Baby Girl Marnell!

That’s right, looks like we are no longer going to be only a family of three. Hailey is going to have to get use to not being the profile.jpgonly child in a few more months. Ryan & I finally decided it was time to expand the family – and we are coming in a few months ahead of our 10 year plan! 🙂 We should be welcoming our baby girl into our lives mid-September and our 10-year anniversary isn’t until December! Ryan is in BIG trouble – way out numbered now with a three to one ratio. To see some more of our little one’s very first photos, click on the ultra-scan picture.

I’m on my 23rd week now – sure can’t believe that I’m almost 6 months along! Guess it’s about time to start getting things ready for September. It’s so strange because I really didn’t think that gaining weight would make such a big difference. I’m sure it’s not just the weight gain, but all the extra body parts I’m carrying around now…oh my goodness! I’m right at 10 extra pounds and honestly can’t imagine what it’s going to fell like with 15 or 20 more!! There are days that I feel like a just drank 3 gallons of water & eat a watermelon – whole! Guess pretty soon I’ll look like I’m carrying around a whole watermelon too! So much stuff in such a little area! However, I am glad that I finally have that “pregnant” look instead of the “I’m still carrying around 10 extra pounds from Christmas” look. To watch my belly grow (along with my ankles), click here.