Family Bonding

We always look forward to our 4th of July celebration. The annual event starts with a bit of fantastic grilling, followed by Ryan shooting off fireworks as Hailey attempts to chase after them. My role is to hold on to Hailey as tight as possible in hopes to prevent hearing loss…or at the very least from catching her hair on fire!!

Ryan & Hailey also spent some quality time together in the back yard. Notice the piece of grass still hanging from her ear. A full day of ball chasing makes for a very tired dog at night – as well as a tired Ryan too.

And what better way to end the day but by laying under the stars to enjoy the city’s fireworks display, all in the comfort of our own back yard.

10 weeks to go and counting…

I simply can not believe that we only have 10 weeks left before we meet the new addition to the Marnell family. At first I thought that 40 weeks was so far away but now that it’s just right around the corner, I’m thinking were did the time go!?!? We still have plenty to do on the baby’s room to make it “nursery worthy” but we’ll get there – and hopefully soon!

At the doctor’s visit today, all looked great:

  • Blood Pressure was excellent
  • I measured right at 30 cm
  • Weight gain is almost 16 pounds