Saying goodbye to an era

img_2358-2.JPGYep, I knew it was inevitable – however, I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for it…

Peeking through Lauren’s gums is her first tooth. I’m afraid that I’m going to forget how adorable that toothless smile is so I’ve been following her around with a camera to make sure I get plenty of shots of that grin before her first tooth’s debut.

Yep, it’s been 5 months!

We went to the doctor today to recheck her ears, and Lauren looks perfect! She weighed 14 lbs. 9 oz (but that’s unofficial since she had on her lined jeans, socks & shoes, a shirt & sweater). But, she’s definitely growing like a weed – I like to think of her as a dandelion since she’s so cute!!!

To see some pictures of Lauren from yesterday, click here. The first one is a little blurry – but my favorite so I had to share it!!

Snuggle up!

When under the weather, nothing feels better than a little snuggling…so Ryan & I have been spending a lot of time this past week snuggling with Lauren. For the times that we weren’t available, she had to go some place else – check her out! Luckily, she’s on the way to recovering from the cold that I gave her (yes I feel terrible about it). Now if Ryan & I can just get ride of this crud too.