Standing up

I wasn’t expecting Lauren to actually stay standing when I propped her up against her ottoman so the lightening isn’t that great…however, it’s just awesome that I was able to capture her standing up like this for the first time. I’m thinking she might have done even better if she didn’t have on those silly shoes and leaning against an ottoman that moves!!


Lauren’s First Weekend in Broken Bow

We made our first trip to Broken Bow this past weekend, which was also the first time Lauren’s been in the car for that long and her first over night stay away from home. I was so dreading the drive since LP is a power napper and generally tops out after 30 minutes. But I kept her company in the back and she did really well. I was expecting the worst out of the whole trip and was so pleased with how Lauren did – I couldn’t have asked for her to be any better.

Since this was the first time we’ve been in Broken Bow since Lauren was born, it was the first time that my grandmother got to see her in person. I’m so glad that they finally got to meet.

LP got baptized while we where there in the church that I was baptized in and the place that Ryan & I were married so that was very special for us. Lauren’s baptism also meant the first big gathering of people, outside the family, that might want to hold her. She was just so social – letting any one who wanted to hold and gawk over her and what do you know, I survived as well! To see more pictures from this weekend, click Lauren’s photo.

Pretty Dress.jpg

Raising a giant

img_2436-large-1.JPGThe results of Lauren’s latest check up are in and the doctor has confirmed it – Lauren’s bizarrely tall. She measured 27.8 inches which is in the 97th percentile for her age. We figure that she will stop growing up and start growing out soon but right now Ryan & I have hopes of a professional basketball or volley ball player.  Her weight topped out at 15 pounds and 1 ounce. She only had to get 2 shots and while she did cry, she settled down really fast and was asleep as soon as we left the parking lot at the doctor’s office. Once we got home, she was her usual chipper self…


Half way there!

I’m just amazed that we are already half way through Lauren’s first year of life! Yesterday we celebrated! Lauren, Ryan, Hailey and I have not only survived these first 6 months – but we are all thriving! To see a few pictures from yesterday, click on the photo. P1040340-1.JPG

Hugs and Kisses

For a couple of weeks now, Lauren has been sharing hugs & kisses with Ryan and me. Sometimes it’s after you hug and kiss her and other times she initiates it. It’s just the sweetest thing. I was able to capture her kissing Ryan last night. Too precious not to share…