her morning nap, there she was sitting up looking straight at me instead of laying down on her tummy or back. She almost looked as surprised as I did. Then this morning when she woke up at 5:00 to eat, she was crying quite a bit. As I walked into her room, there she was standing up. While she has been pulling herself up for some time now, the getting into a seated position was eluding her. I wasn’t really concerned with her pulling up before getting into a seated position as this is the same child that sat on her own for several months before she had mastered rolling over both ways. She just has to figure it out on her own time – even though it seems a little out of order. It appears that she has finally got the knack of it sitting up because she was also standing up this morning after waking up at 7:00 as well as from her morning nap again today. It’s really amazing when you think about it. She’s about to turn 9 months old and look at all the things she’s accomplished…I am in awe!

Three’s Company

Well, that top tooth that’s been on the brink of emerging from Lauren’s gums for the past several weeks has finally popped through! I’m hoping that’s why she was up twice last night. It’s barley visible – but if you look closely you might be able to see it!the-third-tooth.jpg

What a Helper!

Lauren is really into helping me with the laundry. I will dump a load of clean clothes on the bed with her and she loves to “sort” them. Once she’s done with all of the sorting, she proceeds to unfold any clothes that I’ve managed to pry away from her sorting hands. Sure takes a long time to fold clothes, but we both have tons of fun with the laundry now! 🙂

On the move!

Lauren surprised us last Sunday, June 3rd, by inch-worming across the living room floor to get that darn black and white ball of Hailey’s that she just loves! It has been in hiding for some time now but the second that Hailey decided it was the “ball of the hour” Lauren honed in on it immediately. While at first she would only crawl to that ball, now she’s using it more as a means to get around…a VERY slow means but only when we aren’t available to help her walk (still her preferred form of transportation). Hope you enjoy this little clip of one of her first crawling adventures.

Tree Hugger…

Literally – Lauren just loves trees! Every time we go outside, she points to a tree until you take her over to it so she can touch the trunk. If she’s barefoot, she will also put her feet up to it. Her fascination was strictly the trunk & bark at first but now that they are all green with leaves, she throws her head back to look all the way to the top of the tree and then stretches up her arms in hopes of being close enough to grab a leaf. If she is, she will either pluck a leaf for each hand or sometimes grabs a whole branch and shakes it will all her might as she squeals with joy! Do we have another forester in the family?

Stranger Danger

Lauren is going though that stranger anxiety stage where if you are not Mom or Dad, she doesn’t want anything to do with you – NOTHING…unless you are a dog. This afternoon while enjoying some time outside, she spotted the neighbor’s dogs. She spent 5 minutes talking to them from afar when she decided that wasn’t good enough – and crawled off of the blanket into the grass to get closer. Since I was sure that this would result in chiggers, I picked her up and we walked closer. After another 5 minutes (at least) of Lauren pointing, squealing, kicking her feet, waving her arms and talking very loudly to these two pugs, I decided we had tormented the dogs enough (and my biceps needed a break!). Boy, Lauren sure is a dog lover!

Sit and Spin

With each day, it seems like Lauren learns something new. Today I put Lauren down on the floor in front of her exer-saucer thinking that we could work on pulling up. She looked like she was making progress so I decided to run get the camera. I wasn’t gone for very long at all but when I came back, Lauren was still sitting but facing the other direction! Normally to move she flops down on her belly so I was quite surprised to walk in the room to see her still on her bottom but looking at me! Later today, I sat her down again but watched carefully as she proceeded to simply move one of her legs so that she pivots on her bottom. The movement seemed quite effortless as if she’s been doing it for months – but this was the first time. Guess she just finally figured out how to move those muscles.  While some might think that this simple little action doesn’t deserve to be mentioned…I think it’s so interesting to witness all of Lauren’s developments and hope to always remember how proud am I of her with each new accomplishment.