Book Worm

Lauren really enjoyed story time today. She danced, clapped her hands and watched all the other little kids. She even walked (with my help, of course) to give back her felt teddy bear. She handed it to the lady – but didn’t want to let it go. She does like that teddy bear song! We also enrolled in the summer reading program. We can easily ready 20 books and then she will get a stuffed buffalo. 🙂 After story time, we headed to the book store to purchase a few. She was SO excited in the store, talking & kicking her feet when we were looking at books. It’s exciting for me to see how much fun she is having with books!

The Clapper

This past Saturday, Lauren picked up a new talent – clapping. Now in addition to her pointing her left pointer finger and waving her right hand (not as if to say goodbye or hello, but putting the two tasks together as if to say , “bring that to me – that’s what I want), she also claps. She will clap when you start clapping and loves to clap and sing. It’s just so amazing to see her learn new things just about every day and this new one is just SO CUTE!

Story Time Jubilee

Wednesdays mark story time for Lauren and me. Today Lauren napped right before (I actually had to wake her up in the car to go inside the library) and you could tell she really enjoyed herself! She was dancing around, signing and smiling. Usually story time falls right before a nap so she’s not that into it, but today we both had SO much fun!

Going Green

Lauren just loves being outside – especially sitting in the grass! She also seems to love the taste of grass. After countless times of me saying no and grabbing the grass out of her hands as it’s headed for her mouth, she has found a new way to “trick” me. She now just drives head first into the grass – mouth wide open – and chomps down on whatever she ca reach before I have a chance to grab her…I guess I should be pleased on how smart and adoptable she is! 🙂p1050257-1.JPGp1050229-2.JPG

Eight months and counting!

Tuesday we celebrated yet another month with Lauren. I can’t believe that there are only 4 more months left in her firstP1020982-3.JPG year (and I’m sure VERY short months)!! We are having such a wonderful time – and I’m doing my very best to capture as much of it on film as possible!!. Check out some of our pictures from Tuesday by clicking on her photo. I hope you enjoy seeing her grow up…and thanks for allowing a proud mom to share.

My first Mother’s Day!

This past Sunday we celebrated my first official Mother’s Day (Ryan tells me all of those years as Hailey’s Mom didn’t really count). It was such a special day. Ryan & Lauren (and I like to think Hailey too) got me a beautiful necklace. It has three hearts hanging from it that represents my family. I will cherish it FOREVER! mommy-lp.JPGTo see more of our pictures from Mother’s Day, click here. We went out to eat twice over the weekend and Lauren was such a good girl. We brought her highchair cover and a place mat that sticks down to the table so she could enjoy looking around at the restaurant and I was able to relax a little bit knowing that what she touched wasn’t filthy. We spent a lot of time together like most weekends – but I have to say this one was definitely special! Honestly – I still can’t believe that I’m actually a mommy!!

Time to lower the bed…

Today Lauren pulled herself up all by herself for the very first time while in her crib (with plenty of extra verbal encouragement from me). She still hasn’t mastered getting from laying down to a sitting position, but when she does, we’re in trouble! 🙂 She is just learning so much SO fast – and growing up TOO fast!

Happy Girl!

Lauren was sure a happy girl today – I can tell she’s feeling so much better. Since Hailey was at the vet all day getting her teeth cleaned, we took a walk without her and was able to stop and pick some flowers. Lauren loved holding them (when I finally got her to stop trying to eat them) and she laughed when I blew a dandelion on her. She and Ryan had a blast on the sofa this evening while I cooked dinner. She kept looking over the sofa back at me and when I would look at her, she would smile so big and laugh – what a wonderful feeling!! One of her favorite games is for me to duck down below the sofa/bed and then pop my head up. She always watches closely to see where I’m going to pop up next and try to catch me in the act. We did that a lot this evening and Lauren couldn’t stop laughing. She also got to eat some shredded cheese while Ryan and I ate dinner – she’s definitely my child because the cheese made her laugh! (That’s how I feel when I eat cheese too, but hold it in as to not draw attention to my strange love of cheese.) What topped off the night was hearing her giggle when we put some of the cheese on her feet for Hailey to lick off…

I’m SO glad that I’m at home with her – it’s just amazing!

Like Mother…

…like daughter. Today while at the doctor’s office, Lauren got her ears checked. I guess that it must have tickled, because she got the chills…just like me – she did a quick shake all over. It was the first time that I saw her get the chills and it was too cute!  I know it’s such a simple and seemingly mundane thing, but when you get to witness a first, no matter how little, you just want to remember it forever.  I’m hoping that thanks to this entry, I will always remember the secret laugh that Ryan & I shared when we saw Lauren get her first chills and just how cute she looked!