First Snow!

How many of us know the exact date we saw our first snow? Well, we have documented Lauren’s first snow so she will always know that on the last day of November in 2006 she experienced feeling snow on her face for the first time! WithP1030302-1.JPG the temperature so cold, the thrill only lasted a few minutes but we reassured Lauren not to worry…we will have many days ahead of us in the future of building snowmen, sledding down hills & creating snow angels. And what do you know, Lauren just happens to have to perfect outfit to wear out in the snow – check out more of her first snow pictures by clicking on the photo!!

The Birthday Girl!

P1030252.JPGYep, it’s official – she’s 2 months old today! I can’t believe it really…time has just flown by! Like just about every other day, we spent some time taking pictures but with this being her “birthday”, we tried to get a few special ones. To view more of today’s photo shoot, click Lauren’s picture. ENJOY!

What a trooper!

img_2097-1.JPGLauren survived her first big round of vaccinations – and when I say big, I mean BIG! With each one of the four shots she received vaccinations for several different things – two in each leg & she also had to take an oral vaccination. She was so good – only a few minutes of screaming at the top of her lungs…I’ve never seen her face SO red but then she settled down pretty fast and feel asleep on the ride home. We now know what her cry indicating pain sounds like – I can do without hearing that cry again for awhile. You can see her pretty blue Band-Aids on both legs but she really doesn’t appreciate them.

She was one ounce shy of gaining a full 3 pounds, weighing 9 pounds 12 ounces, coming in at the 25th percentile. She’s grown 2 ½ inches, still pretty tall for her age at 23 inches, 77th percentile. And her head measures 38 ½ cm, 46%.

The doctor said that she was in perfect health and right on track developmentally. We don’t have to go back, barring any unforeseen sickness (keeping our fingers crossed), until January.

8 weeks old

Here’s one of our weekly shots. I think there are times that she gets tired of a camera in her face – this might be one of those times! We use to take our bunny pictures every Friday around the time she was born – 6:54 PM – but now I take them during the day since she’s usually in her bath around that time…and boy – I think bath time ranks right up there with mobile time as one of her favorite times of the day!
Oh, and don’t confuse 8 weeks with 2 months – we aren’t celebrating that until November 15th. No need to have her grow up too fast!p1030144-1.JPG

Mobile Time

p1000232-1.JPGWhile Lauren doesn’t quite enjoy her “tummy time” she sure does love her mobile. Add a little rub of a soft blanket and she’s on the brink of laughter…not sure when they learn to laugh, but you can tell from this picture that the only thing missing is the actual sound!