Long & Lean

Well, Lauren has survived her next round of vaccinations…but this time a little under the weather. She’s got a slight fever, but the doctor says it’s fine. She far exceeded my 12 pound estimate, coming in at 12 lbs. and 14 oz. (31 percentile). She’s still extra tall – not sure who she gets that from – at 25 ½ inches (88 percentile). They referred to her as “long & lean” at the doctor’s office. Check out her bright band-aides!


Where oh where is my little ear?

For the past couple of days Lauren has been grabbing for her ears. I was certain her cold had some how turned into an ear infection so off to the doctor we went today…

Well, her ear infection was nothing more than her finding her ears – while I’m now sure that I’ve become “one of those moms”, I am so glad she’s not sick and we can enjoy the rest of the week (yep, I’m an official stay-at-home mom as of 10:45 this morning). Check out Lauren checking out her ears!p1030582-1.JPGp1030590-1.JPG