Giggles & Grins

Lauren is doing something new…

When we talk to her she draws her hands up to her mouth with excitement.



As we continue to talk, it’s as if she can’t hold in her enthusiasm any more and she finally erupts with a laugh – or sometimes a silent laugh. We were able to capture this “performance” in a couple of pictures this weekend.

I hope these make you laugh as much as they do us…

Merry Christmas!

Lauren’s First Christmas!! It was a special time for all of us. It’s so cliche but true when people say holidays, like Christmas, are for the kids. We have always have a great time buying gifts for each other – and of course Hailey – but it


was really exciting to pick out Lauren’s presents…right in front of her! 🙂 We didn’t even shop for ourselves. We also started a new tradition that we hope to continue every year – reading “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. As you can tell from the pictures, LP slept through most of it. We didn’t wrap any of Lauren’s presents but hope that she took notes from Hailey for next year’s gifts. Hailey, as always, had a great time opening her presents and while LP still seemed a little tired, she was very attentive of all the new toys and books. I’m sure we will have many hours of enjoyment from then all in the days and weeks to come! Check out more of our Holiday pictures, click here.

Lauren’s first cold

Well, it was bound to happen eventually…we went to the doctor yesterday and Lauren has her first cold. Honestly, I think it’s been harder on me than her. She gets stopped up at night, making all of these crazy sounds. I worry so much I can’t sleep. Then when she stops making the noises, I worry even more so have to get up to make sure she’s still breathing.

The doctor made sure it wasn’t in her chest so we are just trying to keep her nose cleaned out – that part might be a little tougher on Lauren than us – but it’s a close race.

She’s enjoying an afternoon nap now with her pacifier & bear blanket – just wanted to share.p1030506-1.JPG

Tummy Time Triumph

Putting Lauren on her tummy is what I would call extremely stressful. Immediately she begins to cry, face flat down on the floor with a smashed nose. I don’t blame her; I would be pretty upset too if I were laying flat on my face. P1030381-2.JPGBut she doesn’t try to lift her head to alleviate the problem, just cries louder until I give in and pick her up – usually after a minute or two. Tummy time is so important for her development and I felt like she was getting behind so Ryan did some research (the Internet is a wonderful thing) and found some new tactics to use. This morning I am happy to say, Lauren spent 7 minutes on her tummy without crying. I finally picked her up to ensure to not make her mad in this new position so that she might cooperate again this afternoon…and what do you know, round two of tummy time lasted 8 minutes! And no, I don’t plan on taking pictures of her every time we do this, but I’m sure I’ll take them often! Click on Lauren’s picture to see more!

Lauren’s new favorite pastime is…

HAND WATCHING. For the longest time it’s been to see how much of her hand she can actually fit into her mouth at once, but now it seems she prefers to look at them verses eating them. I snapped a couple of shots of her while she was hand watching this afternoon which was kind of hard since she tends to only focus on the camera once it’s out. What can I say; I’ve taught both her & Hailey well. Know where the camera is at all times so you can guarantee your best shot!! right-hand-kind-of.jpgleft-hand.jpg

Laughing out loud!

Well, after a jillion huge toothless smiles, Lauren finally laughed today! We had just finished reading a book & I started to make funny faces at her, and she just giggled – not once, not twice, but about four times! It was so nice that both Ryan & I were there to experience it! Of course, in true Holly-fashion, I wanted it on film so we tried to get her to laugh again with the camera in hand. As you can see from the pictures, we couldn’t even get her to smile at us once that camera was near. From the looks of some of the faces she gives us, I often wonder if she’s trying to figure out what that one-eyed flashing creature is…


Hopefully we will be able to capture her laugh – or even just a smile – for you guys soon!

Oh, and check out the hair on top of her head – it sticks straight up all the time.