Leisure Time

The weather was nice today – warm but cloudy. We put a blanket down out back under the trees and enjoyed the birds singing and, of course, some grass pulling. Hailey even had a great time chasing a bunny. While walking around the yard, LP kept dropping a wrapper she was playing with to see it blow in the wind – it would make her smile every time to watch it blow away.

A Zootastic Day!

With the promise of nice weather, Ryan took off work yesterday in hopes that we could enjoy a family outing…did we ever!Family Portrait.jpg The stars must have all aligned because Lauren took one of her longest naps – 1 ½ hours. She woke up talkative and in a great mood so we lathered her with SPF 55 and off we went. Lauren experienced the zoo for the first time yesterday and we all had a really great time! We weren’t quite sure if she’d enjoy herself since she’s only 7 months, but she was so aware of the animals, kicking & squealing when she saw them. We didn’t see all of them as 2 hours was about all she could handle and was fast asleep as we left – but some of her favorite animals were the goats, the huge catfish, the kangaroos, the emus and of course the prairie dogs. We all had a fantastic time!

Before leaving, we had to stop by the gift stop to commemorate her first zoo visit and bought a stuffed elephant – the very first animal LP saw at a zoo. Check out more of our zoo pictures by clicking on the photo above.

What a fruit!

Lately I’ve been a little concerned about Lauren’s eating habits. She hasn’t been too interested in her baby food. Since we finally decided to introduce fruits to her, I thought she would gobble them down – but I can hardly get her to take a few bites of them – even the bananas & applesauce which if I were choosing would be my favorites. So, as an experiment, I tried her beloved green beans and she ate almost the whole jar in one setting – which usually takes three meals to get the whole jar down. She then proceeded to eat several sweet potatoes stars on the first attempt each time – leaving Hailey quite unsatisfied since nothing dropped to the floor. I guess Lauren isn’t much of a fruit lover but sure likes those veggies!!

Big Girl

We finally weighed and measured Lauren today for her “unofficial” 7 month size. She weighed exactly 16 pounds and was 28 inches long. We tried applesauce for the first time today. I tasted some and it was really good so I just knew she would love it – but she wasn’t much of an eater today. Maybe she’ll fill more like it tomorrow. But of course, I got some pictures of her trying it for the first time!applesauce.JPG

What a talker

Today Lauren was quite the talker. We had several conversations throughout the day. And it wasn’t limited to usual “ma ma ma ma” or “da da da da”. She said all kinds of various sounds and different amounts of syllables.

She also woke up from her nap today laughing at herself. No one else was in the room. The only thing I can think that she was laughing at was the sock that she managed to pull off and nibble on. Maybe she was thinking of how her dad pulls off her socks right before bath-time. Ryan can always make her laugh with that…

Where did my little baby go?

While some might still see a baby in these pictures, I see a little person! Where did my little baby go?!?! Forever gone are the days of cradling her in one arm or that infamous toothless smile. While the idea of my baby growing up does make me emotional, it is also so exciting to see her develop her own personality. She is now a little girl who loves to sing & dance with her mom, rough-house with her dad, and play tug-a-war with her dog.P1040644-3.JPG

My mom asked me a couple of weeks ago if having Lauren completed me. I responded with no because I didn’t feel like I was missing anything before having her. However, I understand what she was trying to say. For me, it hasn’t been an act of completion but instead it has enhanced our lives immensely. I am in absolute awe of her…for her beautiful innocence that allows us to look at the world anew, for her beaming smile that brightens our whole lives, and for all of the additional laughter and joy that she has brought our family over the past seven months.

Happy Birthday, Lauren, who turned 7 months old yesterday! Click the picture the see more.

The green bean dance

The past couple of weeks have been so fun seeing Lauren’s reactions to new tastes. We started with carrots, which she tolerated. Then we moved on to squash which she enjoyed. But the green beans really hit to spot – every time she eats them, she kicks her feet & flings her arms around. We are now trying sweet potatoes which she doesn’t seem to mind too much – as long as she can keep her eyes on Hailey. She doesn’t even bother to lift her head, just opens her mouth and I feed her sideways…

Check out some pictures of Lauren enjoying her baby food, click here.